Astounding Life After Death Discoveries That May Surprise You [FULL VIDEO]

Astounding Life After Death Discoveries That May Surprise You [FULL VIDEO]

Truly groundbreaking discoveries on what happens when we die, Some of the amazing scientific discoveries that are outlined, and how they relate to subjects such as telepathy, deja vu and NDE.will expand your awareness and help you think outside of the box, this video is a definite must watch. The argument that we cheat death and keep coming back through what philosophers have dubbed; ‘eternal recurrence’, is persuasive! And its backed up using the latest scientific research from across the board.

Consciousness researcher Anthony Peake asks whether there can ever be a scientifically satisfactory explanation as to what may happen to human consciousness at the point of death? Anthony believes there can. Using the latest evidence from the fields of quantum physics, neurology, consciousness studies and psychology, he proposes an intriguing and totally original theory.

Special Feature from Glastonbury Symposium Archives, Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]

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mysticmeg111 says:

this lecturer is not even close to the ISnis. by the way each universe has a great hall of records and so on it goes ad infinity.

007/Kennedy says:

Listen to the hidden sounds. Use your other ears. See the celestial sights. Use your other eyes. Perceive what cannot be measured by the ordinary senses.

007/Kennedy says:

Sentient World Simulation

Jeremey Hunter says:

hi i have died i still have the bullet in my back my email adress is i was in surgery over 18 hours

Uniballah says:

I've gotten Deja vu of my deja vu Of My Deja Vu, ever since childhood. No letting up, I'm late 30's now. This man might point to my learning disabilities but I know better. I've marked enough of the reoccurring ones down to prove it to myself.

I'm also a constant reoccurring dreamer. They are mainly all crazy nightmares. I've always dreamed so insanely that 1. I believe I am sometimes getting my wires crossed with others and/or actually present in other realities. 2. I am tapping into the collective consciousness. I know this because I have looked up the BIZARRE details of ALL of my reoccurring nightmares and have been floored to find that they are also all experienced by people around the world.

I should point out that I'm somewhat psychic but it's not highly developed and I put in no effort to refine this. I'm also an Empath and am clairsentient.

Lastly, I have severe sleep paralysis several times a week. It's to the point where I don't actually go to bed. More like I will let myself fall asleep "by accident" while watching television. I experience what feels like being "haunted" in my dreams all the time and I believe that the static buzzing and terrifying haunted locations I'm sucked toward are a result of both astral travel And/Or sleep paralysis experiences where I have not woken up and am well past falling asleep, but I'm still sensitive to the paralysis and its accompanying horrors. More specifically, my sleep cycles are fried and sparking. I've developed bad parasomnia and that has gotten fairly dangerous for me. Keep getting hurt.

Peter Thoegersen says:

more debunking of consciousness….

les lampkin says:

Having experienced deja vu's for over 30 years they took on a whole new twist a few years back. Seeing as how dreams were coming through I would then try and manifest those dreams that weren't happening fast enough for me. One would include a time when I would win the lottery. Remembering every detail of the dream I would take steps in making this dream come true. Unfortunately it never happened. Another one, taking my kid to see dolphins (as this was her favorite mammal for-ever. How did I know it was at mar-inland I'll never know. It's what I did to get her there that helped setup a chain of events that changed my life for-ever. I also have temporal lobe epilepsy and should never have gotten behind the wheel of a car again, but I did. I've come to realize through this experience, by trying to make these dreams come real it had turned me into a real ugly person. A monster that had been born years earlier, but a monster who seen that there was a lot more to epilepsy then our doctors are telling us.

James Meritt says:

There is a lot. Of live TV. Don't say anything, just be on camera doing irrefutable. For "flying saucer", just
Land in the national Mall, wait an hour or so, then fly off. There will be no denial in either case (deny what?). Surely an advanced entity would not fear that!

