Anita Moorjani’s Near-Death Experience While Dying Of Cancer – Author of Dying To Be Me

Anita Moorjani’s Near-Death Experience While Dying Of Cancer – Author of Dying To Be Me

Visit Afterlife TV at You won’t want to miss this life-changing conversation with Anita Moorjani. This is the first of two videos. This is the closest I’ll ever get to interviewing an actual spirit, because Anita Moorjani is able to share with us what it was like to be out of her body and in the spirit world, including her ability to see the past and future, experience timelessness, know her life’s purpose, feel the emotions of others, and even know what caused her life-threatening illness in the first place. Anita Moorjani’s story will surely blow your mind and get you pondering what she teaches for weeks after watching this conversation. In a nutshell, Anita fell into a coma due to late-stage cancer. Her husband was told by doctors that she had less than 36 hours to live (her organs were shutting down). All the while, Anita was having a near-death experience, was given the choice to return to her body or not, chose to finish out her life, then had the most remarkable healing ever documented. Today, Anita Moorjani shares her experience and her important message about love and joy. ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV Anita Moorjani made an appearance on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS Special in 2012. Anita Moorjani is also the author of Dying To Be Me (Hay House). Finally, Anita Moorjani is the embodiment of the truth that we all have the inner power and wisdom to overcome even life’s most adverse situations, as she is the living proof of this possibility. You can visit



74Danuta says:

Thank you for coming back to the physical realm Anita. We needed you!!!

AfterlifeTVChannel says:

I’m glad it resonated when it was needed. My best wishes to you.

Brenzvideos says:

as a rule, I don’t look at videos on this subject, but this one showed up for me to view today and there were quite q few things that personally resonated with me. i want to thank you Anita for sharing yourself in this interview, and thank you Bob for the interview and upload as well.

68Gkirby says:


Thank you. You are a masterful at asking the questions a viewer would ask if he or she could. 🙂

paul hoye says:

(part 2)
then this light grew bigger and floated down to my face… and i remember i could just discern the kind of spectacles my nan would wear…in this sphere of light.. but this sphere continued to get close to my face and i put my hand across and said no! and it vanished…i had been thinking about my grandmother…so that may be the reason i saw this… strange thing was that years later i met a guy who had same thing…but i hadnt mentioned my own experience

cjirvin3 says:

wow, id like to experience that

aaron wilson says:

part2. my guide told me and lisen i dont no if god or hell is real but i new what i seen in frount of me and heard what he said and he said how ever much pain life is you wait till you die. now lisen how can a guide speak to me like that. you wait till you die. smileing. dude wtf i was like am i dead over and over again nowing full well where i was and he said not yet your time will come and now go life ur second chance of liveing. then he just pushed me so fast and quick like fast and i wokeup

Bronwyn Black says:

Bob, your combination of detailed curiosity and open, passionate inquiry has helped me trust and believe all these miracles you’ve shared through others. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and are doing. Your facilitating has helped me enormously through a bumpy time. Bless you and everyone you love.

DrMahatma says:

Exactly what Abraham Hicks describes the non-physical

solhmar says:

What a beautiful message, definitely life changing, Thank you Anita for coming back and spreading this wonderful message.

Bux7777 says:

This lines up with what Pam Reynolds said

Rudy Alpha says:

I just wanted to say for all of those who have watched these videos that are brothers and sisters. Did you realize we are looking for the same answers and we’ve seen the same videos? Actually we are close related souls and we are part of the same family. Sometimes we feel alone and think nobody around us understands our ideals and the way we view the World. But never forget all the friends you have around the World which understand you and would like to be with you. Cheers from Brazil.

Rudy Alpha says:

This is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard in my life. A NDE and a Miracle in the same case. She is the living proof that we’re not only flesh and bones. We’re spiritual beings having a body experience.

Cheers from Brazil.

AfterlifeTVChannel says:

Thanks for your kind and generous words. I should hire you as my agent. But I really must give all the credit to Anita. I agree with you, the world needs to hear her wonderful, life-changing message.

antnantn says:

This is probably the best interview of Anita Moorjani that I have seen. This host is REALLY very good and should have his own TV show. Looks a lot like CNN’s Piers Morgan (twins maybe??), with the same eyes squint, inquisitiveness and just-right, direct and thought provoking questions…THANKS FOR THIS INTERVIEW…if this video got 100 million views the world would be better for it!!!

antnantn says:

What life changing information! Anybody who ever wanted to know WHO we are or WHY we are here, MUST listen to this. This amazing lady explains it ALL. Wow…and the CLARITY in how she does it is just as amazing. Her speaking ability and skill at explaining things are outstanding. This is without a doubt the most PROFOUND and EDUCATIONAL NDE story EVER!!! Also, the host was OUTSTANDING in asking just the right questions and probing this GOD-SENT lady for the info we all need to know.THANK U!!!

ksan5331 says:

Yes this is life changing – and very timely for me. Thank you

JacobFlores2 says:

The blind analogy was BEAUTIFUL. I so understood what she was talking about when she says you can’t understand what she went through. Without knowing exactly what she went through, I’m much more at peace to know there is something out there that is more than anything we’ve ever known.

thepowerofnow says:

A childs loyalty its first for the parents and after for the husband/wife. Its a blind love not a conscious love, this is why its sooo hard not to follow parents in death or to get ill because of their death. bert hellinger its the master in psihogenealogie, family constellation.
I keep listening interviews with Anita, its pure freedom.

pianobanana says:

To hear Anita’s story is healing in itself.

