Adventurous and fascinating Corbett- experience the thrill of wildlife

Adventurous and fascinating Corbett- experience the thrill of wildlife

If you are a wildlife lover, your journey will remain incomplete if you have not yet visited Jim Corbett National Park. Do plan a visit with family or friends. And make sure that you have booked your stay at hotels in Corbett.

The world famous Jim Corbett National Park is located 66 km away from Nainital. It is the oldest National Park in India founded in 1936. It got its name after a legendary hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett.  The diverse flora and fauna are well preserved a must-watch for the visitors.  Jim Corbett is one of the favoured eco-tourism destinations in India. Each year plentitude of tourists visit this national park for an experience of a life-time.  Jim Corbett National Park once known as the Hailey National Park is supported by World Wildlife Fund. This wildlife reserve covers 520 sq. km. However there are Budget Hotels in Corbett and rest houses inside the National park.

Corbett national park has 488 different species of plants, more than 586 species of birds, 33 species of reptiles and 50 species of mammals. Corbett is mainly divided into four zones. Dhikala zone is the largest and the 1st zone. Leopard, Dove, Bengal Tigers, Elephant, Crocodile and many more species can be witnessed here. The best time to best this zone is mid- November to mid-June.  Jhirna gate makes your way to Jhirna zone; it is famous for providing glimpse of the wild bear.  Bijrani zone will take the wildlife lovers face to face to many other animals and beautiful birds.  Bird lover will surely love the Durga Devi zone. Beautiful different birds dwell here in this zone. Park Authority provides jeep and elephant safari to Bijrani, Durga Devi, Jhirna and Dhikala zone.  Elephant safari is the best, as it gives closer view and lets you get inside the forest that cannot be done through jeep safari. However, jeep safari is the safest option to take a tour. This zone allows the tourists to stay amidst the wild woods providing some hotels in Corbett.

Permits are very much needed in every zone. Plus there are certain norms which a visitor needs to follow while residing in these zones. Staying at hotels in Corbett deep inside the forest will be one of the exciting experiences ever. Tour to Jim Corbett Park is indeed a recreational experience. Population of tiger is one of the main attractions here. Many water bodies flow inside the park. If one travels during summer they can easily capture sight of animals searching waters. Early in the morning is the good time for safari. One must carry a pair of binoculars. There is no chance of regret as it is an amazing place for wildlife lovers. One should be under the supervision of an authorised guide which will make the tour more enjoyable and safe.

On the foothills of Shivalik range, Corbett National Park offers something for every nature admirer. Beautiful wildlife are the real asset of this park. One can enjoy the Corbett waterfall with family. Photographer will rapture every moment of the tour.



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