A conversation with Matt Dillahunty (ex-Southern Baptist, atheist speaker & debater)

A conversation with Matt Dillahunty (ex-Southern Baptist, atheist speaker & debater)

Renowned atheist speaker and debater Matt Dillahunty joins me for a conversation about leaving behind (and arguing against) religious fundamentalism. Matt shared some excellent insights and useful tips for viewers who may be struggling with reaching through to friends or relatives who cling to their Jehovah’s Witness beliefs (or, indeed, the beliefs of any fundamentalist movement).

Matt’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SansDeity
The Atheist Experience YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAtheistExperience
Matt’s “Dealing With Unchangeable Minds” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RSR4Q7gDlU

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spellbound111 says:

If an Atheist was in a traffic accident, for example, still conscious with paramedics fighting for his life; or if the wife or child of an Atheist were sick and facing death, you can bet your boots that the Atheist would pray to God for help.

Emilio Montero says:

John a big a fan and ex-Jw.
I have a question, do you think they with trump coming into power and climate change such as natural disasters increasing and the threats of nuclear war and so on and son, do you think that JW organisation will see this as signs of the end coming in and part of prophecy and that trump could be viewed as the kind of the north and North Korea the king of the south?

Ste Richardson says:

I've been listening to the Atheist Experience since around 2008 when I was living in Japan. I had an hour on the train to my workplace and it really helped me a lot listening to the podcast every week. Thanks for all your work Matt (and of course Lloyd).

John Doe says:

Would I be right to say that an ATHEIST will not change his opinion, no matter what evidence is shown to the contrary. Whereas an AGNOSTIC is one that would change his view point if he had evidence. I feel that Matt is totally engrossed in his belief that there is no possible way that God exists, and hence it would be pointless in having any discussion on the subject. At least the AGNOSTIC remains open to IDEAS if they can be proven. I hope Loyd that you at least remain open to IDEAS if they can be proven.

Down with the Tower- ex JW says:

Speaking out against 'aggressive activism' again Lloyd?!

At 1:17:45 you bashed people like me by saying that YOU are "keen on exploring dialogue, and reach through to people with empathy and listening to them….." Sounds wonderful, almost self righteous, in fact.
But, why don't you try doing cart un-witnessing more often and post them on your channel. Let's all see the astounding results that comes out of it. One video does NOT count for shit.
Those of us who do it on a regular basis knows that NOTHING works with an indoctrinated JW no matter how much you 'listen', no matter how much you show them 'empathy', no matter how much 'dialogue' you have.

However, a seed can be planted by throwing it into the air, or by pushing it down into the soil with one finger, or by stamping it into the ground with your feet- all of which can still produce results. I know, I use to farm.


Like you, I also have gotten countless emails from folks thanking me for what I do, and for HOW I do it. Others have said that because of my 'aggressive activism' they have been able to see just how fake the JWs can be, and how they are not afraid to tell bold face lies (even to the police). They see these things and they realize just how FAKE these people truly are (thanks to Watchtower indoctrination).

You see Lloyd, there are different audiences in the real world, not everyone will like your 'thoughts on the JW Broadcasting'…they might find it boring and long winded. Or, some might find some other reason as to why your channel isn't a good fit for them.

I do not criticize others for how they choose to do their part in exposing the Watchtower- To each their own. YOU, however, always feel the need to speak out against people like myself. Is it too much to ask you to stop? Is it your elder training that kicks in and want to put others in their place? Should I be referring to you as Llord instead of Lloyd?

There is intrinsic value in what people like myself do. Haven't you learned this as of yet?

ps. I am an agnostic atheist. We met in LA.

Peter Jeuck says:

This was a great interview!

Paul Charles says:

Does evolution explain why life ony comes from life?? Discuss.

XJDUB says:

It's about having a conversation toward understanding. The truth will win out if both participants are honest about pursuing it. Brilliant.

evil candy says:

I am here for Matt, this interviewer I find has a face for radio and boring!! I prefer Telltale atheist, and love Matt!

Joshua Toliver says:

YES!!!! I watch both of these guys! so happy to see this

Hungry Hobbit says:

"Incredibly smart people are really good at rationalizing things that they've come to believe for not very smart reasons." Matt Dillahunty.

Since I'm probably not as smart as I tend to think I am, and I tend to get really entrenched in my opinions, this was a great takeaway for me.

Jayne Doh says:

Thank you Lloyd. Great interview!!!

Mikemenn says:

Was the video edited down after the interview? A think a side-by-side edit would have been better, then cutting back and forth.
Good interview. Always appreciate letting the interviewer talk.

Serge Pothier says:

I love this. I could have taken a few more hours. A whole symposium of it.

Ni1234ckA says:


John Smith says:

Define evidence. ? Something that would convince a reasonable person.
Define reasonable person.? Someone that requires evidence.

Christi Vollgraaff says:

I don't understand, if you are a atheist, what is the hope then? Do you live till you die and then that is it? No one wants to die, we all want to live forever. So is this 'it' then?

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