5 Incredible Near Death Experiences & Life After Death Stories

5 Incredible Near Death Experiences & Life After Death Stories

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Is there life after death? It’s a question has been asked since the beginning of time, and no matter how intelligent one may be, there is no definitive answer to this question. Some believe there is nothing after death, and that we just die and that it. Others believe we come back as an animal or another human, some think that we go to heaven or hell.

We have no “real” proof to back any of these beliefs up, but there is something called a near death experience that happens far too often to be ignored.

A near dying experience is when someone comes close to death and believes they get a glimpse of what happens after death. These stories are in the thousands, but here are five that are amazing.

Like I say in the video, none of these are proof of an afterlife, they are just peoples stories of what they believe they saw when they came close to death.

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Xxtra Scuff says:

Why do atheist come to the videos if they aren't spiritual?

Cassie Luis says:

this video makes me believe in something. makes me want to dismiss all my doubts about the afterlife. better to assume something splendid will happen to us than nothing at all which i had always assumed. their experiences all seemed similar and happy. and they all got better when they should have died, against all odds. it makes me want to be happier and try a little harder to not feel so sad about nothing at all. I'm glad i stumbled across this chanel. it's amazing. i watch the scary ones during the day and the inspiring ones at night!

loke griberg says:

I think u asend

treybartholomew1 says:

St John 14:6. God Bless you all

Saraawr D. says:

Finally got a chance to catch up with all your AWESOME videos! This one is by far one of my top favorites!! Great job!!!

Tobiaz Fenix Rise says:

it is hard to believe the jesus parts because the church could be paying them for false testimonies

XxGH0sTXG4M3R--Guitarist--Artist--Band Leader--Clan General says:

I am a huge follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. I never really believed in Him until He proved it to me. Today, I am haunted by my expreineces of Hell, but also happiness. I have seen our Lord. I have see Jesus' feet, and I saw Him in person. I felt His beard, and I saw the holes in His hands, and feet. I also saw what He was wearing. Awhile ago, my mother was parylized on the right side of her face. The doctors said that it will never be cured. She and my dad went to church that following Sunday, and they asked for prayers. The next day, her face was no longer parylized. Praise God! I also read this comment earlier, that this man's wife was dying of cancer. Long story short, he asked for healing over her, and Jesus touched her. When the doctors checked for cancer, there was no cancer! Praise the Lord! There was this story I read about this boy who was born without an immune system. The doctors were surprised that he made it. As the child was laying down, suffering, the wife called around and asking for prayers. This man prayed for the child. God gave him an immune system. He is now nine years old, and Is very healthy.

Xplicit says:

when my grandfather was dying he starting talking to someone and he yelled at my mother saying how dont you see your mother she is standing right there. my grandmother was not alive at the time

James Harden says:

People are probably too speechless after watching this video to leave a comment

Tiger H. Lore says:

We could solve this issue faster if someone would wear a GoPro when they visit the afterlife.

iiCreepy says:

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Prince Vegeta says:

You're probably the only channel with consistent likes and lack of hatred. United we shall stand.

Thomas Carlson says:

What I don't get it, if it's not there time to die, why did they? Imean whatever they believe in, what's the point of going all the way to heaven, just for heaven to be like nah.

Lord Krythic says:

#1 Has been proven false; the kid, now older, finally admitted that he made it all up for attention.

Badriya Naheiri says:

Wish the story of the little boy were true, but it turns out he recently came forward and said he had made up the whole thing.

Jarolthesaiyan says:

Well Ecclesiastes 9:5 says "For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten."


Serpent says:

I don't know why but I believe you go to heaven and when ready you are reborn (can't spell the other word) into anything you want

Timothee Bristow says:


bagginsthemighty says:

Ever notice how people who have 'near death experiences' report seeing the deity exclusive to their religion? Why don't christians ever report seeing Thor or Shiva or Zeus? Why doesn't a muslim ever report seeing Pele or Poseidon or Odin? Why doesn't a hindu ever report seeing jesus? Notice how the people of one religion are atheists concerning the gods of another religion? Religion is a delusion that is reinforced by the culture in which a person lives. It may feel good to believe that there is a 'higher purpose' to life, but to think that there is an invisible being or beings watching over you and influencing your life means you are batshit fucking crazy.

Fresh Prince of the Internet says:

My theory:
After you die your mind is free and can create your own personal heaven

Bar Punch says:

When all the stars are gone and the universe is just dark, you are all gonna get it.

MichaelLeung2011 says:

Am I watching some hollows in dark souls ?

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