4.) “A Trip Into The Supernatural ( Full Testimony of an Ex-Satanist ) Part 1”

4.) “A Trip Into The Supernatural ( Full Testimony of an Ex-Satanist ) Part 1”

This video shows about a man involved in demonic worshipers or satanic movement/ organization where he revealed and exposed their plans and deceptions on this world at this new age and in…



Anthony Rivera says:

Roger didn’t say that there is no life after death, but said the “Priest”
said it. Listen more carefully people.

Extraordinaryguy0001 says:

Hi! I’m sorry for late reply..I seldom visit my account b’coz I don’t have
regular internet connection…By d way Thanks and I appreciates on your
comment to this video…Have you seen my other videos?You can get enlighten
of some misconceptions of our beliefs especially about Life after
Death..Yes there is Life but not after Death yet… it will only happen
when Jesus comes…when you accept Him in your heart as your Lord &
personal Saviour and you trust, obey and you give your life to Him..

Extraordinaryguy0001 says:

There will be no more sadness, tears, pain, heartache, loneliness,
sickness, sufferings, no funeral trains, no more death, neither sorrow, nor
crying in heaven. We will live there happily ever after, joy and love
forever with God…Is it that wonderful? Take good care and God bless..Love
you guys…(‘c’,)

Extraordinaryguy0001 says:

One day on His Second Coming…He will awake just by His voice all who
sleep in the grave and die in/for Him will resurrect and change in a moment
from perishable, decayed and mortal body into imperishable, glorified and
immortal body…while those who are alive and remains will also be change
same with the resurrected and they will fly to meet their Lord Jesus in
heaven…They will live and be with Him forever and ever in Paradise…

Extraordinaryguy0001 says:

I apologize for very late reply… Yes you are absolutely right…it is
what the Bible says about the demonic spirit and it is really happening and
existing also experiencing by others…”For they are the spirits of devils,
working miracles.” (Revelation 16:14). You can visit my other videos for
more enlightenment… Thank you and God bless…(‘c’,)

eni cay says:

haha hoooooookay dont believe him ofcourse theres life after death

Sufikz YT says:

at what part did he say this? i can’t remember

Love4MusicGirl03 says:

i regret watching this for 57 minutes… when he said that humans dont have
life after death… i was like… hooooookaay, next video!

Muan Lian says:


CarlosAndreyz says:

I would like to see an atheist experience all of what he has.. Atheists are
small minded and would therefor go insane and end up in asylum… This is
real i ve experienced supernatural shit, but not as intence as this man

MrNaikWorld says:

This was entertaining but bs

Danny Varnicic says:

its not a spirit of your dead mother its a demonic spirit pretending its
your dead mothers spirit.

9 Thousand Years says:

Three retards.

Anthony Blake says:


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