7 Unhinged Atheist Flawless Victories

7 Unhinged Atheist Flawless Victories

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Seven illuminative snippets of wisdom from our favorite atheists on Islam, faith, belief, aliens reading the bible and more!



Benslug says:

This channel needs to be renamed, barely any content related to science

John says:

the redneck at #4 gave me cancer

Antonio Innocente says:

Videos like this and the comments you find on them make Atheism appear to be a cult

equalism 42 says:

I have just had a revaluation in which I now see I'm a creationist, in that I believe man most certainly created God or Gods!

Amir Abdullah says:

Im a muslim, but its really dumb that these muslims think they're on the top. I don't respect gays, but I don't say anything about it because I don't care.

Ÿoutube Åddict says:

look, i love these videos, but who ever makes up the titles of these videos needs to be fired immediately.

jablue says:

#5 was one of the most honest things I've seen in a while. The man admits that it's not a rational explanation for the world found in god that he's used to maintain his faith. The only part that bothers me is his unwillingness to question his upbringing, his traditions. It's a willingness to ask questions that drives humanity forward, imo. It sounds like, in that aspect, the man is willfully stagnant.

Blake Lewis says:

I cringed through the first half of #6

Marty Dmf says:

Hi peeps. Does anyone know what discussion #7 and 1 is from?

Jessie B. says:

nothing scientific about this channel…just atheist fanboyism

Victor Keesee says:

Dawkins #3!! DAMN

sabastianblak says:

can we shove the idiot on #4 back up his hick momma's hoo-haa?

aaronsdavis says:

I don't think I've ever heard one true statement made by Reza Aslan with respect to Sam Harris.

Hoce Lok says:

Most Atheists are whites and came from the U.S all think the same all act the same. nothing else

peter wurst says:


Chris Mations says:

HEY YOU, did you know that budhism consists of sitting under a tree for 10 years? Christianity, Islam, take notes

lambertamr1 says:

The statistical acrobatics are mind boggling! So a tiny percentage of Muslims commit murder and it's the fault of the religion. But Atheist governments in Russia and China kill tens of millions and there is nothing wrong with Atheism….
If you think everyone should think like you than you're just as bad.

mattyodotcom says:

7:10 I tried this one time. Couldn't reach.

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