Atheist billboards say Church is ‘Fake News,’ cause outrage

Atheist billboards say Church is ‘Fake News,’ cause outrage

Spirited Debate: Nick Fish and Dr. Frank Turek discuss Atheists’ holiday billboards that are popping up around the country which say ‘Skip Church’ to avoid ‘Fake News.’



zealandzen says:

Don't mix everything up. Just do a segment with the atheist alone.

Pnp6408 says:

The atheist gave no facts, he was full of nonsensical emotion and creates billboards filled with name calling – seems very mature. The Christian laid out logical facts. Atheist = fake news.

USoSilly ToMe says:

Nick Fish, You're the Son of Satan.

Otto Jihaad says:


Resolute Support says:

FOX got the day off youtube today? Y’all are majorly behind.

Zachary Fry says:

Lmao "The bible doesn't talk about torture, it talks about torment". Isn't torturing somebody a way of tormenting them, and isn't tormenting somebody a way or torturing them?

Rabinowitz Shekelstein says:

I’m Agnostic and any Atheist who are critical of Christianity but to pussy to call out the rise of Islam is a threat is no friend of mine. Christianity helped build the Western World and I would side with Christians over filthy sand niggers or pedophile Zionist kikes.

68Model Cross says:

My brother was an atheist, but after years of seeing their actions, all they do is bad mouth Christians, if the bad mouthed all religions they would be true, but they are really just a group of bullies.

teddyk kyddet says:

Great idea on the sign!!!! I will make a bunch and distribute them all over the country in the name of your organization. Excellent!!!
– for Ramadan 👍

Buckeye Roy says:

Is this the latest video uploaded by Fox?

HyborianAge says:

I identify as a Christian transitioning into Heaven. Don't judge me.

HyborianAge says:

Merry Christmas faggotass atheists.

HyborianAge says:

Hide! There's an atheist at the door.

Kay Kay says:

atheists are the worst, even satanists and witches are subtle with their hate. they're just mad they don't have anybody to follow, other than the big bang lol.

ThE BeSt ! says:

1# In the bible Jesus= a black man
2# ten commandments say no graven images . so the nativity seen is braking a commandment.
3# God is a Deity that is a made up name the Jews already had a name for God.
4# the concept of a Crucifixion starts in Africa in kemet aka Egypt
5# the concept of the chosen people is also African and also black Egyptian the Jews lived next to Egypt . like Mexico is next to America Egypt had it first.
6# bible is an occult book full of hidden meaning and knowledge.

Godzilla Megatron says:

Trump was right church is fake news

PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000) says:


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