A friendly chat with an atheist – Hemant Mehta

A friendly chat with an atheist – Hemant Mehta

I interviewed Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist) last week about Jainism, atheism, feminism, PC culture, Islam, and just about everything – a fantastic chat. Hemant is an ex-jain atheist, a long-time secular activist, an atheist podcaster, blogger, and YouTuber. If you enjoy this as much as I did, please go subscribe to his channel! He’s great!

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Lim Jahey says:

I have a feeling Hemant is very uninformed about 3rd wave feminism lol

Tina Fisk says:

@Holy Koolaid, I have a huge respect for both you and Hemant. It was a pleasure to watch.

amanda wilmoth says:

I really enjoyed this interview!! Now you need to do one with Hemant and Alex O'connor (CosmicSkeptic) together. That would be a very interesting interview 🙂

Akira NightFury says:

As cool it is too have him on the show, I really really dont think he understands what is going on with modern events with feminism or most of this subjects. He talks as if these issues are standard/expected, but to my knowledge how feminism and the extreame left handle things are much more severe then what has normaly happened. Or the peterson issue, he doesnt know what it is, I get that, but he talks about his opinion and feels but he doesnt know whats going on.

Hoops590 says:

religion strawman try using logic

all this idiot did was pit a bunch of beliefs in a box called religion
vs his stupid opinions
then the idiot calls his opinions reason

basically the guy's argument is

I use reason you don't –

any idiot could say that

So he is saying anyone who is religious doesnt use reason and I do
lolol what a jerk and the dude doesnt use reason
any idiot that thinks there grandpa is a fish is a moron

Hoops590 says:

atheist reasoning
If you dont observe mud coming to life that proves its possible
if you did observe mud coming to life then its possible

for the atheist the data doesnt matter the conclusion is the same
they just lie and make up stories
these idiots cant even tell the difference between evidence and fairy tales

probably the dumb atheists dont even use reasoning at all
they are just dumb jerks and homos that dont like the Bible
thats about as far as their intellect goes

Hoops590 says:

skepticism what a joke
these idiots are never skeptical of their crazy fish turning into people stories
these atheists are idiots, yet they think they are some great intellectuals
that's called delusional

You probably are just a homo so you are mad at God
so you make up insane stories and lie, just a hateful person

WWZenaDo says:

@48:16 – likely true but prior to the current occasional missteps of feminism, patriarchal misogyny was taken "to the extreme" for thousands of years of human history.

RealEveryDay says:

Wait… so Mr. Mehta says that he sees a problem with people supporting someone that they should know is lying to them. Essentially drawing parallels between political & theological ideologies. But then he defends Hillary & Obama when they directly lied to the public about Benghazi? They literally told the public that it was in response to that retard in FL who said he was going to burn a bunch of Quar'ans. However, Hiliary e-mailed her daughter, "Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an *Al Qaeda-like group*…" If this is somehow justifiable because Obama & Hillary didn't want to "offend their allies", then couldn't the same argument be made for Trump? That is, that he is lying to "not offend [his] allies"?

30 mins in & I'm really enjoying this conversation so far. I do see a bit of cognitive dissonance though, perhaps in the fog of emotion over politics. Which is totally understandable, BTW. I am SO glad Cosmic Skeptic had you on! I LOVE your content!!!

ETA: Well, I certainly understand Mr, Mehta's position regarding the whole SJW/skeptic debacle. If you watch enough YT videos on either side you certainly get a warped perspective. But I also understood your perceived frustration with how easily he shrugged some of the stuff off. Regardless, it was a really good interview & I really hope you guys can get together again. Maybe get yourself into a studio so you don't sound like an embedded reporter in a bomb shelter in a video he hosted?

Jonny B. says:

question: what is an sjw? when talking about politics I notice that people direct the term at whomever they disagree with.

Graeme Woller says:

I don't know if anyone else is finding this but I seem to be getting targeted ads at the front of most of my atheist and skeptic viewing from some Christian website called YesHeIs.com, or something like that… Bloody annoying… It's not like they're likely to convert me, but I'm seeing them ALL the time now, so I'm interested to know why it is so targeted…

Gman5938 says:

do a draw my life!

Beller Bean says:

You have no clue how happy I am to see you two together!!!

Retroambassador says:

freedom of speech should be protected at all costs.

Pythus Regius says:

If your not anti-theism, GTFO please and thank you!

SeraphinaAizen1 says:

"A cornerstone of the atheist movement"

Atheism isn't a movement. It's a single position on a single issue, and doesn't constitute "a movement". Hemant Mehta doesn't necessarily speak for me on any subject OTHER than a lack of belief on gods.

toolman567 says:

Great talk. Would love to watch more of these with as diverse a group of people as you see fit. I hope you don't worry too much about getting some backlash in the comments…lots of us would appreciate the conversations and, I would think, don't mind hearing from people with different views.

Also, Hemant's comments on the Jordan Peterson issue came from a place of ignorance. Since you brought the example up, I think you could have done a better job of informing Hemant more of what has been going on – that Jordan is against proposed legislation in Toronto regarding the use of gender pronouns because it takes it so far as to infringe on freedom of speech. It is a more nuanced issue and I don't think labeling Jordan as simply being against the use of gender pronouns as being fair.

thebatmanover9000 says:

My only issue is the fact that Hemant Mehta refuses to deal with the oppression of women, gays, Jews, Hindus and atheist in Sharia law run countries.

Timpin D. says:

Eyyy, I love Hemant! He's awesome!

Rocío Aguilera says:

Jainism is a peaceful religion, contrary to Islam or Christianity. Jehovah-Yahweh and Allah allow murder

MightyQuinnj says:

I would argue that just because some peaceful religious people try to explain away the explicit commandments/decrees that the Qur'an or Bible actually put forth the call to violence and death to apostates or homosexuals, blasemphers and witches, and while I applaud them for trying to reinterpret and soften those passages, the fact of the matter is that these decrees are present in black and white, written down and are there. And so when a religious revival crops up and so does the violence and oppression with it, then the problem lies with the text. The answer is to call it for what it is and I would call these religious texts evil, both the Qur'an and the Bible, and would call for them to be abandoned. Oh, and throw in the book of Mormon too.

Michael Tuz says:

Interesting talk; one that was well worth my time.

On the topic of raising children, Hemant raised the question of when to step in to counter religious input. I would say never.
From my experience, instead of encouraging atheism or discouraging religion, what we should focus on is teaching our kids to be critical thinkers. Encourage them — by our own example — to analyze and to look at everything from all sides.
The most valuable gift we can bestow upon the next generation is the awareness that they can and should think for themselves. Once they have that, everything else will fall into place…

Jeffrey P says:

Great conversation! Hemant is always fun to listen to.

Mark Bialik says:

Its funny how Hemant's comments about how antifeminists mischaracterize the professed thoughts and views of feminists apply just as well to atheists mischaractizing the professed thoughts and views of theists.

Then at the end, he says he agrees with Bill Maher that if you dont like what a speaker says, you should stay to debate them, with facts… Meanwhile, deplatforming and downshouting are the go-to feminist tactic against those that disagree with them, and they demand that facts that disprove their narrative are to be suppressed.

Lucas Schimmel says:

I disagree with the part that Islam may be interpreted n different ways, and some are non-violent. The Quran is quite different from other holy books as it has very direct instructions, yes, it has history, stories and other things, but it is very direct on the horrors you must inflict into the polytheist, infidels and the like.

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