5 After Death Theories

5 After Death Theories

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From being reincarnated into another human, to the thought that everything including death is simply an illusion. Here are five Theories of what may happen after death.

My views on what may happen after death are not expressed in this video and in no way am I forcing any sort of religious beliefs on anyone!

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The Rez Gamer 453 says:

I believe it's heaven or hell

DaZe_U0p p says:

😁 I die then turn to ant so then I got squish😁 so then a fish but got eaten😁then a human but random😃😃😃😃 but survive to 90 years but to be a girl

DaZe_U0p p says:

I believe in God …. If I die I want to be a dog or eagle to visit my family and let god remember them 😭😭😓

Zaba.4 says:

yea you give your mic a blowjob cunt, dislike

Daniel Hall says:

I don't believe in the last theory.

Jasmine Winston says:

If I get to be born in a new body I hope I'm pretty

Jasmine Winston says:

Omg I will just ask the fly to leave then

Vignesh Vijayan says:

I think death is just PERMANENT deep sleep..

Nitrexx says:

Nah man, you respawn…

Akash Timsina says:

Please raise your hand who directly thought of black sabbath when they heard heaven and hell…😊

jasleen.s vohra says:

if it is last then this should be place of devils because there is no karama or hell and everyone can do wrong things and stay easy life

AUSTIN11 says:

OMG its before we were born?

AUSTIN11 says:

Number 1 made Heaven and Hell seem childish .. thats why its scary .. some plp say it will be like before we were born

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