10 Times Atheists Blew Our Minds Part Two

10 Times Atheists Blew Our Minds Part Two

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Part 2 in our atheist series. Agnostic, secularist, free-thinker, non-believer, atheist – no matter how you label it, these guys make some great points on the fallacies of religion and theism.



Warren NZ says:

Interviewer: "Hey Richard, you're socks don't match"
Richard: "To me they're the same because I go by thickness"

A Stephen Wright line actually. 8^)

Justin VanDuser says:

they just sainted mother Theresa & she didn't believe at all according to her personal journals… all religion is created by men end of story

Tanuj Hegde says:

anyone else notice that Dawkins was wearing two different coloured socks?

CornerrecordZ says:

What's fascinating though, even if we know by now that Gods don't exist there is always that "except"
Except if there is indeed a God like creature that with intelligent design created our universe like in a simulation, like we programmers create our own auto-generated worlds. Only that our worlds in PC games are 2 dimensional and we are 3. What is there is infact a God? Can we know that?

johnmonk66 says:

Tyson is a fool, climate change has been proven to be a hoax and he fell for it, it's time for him to go hide in a hole somewhere and read a book on the truth of how climate is affected by solar activity and not man driving cars.

One FreeThinker says:

Lawrence Krauss appears to be the missing link between Neanderthals and Cromagnons.

IuliusPsicofactum says:

13 child abusing priests or fanatic terrorists dislike this video.

demo exes (demonyes) says:

more like mind blowilingly self deludet awwwww
end i wen if ther a correct it all poitles in end

demo exes (demonyes) says:

0:11 ahhh good old hitchens he dead as he life geting fuck in ass by trance sexual feminist who give him cancer
end wtf is mean whith junk scince
how alcamy a stupit turn for chemistry wenn this is his orginal turn
+ acording to hiss own logic so he says ther a all junk becouse religon endvetet it
well in thet senerio i can say evolushan sounds stupit becouse all of oure encester a butcha junk thet shot by radicule why becouse i say so
thenks hitchen but to bad thet scince let you die from cancer in end
what a world

inFAMOUSminer says:

Religion is cancer and the first one proves this.

Ben Wade says:

Love Hitchens and usually completely agree with him, but if he is referring to Thomas Jefferson, maybe he's forgetting Jefferson had slaves

Intricate Beliefs says:

Atheism is a mental disease LOL

Azel G says:

I never met him, and I've only known of him for several months, but I genuinely miss Hitchens; a true intellectual and inspiration for us all. The hope for humanity became bleaker the moment he took his last breath.

Youna Alsuhaili says:

Richard Dawkins is wearing different colour socks?

Jason McDonald says:

If only we could get rid of religion and all those stupid religious people: Martin Luther King, Jr., for example. The hundreds upon hundreds of Catholic Hospitals in the United States. Pope John Paul 2 and the liberation of Eastern Europe. The Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. The libraries of the Middle Ages that preserved Greek and Roman books. The global warming phenomenon caused by the nexus of science and capitalism. (Oops, that one is not being brought to us by religion). The world would be so much better. Thank you, New Atheists, for awakening us to just how stupid religion is, and how much the combination of science and capitalism has done to make our world better. It is a supremely unambiguous triumph of reason over stupidity. You make "us" feel so much smarter than "them."

Alex Mc says:

Religion is easily explained by a simple psychological process: The mass belief.
Which basically means….if enough people believe in X or Y thing, eventually even other people who were originally non-believers will start to believe it.
Doesn't matter if X or Y makes no sense at all, its just a matter of numbers.
Luckly there are people who are almost immune to this effect, and manage to think with their own heads…but most humans fall for it.
This has to do with the fact that humans are naturally social creatures who WANT to be in a group, they evolved through history by joining forces, being in group, hence they have a natural predisposition to get in a group, and if a group is religious, most people will become religious as well just for the sake to get into the group.

Luke Cage says:

Christ deserved to die, he was trying to control people with his lies, mohammed was a child rapist because he
got tired of anal fucking guys whose bungholes were hairier then his face.

big Ed says:

Lolol! I was gonna say Thor…

lordoftheflings says:

Dawkins are you seriously wearing one red and one teal sock? lol

big Ed says:

The Lord God Almighty is the King of hosts and shall reign forever in righteousness and power. Every knee shall bow and every language shall confess His mighty glory! Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, etc., etc., etc.!!!

seeamerica1 says:

Try imaging this for a moment: try believing God lives Inside of you & Not outside of you. Think if you were to pray you are really asking your own higher power for the help & guidance you need. For is it not said that people who believe in themselves will get farther than people who don't believe in themselves? Ever try standing at a foul line having to shoot a basketball into the hoop? If you believe in yourself the odds are greater that you will make the shot> Making the shot has nothing to do with any outside force. To thy own self be true.

copstolemywife says:

What an idiotic answer, "I wasn't born in Pakistan so I don't know". If he doesn't know that Pakistan is a Muslim country his education must have been at a crap school.

Somewhat informed says:

I agree it is mind-blowing when Christians hear someone speak as if they understand the Bible better than any Christian….. the word of God leads to atheism. if anyone bothered to read the Bible an hour a day every day they could read the full Bible 30 times a year. but then again it takes 30 minutes to read the Constitution and few people have done that….. the ones who don't bother to read the Constitution think it's outdated. this is probably the reason Christians quit reading their Bibles. that and because it makes no logical sense the way contradicts itself over and over and over and over again. this is why Christians have never won a debate with atheists.

Mark Johnson says:

I love Neil but he just completely contradicted himself.. Haha

Akash Kvijay says:

am i the only one that noticed dawkins didnt match his socks? Life really is too short.

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