A Powerful Testimony about Heaven and Hell.

A Powerful Testimony about Heaven and Hell.

A young woman visited Heaven and shares her amazing testimony in this video. Please share this video on facebook, myspace, youtube and every other social networking site that you use. Thank…



Abbey Thompson says:

but why do you people remove all comment, meanwhile you people also knows
that she is telling lies cos she still remain the same after she saw heaven
and hell, still she do not look like a worldly woman, and without holiness
no one can see God, imaging a someone that come from heaven also visitel
hell no change, with a big earing in her ear, Big chain in her neck also
attachement in her hair and all this God hate it, also her dressing never
glorify God I can see some part of her breast hummmmm we must not decieved
ourself she is telling lies

bytheirfruits yeshallknowthem says:

A football pitch in Heaven???….the Lord Jesus telling you “oh you made
your hair” ???….you rode a car with the Lord Jesus in
Heaven???…….etc. Your stories are all fabricated. you can’t have an
encounter with the Lord Jesus without a change. your physical appearance
does not portrait the Heaven you claimed to have been. Your version is a
compilation of other people’s testimonies mixed with some lies from the
pit of hell. You never went to heaven and you never saw our Lord Jesus
Christ, you put up this purposely to deceive people to hell. REPENT!


Abbey Thompson who are you to judge? you are not god I believe her and not
just her but others as well case why would people just go in make that up I
mane that is not something to be playing with. I believe that god can give
people vision and out of body experience of what is about to come be for it
happens as a warning and like it was told in the bible warning comes before
destruction this is what the devil wants you to think that her’s was not
real and that she is a fake. Somebody tell me why she will take the time
out to do a long video of this with 7 or 9 paper telling her side of the
testimony I mane come on now why would she wants to make that up and saying
that her testimony was just like other people that had that same testimony
about hell little do people know that hell is just one big place for all
bad people that is not giving there self to the lord and why would Jesus
want to take those people to see hell and give them different story about
hell? If people give different story about hell then it would not be real
cause its to many people saying that hell look like this with more then one
room and the other one say’s hell look like that and that everybody was
just in one vvbig pics of hell of fire I would not know what to believe if
it was told 2 different story’s but that is just it her story was not like
others yes she have the same story of other about hell but heaven was
different then others but her’s and there’s had a little of similarity.

Kanika Kelkar says:

i know its true.. God bless u 

Spartan RG says:

Of course this is true!! You who think you know the Lord examine
Hasn’t the Lord done the same thing with the prophets of long ago? How is
it then you say “This isn’t real.” or “It’s a lie!” Oh how you let Satan
poison your mind! I tell you repent and change, for this message if it
weren’t from the Lord, then it would be in vain, but yet the Lord reveals
to me that millions repent after seeing this video and the Lord’s names is
glorified! Blessed is he who hears the word of the Lord and repents of his
wrong doing.

SoundReasoning07 says:

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