5 After Death Theories

5 After Death Theories

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From being reincarnated into another human, to the thought that everything including death is simply an illusion. Here are five Theories of what may happen after death.

My views on what may happen after death are not expressed in this video and in no way am I forcing any sort of religious beliefs on anyone!

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ᛒᚱᛁᚨᚾ ᚺᚨᚢᚷᛖᚾ says:

Nothing happens. We just die……

Mario says:

What if this is a simulation and im the only ''living'' person here and all of you are a bunch of NPC's

Momo Bobo says:

Oh god number one is….horrible

Elvis Villa says:

I want to live in hevan

Bryce Harper says:

Im pretty sure death is nothingness i hope not i hope i can relive this life or be reincarnated as something else or anything but i believe it is nothingness just like before you were born blackness no thoughts no nothing i just hope it isnt nothingness and my mind i dont wanna have my thoughts and darkness for eternity thats my worst fear

NHLFanLA says:

I always feared that I would see darkness for eternity and not be able to move or anything

Alpha says:

Does anyone ever get a feeling that a specific moment has happened before?

I was playing super mario oddesy and I was searching for a moon and it hit me so hard that I knew that it happened before

kim_mai 15 says:

when we die some people will be in the hell and the other in the heaven ..who goes to the hell and who is go to the heaven? if you did good great things and woshiped god you might go to the heaven but if not you might go to the hell…but we cant know exactly because only god(Allah) know

Annabel Scott says:

i don’t want to be reborn when i die because i don’t want to be here when the world ends and i don’t want to have another life. 😫

kieron blake says:

I’m probably pulled more to the notion of there being nothing this is only because of a good friend of mine dying in a car accident but being brought back on the way to the hospital. This is what he said he felt for that short period he just felt like he had been in a deep sleep but when he awoke all the pain from his injuries set in instantly. Like I said that was his personal experience.

Angel Alexander says:

I like the recycled human theory 💖

chirastu thakur says:

Thank you very much for the video

James P. says:

I think once it’s over, it’s over. It’ll be like being unconscious or under anesthesia forever. It’s scary to think, but I do believe this. I certainly don’t believe there’s a magical man in the sky with a cloud waiting for me. Just permanent nothing.

Stroot Dione says:

i honestly believe #1

Mya Guzman says:

I personally feel like this :
People say when people die they see the light . Well what if that light is just you being reborn and your just seeing the light from the hospital lights of your new life . And just think there is no reason for a baby cry when born because of the contradictions the mother would have . So the baby is crying because they post everything they had in there past life.
That's really all it's not much but it's a theory 🤷🏾‍♀️. Reply and tell me what y'all think 💭.

Zanimate 98 says:

This video itself gave me deja vu…

Furce1t Nine says:

The last theory can’t be true…It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Wolf Requiem says:

Number one is something that many people refuse to accept. But if nothingness is the end of consciousness, then it is what it is.

Lil Yummy says:

i hope #4 is true😭

WARZ htx_enrix says:

What happens when we die as a animal?

Mikayla The Unicorn says:

I've never had deja vu… what does that mean?

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