An Undeniable Prognosis (Best Atheist Arguments)

An Undeniable Prognosis (Best Atheist Arguments)

This video demonstrates the intelligence, but mostly common sense, of some of the greatest minds behind atheism.

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GodWorksOut says:

If you like this video and atheism/antitheism related content, please subscribe to my channel. I would really appreciate it <3

The#1ZeldaFan says:

By the way, a terrorist can claim they are acting in the name of Allah, but I'm pretty sure in the Quran itself says not to add rules such as "everyone must be a Muslim, and if they refuse fucking kill em" basically saying not to force religion on anybody, or add rules in general. I would not call a "Muslim extremist" a Muslim at all. And I would not call a Christian, Jew, whatever "extremist" a "christian extremist" or a "Jewish extremist". I would call them a criminal or a terrorist. Also, to everyone who thinks "Jihad" means Holy war, it's a two second Google search away to learn what it really means. Wow, the power of the internet!

Dumb fucks!

Akshay Singh says:

Richard dawkins just killed it in the end …

Rishineth Panda says:

Who is this guy in 1.32

Shane Knox says:

I grew up with no religion and basically considered myself atheist. The older i got the more i realized there has to be a god. The more i learned about science, the more i realized that its impossible that everything is just by accident. What i see in the debate most of all is an unwillingness to see the other sides case, and an inabilty to critically think to themselves that they may be wrong. Because it can not be proven one way or the other, that just seems ridiculous to me. Every day i leave myself open to ideas and different points of view, and yet i continue to see there is a god.

Guest User says:

This would be laughable if it weren't so sad that so many people believe this godless propaganda

Guy North says:

As the seed of the Great Oak has everything it needs to grow and develop, so do you, what you come up with or make up is all on you.

Manny Torres says:

Atheism is the easiest religion to trigger.

Mii Xii says:

People, all the evidence you NEED to know Our Most High truly exists… Is that there is "EXISTENCE(at all)!!!!!!!"
I feel sorry for all these comedians, and people that do not believe… they need to have or do a intensive forgiveness prayer because if they didn't believe whiles they we're alive, they will believe when they die.

PETER DAVID david says:

If it exists in your mind then it exists, the human brain is by far the most complex single element of our galaxy. A thought from that brain is as real as the empire state building or the planet. I think, therefore i am. So there is no debate your thoughts exist and if like myself i don't have these thoughts then they don't exist.

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