Sridhar Kaushik says:

We are all children of God. This is the best reason why Christ said “love thy neighbour”. God is nothing but love. We are a spark of that divinity. Those few fortunate ones who have contacted that realm have felt nothing but love and have been transformed by it. I feel so blessed watching this video. Peace be to all.

Sridhar Kaushik says:

Ancient spiritual traditions (including hinduism) have always said that we are not the body but the soul. We are not in this world but of it. The NDE of this amazing person only confirms that belief.

nottwozero says:

Don’t forget that no matter what we do or how we are, we are always ourselves.

Sudarsan V says:

Bob <3 you for the work you have done.. please keep doing it.. :) .. im a regular viewer of your videos. very educational .. thanks bob for doing this. i owe you ...

Jim Rich says:

Thanks for “sharing”, Anita. Although it seems “mystical” the basic message to “live fearlessly and love ourself” is pretty practical and not mystical or religious at all based on my studies of Self Esteem and other basic psychological stuff. Your experience makes if obvious that all of us can access the state you entered while in a comma so thanks for reminding us of this. Love Jim & Irene

AfterlifeTVChannel says:

Yes, her book is titled “Dying To Be Me.”

3wands1215 says:

i am so happy you are here, anita !!
much love to you.
you are here to share this story…
it has helped me greatly understand my own NDE.

megakillasharks says:

Every day in the U.S., 774 NDEs occur, according to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF).

dhriaz says:

You are love to share this with us Anita,I can’t thank enough!!

FizzyS says:

Thank you for sharing this interview. Anita’s story has had a profound effect on me and I try to read as much about it as I can. I hope in the future that this is what will be taught to children instead of the fire and brimstone stuff that I was frightened with as a child. Anita’s message of love and hope is what our world is crying out for. I’m off to watch part 2!

FizzyS says:

But eternity only feels like a long time in this realm where we live from moment to moment to moment, in a linear fashion. From what I have learnt there is no time in the other realm. We don’t use the mind there, we are just pure awareness, so all we experience is the now. Anita’s book is great and she goes into it more and explains about how time is fluid there. I think it’s just one of those things that is tricky to grasp from this world.

ArnoldVinette says:

This was a really well done interview about a very interesting story. I enjoyed listening to Anita talk about the best way to stay healthy is to simply LOVE yourself, believe in who you are, & believe in your capabilities. GREAT advice! Sadly my older sister died of lymphoid cancer on February 21, 2006. She exhibited many of the same symptoms of other women not loving themselves. When she died she was a living skeleton. It was tragic. Happily I could not be a more opposite positive person.

Singhiskingboyal says:

Amazing.) thanks for sharing

Denise Olson says:

Beautiful! Dying to Be Me is a must have book. Thank you for sharing, Anita.

mark32811 says:

Great stuff!! NDE’s need more attention. Humanity wallows in fear and despair unable to see their own rarity and specialty.

mark32811 says:

@Heavenisrea1 Maybe because these physical vehicles are terribly finite. When you leave the body, immortality will be totally normal and natural and wonderful.

adamatova says:

Love her. Did she write a book on her experience?

Zaphicath Bonetto says:

I will try to explain a bit in my own words and I hope that helps. When you see a flower you dont need to thinl it is a flower; you simply know it. When she had to face the decision to come back or to leave is not a thought; is like knowing something for sure; like if something is given to you and you have it in front of you and aware of it. It is hard to explain cuz as she said; things that are not common in physical body to experience; you simply dont know the exact words to describe

ArchimedeanEye says:

such a beautiful lady

TheseEyesGod says:

No – thought is a poor, limited imitation of awareness, of what I call being in heart, rather than head (which is also but a pale reflection to being in her state). Check out Heart Math Institute and discover the science around some of this. The heart actually produces brain chemicals – neurotransmitters. There’s so much more, too. Enjoy your research 🙂

TheseEyesGod says:

Uncomfortable to mind, maybe – but not to you – the real you. 🙂

flybynight420 says:

Anita is wonderful in this, as ever. However the interviewer deserves a great deal of credit and respect for his humble and sincere approach to the interview. I really admire the way he conducted this interview.

SoundLoving says:

It is nice to see you talking about round space and round time. The magnetization of consciousness is also difficult to explain when you become one with someone or something.  It is a difficult space to try to define to someone that has not had the experience. Best of luck with your work.

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