Atheist David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion, Morality and Science atheist

Atheist David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion, Morality and Science atheist

David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion Morality and Science atheist. David Silverman is the current president of the American Atheists, a non-profit orga…



Dimon paramon says:

David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion, Morality and Science atheist 

Dimon paramon says:

David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion, Morality and Science atheist 

Twit Chic says:

I guess Mormons think their audience is stupid. They refuse to take any
real adult responsibility.

Luiz Rodrigues says:


Lord Colin says:

Polygamy makes me sick. If you cannot devote yourself to ONE person and one
person only, give them all of you love and respect, than you have no right
to be married at all. If you are willing to touch another human sexually,
other than your spouse, than you do not love them. The thought of a woman
having to listen to her “husband” fucking (I choose that word for a reason)
another woman makes me vomit. Polygamy is spousal abuse.

UTubeKEYGEN says:

Why didn’t the fact that Joseph Smith was a known con man get brought up? 

Chuck-U Farly says:

Can any Mormon explain this to me? According to what the Mormon Dr Hoz said
about Baptism by Proxy it is like an invitation to a party and it does not
mean that you are a Mormon. Please explain to me how do you think Anne
Frank would feel when she finds out that you also invited Adolf Hitler to
the same party?

beastshawnee says:

my impressions: The Mormons sat defensive, arms crossed in front of the
the whole time, probably from the moment they realized most of the entire
audience were atheist . Silverman ran the show, even at the expense of
JoAnne, the polygamist woman who should have been an equal debate partner.
She seemed to think she was there just to share her personal story, not
debate, and the men sensed she was not strong, and basically cut her out of
the conversation most of the time. She came back into the conversation a
few times and I was glad when she did. The moderator was a third Mormon
debate partner and failed in his job to make sure they all had an equal
voice, instead inserting himself and his personal opinions which really
were typical brainwashed religious bullheaded blind sheep baaings. 

TheraminTrees says:

Bemused by the moderator’s interjections. The fact that Silverman has no
problem fielding his responses is neither here nor there — whether mormon,
atheist or whatever, if you’re going to moderate, contain yourself. 

P.G. Burgess says:

I m not specialised in economics.. but if you donate via the mormon
church.. and they take care of the overhead costs.. that money still needs
to come from somewhere..

David Schlessinger says:

There’s nothing quite like a ‘moderator’ defending one side. Ah,

Antonius vd Klis says:

Mormons are just a sect who getting rich by doing business with each other,
nothing more. For the rest its just another invention from a view

dwolfcoach says:

Only the credulous can watch all of their loved ones destroyed by a
disaster, survive and claim how their faith has increased. WTF?

Vidal Soberón says:

How can one debate gains liars. There is not doctrine of exclusion in
Mormonism? My ass. That might be why (as David started this debate “no one
in Utah wanted to do business with Atheist”), That might be why too, black
Mormons were not allowed to to hold priesthood positions until the latest
part of the 50’s.

Shawn Dean says:

Worst debate ever. The “moderator” , a mormon, was more like the third
mormon panelist than a moderator. He was arguing for the other side. that’s
not what a moderator is supposed to do. I can’t believe David Silverman had
anything to do with this. He should have walked off stage when that douche
moderator started taking sides and answering questions that were supposed
to be answered by panelists. Then there was the woman, Joann, who had dry
mouth and a case of the shy’s. She didn’t answer questions or even
participate in argument. She just shared her experience, which was
irrelevant anyway, because she was in a splinter cult. So anything she said
about her own experience in the splinter cult would be automatically
whacked down by the mormons. She was useless in this debate. terrible.

David Jay says:

Many atheists exclude people because of social or wealth class. This
behavior is common across the board in society. Moreover, many atheists are
antagonistic toward those religious people who do have a belief (as
evidenced in this debate). This is one of the worst debate ever.

SuperSaltydog77 says:

Do religious individuals lead moral,law abiding and good friendship type
lives only because you are promised rewards and riches? And if your god
requires these things of you what does that say about your god?And what
does that say about you? Or were the offer of rewards and riches done by
humans to “get people to believe”

Jon Kim says:

just a quick note- mormons aren’t christians. 

