An atheist tells a young girl that there’s no God, what she says shuts him up!

An atheist tells a young girl that there’s no God, what she says shuts him up!

An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said…



monster gaming says:

What is this Sh!t. What atheist just randomly goes up to people and say " GOD ISN'T REAL, WANNA KNOW WHY!!!"

Arno Van Nieuwenhuyzen says:

i fucking hate the fake laughs at the end

Lorain3 guby says:

no one would go up to someone and say that there's no god ugh

Patriotic Badger says:

So many atheists dropping spaghetti in here.

James Tichbon says:

There is no god

Chenny Boy says:

Dog is to human as human is to god, that's how I think of it

Can Pinar says:

yea fake XD

Ryan O'meara says:

I do realise that this story is probably not true, but if it is what scares me the most is not the creepy guy talking to a young girl about religion, but the idea of this girl's parents or community teaching her to say such things to people at such a young age "obviously young sure to the fact he was surprised at how intelligent she sounded"

Rhinstone AJ says:

didn't they already do this one???

ZZ and Arey's Channel says:

That last part though LOL

The Name's Nick says:

Who would just say "Let's talk about why there is no god" to a little girl?

Ben Dawson says:

just saying but who the fuck randomly starts speaking to a little kid they don't know?

James G says:

Nice joke but obviously from someone who does not know God, because they deliberately mislead people with their title. thumbs down. BTW it is like so called holy terrorists who obviously lie about their intent when boarding a plane to do a suicide attack. No you cannot lie in the name of any holy god.

iFuze says:

Now you mentioned God the comment section is gonna be a ***** virus

v0ider says:

Athiests believe that there was nothing, and then that nothing somehow magically turned into something, and then turned into dinosaurs a few billion years later.

And they call Christianity ridiculous.

Ask Shadow Bolt Moon says:

we got a wisemouth here if she was my daughter i would put her in her place

kill shot says:

god is not real

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