Jennifer Davis says:

TY for the upload and sharing this info 💜

Julian Hastings says:

This is 2011 folks, but very interesting none the less , big love to all

Jennifer Davis says:

Growing up in the enchanted Philippine islands…I had seen so many apparitions and Dejavus etc…cannot explain all of these things …my mom was concerned when I was a child and had me talk to a child psychologist right away. I 💜💜💜 the Philippine islands where I was born and I hope that I can retire there in the near future 🦋🦋🦋

V S says:

fantastic lecture 🙂 the guy is so knowledgable, well researched and his delivery of the subject is perfect. Can you hear the silence in the auditorium? lol

anders jonsson says:

Plasma Cosmology explains everything we can observe in the vastness of the Cosmos. No need for dark energy or dark matter or something similar as these, the latest of ad hoc explanation to save the gravitational only description of the universe. Occam's razor are a wonderful help when studying difficult stuff in the Cosmos. This classic razor concept has advised me to study Plasma physics because plasma is 99.9% what is observed in the visible universe and nowadays the hole spectre of the electro -magnetic are explored by the latest of telescopes. The evidence for Plasma Cosmology have strengthened the more we have learned from those incredible eyes that are both on the ground as well as floating wonders in space serving us with info about the Cosmos.
Great show with some very interesting concepts about the mystic of life and consciousness. But don't forget, Occam's razor is very useful even when things get very complicated as in this entertaining and well presented lecture about life's most difficult questions.

happy winnings says:

You need CHRIST JESUS Of the Holy Bible alone!!!

I… Instructions

I sincerely hope that you read "IT" before your CREATOR demands the very breath of Life from your body!!!

Travis Christoff says:

I dont believe that the brain records everything.
If som it should be much easier to learn stuff…

Julie Fuller says:

Thank you for all your years of study and effort and in passing this information on.. Loved the video, gets me thinking further about all the questions we could all be exploring and asking ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience,

saber mouad says:

a new genera of science fiction

Tammy Blythe says:

The Coup album cover wasn't premonition nor coincidence….the same people who run Hollywood are one in the same that run the Military industrial Complex…the Powers that want to be….even the illuminati cards also depicted 911 and so did many TV programs so whatever you want to call the cabal, as I have done my research).911 was planned a Looong time ago. The cover is represented by that knowledge, the band doing what they are told and not  awakened just went along with it. I know where you were going with this tho….nice try but keep searching for this isn't one my dear. But you are on to something.

Gene Ladner says:

Great speaker, very informative, pleasant countenance and voice. Fascinating subject that is very important to me as I've experienced these same things, and am STILL regularly experiencing them at age 61. I'm personally convinced that these experiences have a positive side-effect, since I don't get sick in any way anymore. No colds, no headaches, no acid indigestion, no aches or pains (of which I used to have MANY), NOTHING but perfect health. Unfortunately, no way to prove beyond a shadow of doubt any of this, but I have enough to suit my personal taste. Thanks for posting this very enjoyable video!

Esoteric Emissary says:

This guy just keeps talking and talking but he doesnt say anything. REINCARNATION is the truth, not this dumbass

David Wright says:

the snap and humming or buzz in the brain was the whatever brain power is turned way up, thats the power of the brain.

Suzie Wonder says:

I believe deja vu is a synchronicity coming from a memory cell(s) due to a past life. This lecture is just another example of this connection. Why do some people have the need to make more of this? My psychic sensitivities tell me that this guy likes to hear himself talk!

Robert McLoughlin says:

Have had' and still have experiences of it. Some have been Soo profoundly strong that I am convinced there is something more to it than an over active imagination.

retnal08 says:


Gnostic Truth says:

It's true about time delay. He talks about this issue with "Margaret" around the 43rd minute. I was in a pretty bad car accident two years ago, and anyone who has been in a car wreck knows what I am saying….as I braced for impact….no embellishment…time literally slowed down in a very inexplicable but very real way…..our brains and this collective reality is not what we think in our conscious/everyday state of mind..

Morris Lipshitts says:

None that you've answered the deja vu question : The Earth and all the other planets float in space with noting holding them there. Why don't they all fall to the bottom of the jar?

Morris Lipshitts says:

I've had deja vu but it has no real connection based in reality and it's no more than a sensation that last less than a second. My deja vu happened while I was looking down at something never while looking up.

Frans Sas says:

Very interesting. Thank you.

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