5 Mistakes People Make When Coming Out Atheist

5 Mistakes People Make When Coming Out Atheist

Coming out Atheist can be difficult. But there are steps you can take to make coming out of the atheist closet a bit easier. 13 countries have death penalties for apostasy. Many others have less severe punishments for apostasy or have blasphemy laws. Even in the west people face blowback from family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. Here are 5 mistakes people make when coming out atheist. As you leave the faith, hopefully avoiding these mistakes will make your journey out of the atheist closet easier. For part 2 check out my guest appearance on the Common Heathens podcast with Godless mom and Mr. Oz Atheist.

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Holy Koolaid says:

Link to the Common Heathens Podcast Episode – they're pretty damn awesome, so subscribe while you're there and let them know I sent you: http://bit.ly/2unmu2N
What mistakes did I miss? Are there any that you or your friends have made?


I will say at times you do need to act a bit harsh to get them to think. It's like a little push, not everyone learns or is willing to change in the same way

B Anon says:

Thanks for putting this out there. While it doesn't speak directly to me it does help me better appreciate that I'm in a location and living situation where the consequences for me are relatively low.

Some Good in This World says:

Maybe these would work if my mom wasn't psycho, lol

Timothy Mostad says:

There's a road block though, because the only two reasons to still think that a god is real is from being ignorant or stupid, ignorance is easily cured with education, but the daft ones can not ever understand why they are worshipping an imaginary phantom.

Khayre Tyler says:

Hell, i got some blow back from saying i was Christian leaning Agnostic. Some people just can't be reasoned with

mehdi MH says:

I was a bit agressive when my classmates figuered that was an atheist but that's because muslims are just so arrogant and anoying they don't want to talk or argue and benefit from your experience they just want to kill rape and shame you for leaving the religion and criticizing it

Joseph Harrison says:

Ah, I'm so glad I didn't have to come out. It just kinda happened, really. That's the benefit of living in a country where very few people care what you believe.

William Mcintyre says:

Tell your parents you are coming out of the closet.
they will Cry "Oh God, Don't tell me you Gay!
No Mum I'm not Gay, I'm just an atheist.
Oh, Thank the lord for that!

bdf2718 says:

I got involved in an argument with a Christian on another youtube video. Eventually he accused me of thinking he was stupid because he was a Christian. I told him no, that would be reversing cause and effect.

Water off a duck's back.

bdf2718 says:

Do it in steps to lessen the shock. Ummm, that reminds me of a joke.

Guy on holiday gets a phone call from his neighbour telling him his pet cat his dead. Berates the neighbour for saying it so baldly. Should have worked his way up to it. Cat went up on roof, another call to say couldn't persuade the cat to come down, another call to say cat got scared and fell off the roof, another call to say cat taken to vet, final call saying vet had to put cat to sleep. Neighbour agrees that would have been a better way to do it. Next day, guy gets another call from his neighbour: "Your mother went up on the roof."

Baba Orielly says:

The problem is that truely religious people are so dependent upon their faith for their mental well being that the mere suggestion that what they believe in is false is akin to pulling the rug right out from underneath them(wich is kinda mean)… And if im being totally honest… For me…Removing the possibility of being able to go to "heaven" is a bit scary and disconcerting…. The whole "heaven" thing is basically a giant woobie for adults… And what happens when you take away a babies woobie? They throw a tantrum…. And this is the inner core knee jerk reaction from adults… Its best not to rip the band aid off in one shot… The pain will be less if you do it slowly… And maybe there is "something"… truth is…. No one really knows… So maybe cutting spirituality off completely is not exactly the best thing to do… Maybe it is all in our own heads… So maybe if you believe in heaven you will briefly experience your interpretation of it before it all goes dark… And if you dont believe it just all goes dark immediately…. We wont know until we get to that point ourselves… So for that reason i try to leave the door open a lil… Just in case… Not for the Christian god… Not for jesus… But " something bigger and better than anything we could even imagine… Or not… Peace

UltimateBargains says:

Cold turkey worked fine for me, because I was prepared for their apologetic (logical fallacies). Reason and indenpendentlyverifiable evidence always wins ovdr emotion and cognitive dissonance. Respond with Socratic questions to help them to reveal their flawed method of reasoning.

Bitchspot Blog says:

The biggest mistake people make is coming out at all. Don't come out. Don't announce it. Just be yourself and stop caring what anyone else thinks. You don't have to make a big deal of it. Just don't.

Joannot Fampionona says:

It's so funny how there was a christian ad before this videos I was like: damn, you picked the wrong people!

sonu thomas says:

Hitchens is watching you from behind

OrdinaryPen says:

I love my family but I really want to live independently. I'm doubtful they will accept me if I told them I'm an atheist. When someone in my family dies my mom's first question is, "well did this person believed in god?" Apparently that's more important to her than someone having closure after a death in the family. My aunt is even stricter. I can't tell my relatives jack.

The only person I told is my therapist. He shares similar views to mine anyway so he supported me. If I didn't talk to someone I would have been driven insane.

Norm Zemke says:

Easier said than done. Yes, this is good advice, but very difficult to follow. Many times in my life I've found that events pushed me along whether I liked it or not. A person can try with all his might to take things slow, but suddenly the dam bursts and everything is swept away. At least that is how it has been for me. Others may have better luck. Either way, it is a rough ride.

Abdul Universe says:

I'm ex-muslim, will live double life until I'm out of this country.

xphobe says:

My mother still thinks I'm "going through a phase". I'm 60 lol. Of course anything's possible, but i have had a lot of time to think about my position.

der stolze Atheist says:

I'm lucky my whole family is Atheist, but tolerant. If I would become a Christian a Muslim or a Buddhist they would not have a problem with that. But I stay Atheist cause Logic. I feel sorry for all Atheists and religious People who lost their families.

William Allman says:

it says a lot about our society if a person has to be so careful about coming out as an atheist.

MoveLegacies says:

I would advise you look through the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and ask yourself if Jesus is ultimately worthy of worship. Then perhaps you won't have to worry about making these atheistic mistakes in the first place…

Peter Faber says:

Your audio isn't synchronized.

epicdman813 says:

Btw, thank you immensely for this video! I've been an atheist for almost two months, and I'm extremely terrified. I have a very religious family and my father and grandpa are ministers. I don't think I would have to worry about disownment or hate from them, they love me unconditionally. I'm just worried about how they will look at me and the trust they may lose in me to do certain things that are moral related

Briony English says:

I came out as gay and an atheist at the same time to my homophobic Christian parents and they kicked me out

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