Ask an Atheist: FFRF Atheist Town Hall

Ask an Atheist: FFRF Atheist Town Hall

This week on FFRF’s Ask an Atheist, we took a look at the worlds first Atheist Town Hall which was held recently at our national convention. Led by award-winning science journalist Cara Santa Maria, freethinkers of all types talk about how they and what they do to get along in an often hostile environment.



Paul Belodeau says:

The celebrity in question was Steve Harvey (or at least, he has said that)

DK Kempion says:

Poorly organized and pretty boring. There's potential here but y'all gotta put more into it. Your are trying to sell a product, right? That requires marketing. What's the message? How about: "Morality doesn't require a god."?

Reason Droid says:

This guy Dan and that lady (still his wife?) are the OGs (original gangsters) of this movement. I watched that Oprah segment from decades ago – refreshing to know that was on live TV back then.

A Estrada says:

The earth is 4.5 billion years old, but science will update it again.

Evan Lewis says:

Barney Frank came out as an atheist, but unfortunately only after he retired.

Jorgethegreatness says:

Although I'm atheistic, I would never call myself an "Atheist" as I don't hold atheism as any sort of A Priori. I'm completely open to a theological hypothesis, I simply don't think that's what's happening.

Glad 2 Help says:

Help me out here, people keep talking about good and bad and morals. From watching the video, it appears that people believe that they can discern between the two. So if you are able to discern between the two, what compels you to choose good? Why do you care about yourself? Why do you care about others? Why do you care about the condition of the earth? What is the source of your sympathy, empathy, and so-called rationality. Is it some electrical activity going on in your brain alone? People, please do not be deceived. Some people think that it is funny to try and mock GOD, but they won't be laughing forever. Look around at what is going on in the world today. Your history books tell you of war after war. Fists went to swords. Swords went to arrows. Then cannons. Then guns. Now what are the weapons talked of being used when certain nations go to war? You know what's coming. There is nothing wrong with having fruitful discussions, but don't waste your life going back and forth but never believing in the truth of GOD. Please get free now. Choose The LORD, and be saved in Jesus Christ. GOD bless

JC E says:

Something you probably never considered just front the first page of the bible. taking Darwin and many fingers are on your hand 4 and a thumb
Where did the seven days come from, 5 digits 5 days a week with the body for rest then start again. someone had six fingers each hand and toes on feet. and it wasn't until I found the sumarian history that it made sense. we didn't make it up, we were given our days nights and weekends.
god didn't create the heavens and the Earth but the did create their bond between the heavens and the earth. something else have you ever wondered why earth,as a name.
move the H to the beginning it is heart, of what.
The planet called by them Tiamat. this earth is what is left of that planet.
Is everything fake, is it all just something some guy in the past got board with everything and decided to change the world.
all of the stories in the book what were they for, the religious leaders possibly, to control, possibly, was any of it the right thing to do in the given situation, or wrong thing to do. It's a point of view.
They say knowledge is power in your day and age knowledge is just another way of sticking it to the other guy first. make money like money doesn't have its own bs to contend with,but have you ever thought of living life where money doesn't exist everyone does there job and everyone has all they need. money is a control, and in it's own right is a religion with it's own morals good sides and bad.
And just to clarify
Re leigion means to re alive you with whoever's version of their god.
Back to Summerian enki enlil their wives and children. the lives they touched were all of our lives. proving you don't have to be human to be stupid.
The first didn't adapa or Adam and Eve didn't screw up that's religion. blame us for nothing. but the truth is it is now known that we only followed where the leaders led.
who are you following and are they leading you, where?

Ryan Drummond says:

Disappointed that in the fake, though fun, "Town Hall" section that one lady said a common misconception is that Atheists are Satanists and added that Atheists don't believe in god or the devil. Ugh. Satanists don't believe in the devil either! I wouldn't expect a Christian to know that, but I hoped an Atheist would!

JC E says:

You miss the point I don't care about religion with all of its made up bs
History is what it is
You don't have to listen but never forget the lessons of the past as there are many using the past to control even you.
If I'm ignorant, and have forgotten more than you have ever known I will only say this,
What you shun as religious dogma may have nothing to do with religion at all. Just life's little lessons.
Instead of argueing over who's right and who's wrong,show your kids there is a way of life that doesn't involve religion. though you will more than likely have to show them all the right things that for some damb reason are written in a book.

Mary Millar says:

I like the free thinker idea, I very much relate to that. 🙂

Allan Hampton says:

Hitler was right. General Patton said America defeated the wrong enemy in WWII.

Michael Runyan says:

1631Reasons Christianity is False

Lori W says:

I would guess that celebrity is “Steve Harvey”. I heard an interview with him in which he said those exact words.

Living Free says:

Bad fishing accident?

JE Moody says:

CSM is cool.

Tonia Housnick says:

Stupidity, has no limits. However, all Americans are not religious.
The small groups of Atheists are getting getting larger and larger.

Tonia Housnick says:

It is very nice that people have started to wake up, religions will be a thing of the past.

Tonia Housnick says:

I am an Atheist and very proud.

Tonia Housnick says:

We born with our morals, we do not need, any none sense bible to give morals to us.

✡ Je Suis Charlie ✡ says:

OMG, these people are Godless scoffers!

Mick Hill says:

In Europe no one bats an eye if you are an atheist.

t0k3m0nk3y says:

Atheist here, but regarding that woman's fight to remove a '10 Commandments' statue is pathetic.

t0k3m0nk3y says:

Atheist here, but regarding that woman's fight to remove a '10 Commandments' statue is pathetic.

Kamilla Iqbal says:

I always wonder, if God didn't do it, how did we get here??

Dave's Think Tank says:

I was raised in a church that eliminated all fear from Christianity. Hell was reasoned away, and the Bible was never literal but always allegorical. It was a very modern, thoughtful, reasonable religion that did not press any views on people, but instead helped them to live a good life. That was very hard to leave, much harder I think than leaving hellfire and brimstone behind.

Llanelli Humanists says:

Sorry Dan. You cannot be both an Agnostic and an atheist. Think of a coin. Theism is the tails, atheism is the heads, agnosticism is the edge. Agnosticism is the position of believing that we cannot know enough about the supernatural to define it, or say it exists, nor might we ever know. An atheist says there is no truth to the claim that a god exists, or that they do not accept the argument that a god exists. An agnostic would ask “what is a god?” and “how can you state your position on belief in such when you cannot define what it is?”

And no. Huxley would not be happy to combine the terms agnostic and atheist, except under the one specific incidence of a person stating flat out that there is no god. In that one can make the claim, whilst not needing to define what a god is specifically.

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