An Atheist talks about Hurricanes and Changes His Mind about God

An Atheist talks about Hurricanes and Changes His Mind about God

This is raw, engaging, with a rare transparency.

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jorgensenmj says:

A true atheist is not afraid of dying. He or she is afraid of not living as long as long as they would like. There is a difference. An atheist knows that once you are dead you do not think anymore and you would then not even have the ability to care that you are dead.

Lowell Williamson says:

The climate has been changing since the world has been spinning.

Mihai Manuta says:

1st of all, science does not say something cannot come from nothing. That's your assumption. This assumption is unnecessary in order to study the Universe, so… if you want to make it, fine, but you need to provide evidence for it.

2nd, the Big Bang scientific theory provides a pretty good explanation for… everything but does not say "it came from nothing". It shows how the Universe was after the Planck epoch. But it says nothing for what was before.

eatmylogic says:

If God controls the weather, why does He keep sending hurricanes to the South? Is it to punish them for being narrow minded, self-righteous bigots?

Reivivus says:

What's with the random whistles?

1981andybt says:

Stop the Strawman of saying atheists believe something from nothing. Atheism is simply non belief in the claim of your god. Everything else is something else. You guys have non belief in the other god claims so that technically means you are atheistic (non belief) to those claims.

Autumn Rose says:

I like the way Ray spoke to this guy. He wasn't yelling. He was being gentle and understanding towards him and in return the guy seemed more open to what he was saying. It was actually a really neat exchange.

#Hashtag says:

Sad part is so many youths are not Virgin and addicted to pornography… This is the situation of western world… Plz pray for them

Astronomical Reason says:

That's the best you've got for the existence of God? Plant someone in your video and label him an "atheist" when he is clearly a crazy person like yourself. Oh the power of the lord! He must reveal himself in a fake youtube video!

You're an embarrassment to humanity.

wilderness skills says:

so let me get this right, the two dumbasses in the video dont know how wheather works, so it must be a wizard.

TorahTV says:

Gods Law isn't only the 10 Commandments
From Genesis to Deuteronomy
This is the Law of God that we Christians should keap

awesome friend says:

YouTube is really censoring this video that's a shame

David Ralphs says:

Its during a hurricane when you know there isn't a God or at the very least not a good God.


Ray's TYPICAL tactics… talk fast, put words in your mouth, present straw-man arguments, and pin EVERYONE down on a few of the WRONG set of OFFICIAL ten commandments.

Cody Hald says:

Arguments from ignorance are not impressive at all. You religious folks have about 20yrs left before the non-religious outnumber you all in the US. Think on your sins

Mick9 says:

Uh a hurricane hasn't made landfall for 12 years. Most people are retarded

Frankly Frank says:

This is arranged…..pathetic

Shift Reapz says:

This is so fake it's funny, and so much false information.

Joshua K says:

I'm an atheist because I'm not convinced. I also don't necessarily believe that "nothing" created "everything". I'm not claiming I do know – but Ray claims that he does. Therefore, he is now obligated to provide legitimate evidence or else I will remain unconvinced, as I should stay. The Bible does NOT count as evidence to me, just as any other holy book does not convince Ray.

Just a thought though, and I may be wrong about this, but it crossed my mind as I began typing this comment…: if the universe is everything (matter, time, space, physics etc) then the start of the cosmos could've very well been the birth of "cause and effect" in general. Which means, the universe absolutely could've expanded from nothing, and an explanation is not needed.
But again, it was a thought. I could be wrong.

Last thought on this video: I'm having a VERY difficult time believing that this man on camera is not a paid creationist. Either that, or the guy is apathetic, extremely gullible, and not a free thinker.

Denver Broncos says:

For End Times vids and more search thysecondcoming on Google or Youtube!

John Smith says:

This was great! I mean Jacob was explicit, but very honest and receptive! I think that his heart was stirred! I love the part when Ray goes, "How is theft consensual?" Hahahaha

yaowadeez snm says:

3:47 mmm

Matthew Iverson says:

Then what created god?

YY4Me133 says:

Ray is such a liar: "…an atheist believes…that nothing created everything." No, we don't, and he's been told so time and time again. I guess his fans like being lied to. If they didn't, they'd stop being his fans.

Atheists believe there's no credible evidence that any god(s) exist(s), because theists have had thousands of years to come up with some, yet none has ever been presented. It has nothing to do with science, it has to do with the failings of theists.

Donald Trump #GOATPRESIDENT says:

Christianity is on the decline:
2008: 80% of Americans identified as Christians
2017: 72% of Americans identified as Christians

It seems like more Christians are changing their mind about god

Dayvanity says:

Ha! "Living Waters" is once again, paying actors to pretend like they're atheists. Talk to a REAL atheist for once, so s/he can destroy you on the topics concerning climate change and make you religious idiots look like the morons you really are. Climate change is backed by evidence from scientists, your middle eastern fairy tale book called "the bible" which was written by anonymous, blood thirsty, misogynistic, goat herding, desert dwellers who weren't even there to experience what they were writing about.

Also, atheists do not believe that something came from nothing, only religious people do. We claim we don't know, while you Christians claim that god came from nothing and that the material he used to create the universe came from nothing .

MrGraftedFruitful JesusIsLord says:

Birth pangs before the great tribulation then Jesus will come back

Peter Parker says:

Amen very good video.

Onvey says:

Can someone please guide me? I have a question about baptism.
When I was young, my parents had me baptised (sprinkling water on my head as an infant) but it wasn't a baptism by immersion and because I was an infant, I didn't believe in God – I have recently started to read my bible and learn about God and have found a dilemma – some say infant baptism is not a genuine baptism and that you do not receive the Holy Spirit through this kind of baptism – should I get baptised again by immersion now that I believe?

This is a really confusing subject for me so any help is appreciated, thank you in advance ūüôā

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