Am I An Atheist?

Am I An Atheist?

The big question as of late…for some bizarre reason…has been whether or not I’m an atheist. Well, I answer it here.




Ryan Barker says:

If you beleive in God you are a theist, if you lack belief you are an atheist. This choice is binary. Sorry that's just how these words work. I don't care that you don't identity as an atheist but that is what you are.

If you were a gnostic atheist you would KNOW that god doesn't exist, agnostic atheists are exactly the position you describe in this video. This label describes the statement of knowledge, not the belief or lack of belief.

Why i care about opposing religion is pretty simple. Religion is a set of ideas with zero evidence that does immeasurable harm to this world.From killing 50 people in a club to warping the way people think (belief without evidence) all the way to destabilizing much of the world right now. This is one of the most important battlegrounds of the marketplace of ideas going forward.

RK Tech says:

Universal conciousness in the hizzy!

EndlesslyHeSaid says:

I'm a vegan Christian, and anyone who's giving you shit about eating meat needs to remember "thou shalt not kill".
But this video is really fun and opens out a lot of views that I'm feeling too about the state of the world with organised religion in tow.
Thanks for being you and making great content.
Love ya Myke.

Brian Kerogoi says:

Nobody cares,just review Dj shadow's the mountain album

bigitaly1969 says:

atheism is a claim like abstinence is a sexual position.

Turtle is as Turtle Does says:

My faith:
Some times I'll go to the woods and and hang out with a tree.
I'll be like "hey tree how you doing."
Tree will be like "I'm here"
I'm like " okay"
the tree is like "it is suppose to be, you are part of it"
I'm like "thanks tree"

chaosinorderrr says:

You do know that the Orlando massacre had no religious connection to it right? This is what happens when you jump the gun before understanding the full scope of the problem.

Kxng Khemist says:


Austin Crane says:

idk you may not really care a lot about religion and the whole religious debate, but you seem almost too eager to tell people that you don't care. very punk

Acoup37 says:

Nice question. GREAT answer.

Judd Nearhood says:

Man you nailed it on the head. growing up in a religious home i became a very outspoken atheist and always argued with friends and family because i felt as if i needed to get my point across. in the past year i have changed my mind i really don't give a shit. everyone can believe what they want everyone can do what makes them happy as long as they aren't being assholes about it. there is no way to prove or disprove if god exist really. sure it's an interesting question and there may be a time and place to discuss it. but neither argument has changed for the past 1000 years so at this point who gives a shit. my belief system is dont be an asshole.

chube121 says:

clipping review??

Matthew “The Original Black Bean” Gonzales says:

A lot of theists believe that religion is bad. Christians support the bad that happens.

But it also offers good. People get to banned together. It's a nice feeling.

I'm an atheist. I don't think it's God that makes things good or bad. I think it's people.

And to be honest, I never proclaim I'm atheist. It always takes someone to ask me what I am, and even then I say that I believe people are directly responsible for what happens on this planet, and they label me as atheist. And this has happened so many times that I say, "fine, I guess that's the term for who I am that everyone can understand in some way."

But in all honesty, religion, in my opinion, is just a cop out. If there was no religion, it would be patriotism. People will always have similarities with others and call wrongs out where they see. Atheists fit into this. I've never met an atheist that had the same morals as I. It's truly complex. People will justify their beliefs no matter what they are.

Ted Orbach says:

I agree with you to an extent on organized religion, but the thing is that its human nature to follow orginizations and leaders, so if organized religion as we know it was hypothetically non-existant, people would do the same awful and good things under different labels. Great video.

Tyler Craven says:

Had to tap the unfollow button because i dont watch mma :/ lol jk

itchyvinyl says:

Myke, everything you said makes perfect sense. It's amazing how uncomfortable it makes people when someone resists being labeled and put into a category. They just can't fucking handle it.
I personally believe that humans do not have the answers. And the question is likely way more complex than "is there a ''God' or not".

SRMR93 says:

Vegan atheist master race

Tim Wilkie says:

why should you care? objectvity and Science. Political freedom of mind

metaldeath0 says:

Why do people feel being atheist comes with having to do certain things? I've heard people say they're not atheist because they could never argue with people over religion? Atheism has no code. You don't have to argue with anyone, if you don't want to! I never do! People rarely ask me over religion. If they do, they hardly care I'm atheist.

Arda Von says:

i approve this message

Sam Jenkins says:

yeah im in a christian family and its really hard to come out and admit I still dont believe. I agree with u about the whole atheisim thing tho… there might be a god, but its a waste of time

Essam Temuri says:

I mostly interpret religious texts in a symbolic/allegorical way, thinking of them resonating with the collective unconscious (in the world of Jung) of all people. A lot of the myths/stories of religious workings are similar, either following the same plot structure or scenario. For instance, the mythological story of Jesus and Osiris is really similar, even being similar to a really old myth about "jar boy," which tells the story of a woman impregnated after a swim in a lake, giving birth to a jar, who becomes a boy after meeting his divine father. As for God, I think of him/her as purely a homie, who I can talk to comfortably. But I'm still not scared of Hell; for all I know, the devil's a homie also.

himynameisJUL_ says:

You got to find better Quesadilla places Myke…

Hunter Gripp says:

Lots of respect love your shit

Hunter Gripp says:

I'm Christian and I agree with what you're saying there a consequences good and bad for what you believe in don't get butt hurt when people talk shit

Isaac Flórez says:

Damn, this shit has more comments than I expected 😂, hey man I'm pretty much on a similar lane where I just don't care about those labels, fuck it.

rawer Burst says:

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crazycakemanflies says:

Sorry dude, but Buddhists don't believe in a god ahaha they just believe in the teachings of a dude who lived a very long time ago.

MIKELiscrazy says:

Myke is the new "Aliens" meme

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