Agrippa The Mighty says:

I only watched 30 min. of it and correct me if I’m wrong but the LDS pannel
forgot to mention that the Mormon Church does endorse the ban from their
sponsored scout organization of all scout candidate troop members who are
atheists, agnostics, and candidate gay troop leaders. So it’s obviously not
true that the LDS Church is all inclusive.

Merlyn Schutterle says:

It seems to me that if God is smart enough to know about atomic particles,
and the universe, he would be smart enough to know the prophet system to
communicate his message was stupid.

There is no such thing as being raised from the dead. If a person can be
raised from the dead, then that person was never dead in the first place. 

ape street says:

This was very, very interesting. Much more than I expected and I loved the
respect shown on each side. I wish the female attendee was a bit more
articulate. She had some great comments near the end.

The host was obviously biased but not overly so.

Mormonism is nuts…..But the people seem nice for the most part.

scipio10000 says:

I regret that David Silverman missed the opportunity to confront these
Mormons on the role played by the Mormon Church on passing Proposition 8 in
California. How can these people burble about the Mormon Faith non shunning
people and having the Mormon Church pouring millions of dollars to deny
basic civil rights to their gay fellow citizens? Dollars, I hasten to add,
they rack in mercy of tax exemptions. I’d say the Marxist professors where
quite right in shunning these creeps. Ecrasez l’infame!

Gus Grizzel says:

I’m atheist and I could have given better arguments than those two. First,
they try to tell Mormons how they should use their money. Second,
inclusiveness doesn’t mean accepting anybody no matter what; a group is
defined as exclusionary.Even the most inclusive group on the planet has
some set of rules or principles which the members must adhere to. Also, it
was annoying to hear the audience cheer after every comment.

Idea Sandwich says:

David could not be clearer. The other guy could not be any more waffly,
fluffy, lalala and also rather blabedly bla blah. Makes me say, “Ha!” Such
waffling is an intuitive defense mechanism delaying an inevitable (though
possibly “evitable”) acknowledgment of reality. Please respect Moronity?
Nope, especially when it lays false claim to Reasonity.

rationalguy says:

If you’ve been inside Mormonism you can see how weasely and disingenuous
those guys are being. Typical.

Reverend Francis says:

The reality to bear in mind whenever you find yourself quibbling over
trivial religious matters like, was Jesus a god or a prophet, or do
Christians and Muslims use the same god, is that all of the mythology
embodied in this subject was simply made up by relatively ignorant,
primitive people. What they came up with is no more special than thousands
of similar stories. Use their mythology if it somehow helps you
personally. But try to leave it at that, and not get all anal and
evangelistic over it.

Lienda Balla says:

Dictator worship is Atheistic brainwashing “just like religion”? ehhhh…

Fred Groleau says:

Read this. I Cant wait till religion is as disgusting as racism because it
is All religions

and adults that abuse there kids mentally or physically are psychologically

children. Its called child mental rape and pedophilia. Now go write a book
about it. Im

autistic and can leave this pedophile hell any time I want mentally but Im
here to help. One

love to you all. BTW I aint stopping till all religion is abolished

Lol ok then go about your day allowing religion ect to exist as
physiological child mental

rape and pedophilia. Be a pedophile helper or enabler. Even if you dont
practice religion you

allow it to happen. how is this normal ? Humans look for love
psychologically thats why they

think god exists. Religions are psychological disorders. RELIGION = MENTAL

Psychological torture. You understand? you are helping the mental rape of
children. Help stop

this. Its easy to be a good person without religion.
If you practice religion – any religion you are a mental child pedophile.
You help others rape

children mentally. You as well were raped mentally by religion. Your a
sick… I wont say. Not

human. Once you understand how stupid and childish others look like in
religion you might be

remembered by future generations as a good person. Till then you are a
child mental pedophile

helper and or allower. remember that. Am I really that smart or you really
that dumb? ask

yourself that .The phycological workings of the human brain/mind is simple
to me. what about

you? I know the Scientist and intelligent humans of the world will win this
earth do you? Or

will you die unknown to the cause of helping all mankind in the future
history books? A LOOK

If you listen to the audio above you will understand that your religion and
all religions will
die out inevitably because of loving and intelligent future generations.
They wont put up with
such child like alpha male / god behavior. we are evolving at a rapid rate
mathematically and
there’s no stooping the true drive for the unity of human kind = SCIENCE.
Religion = I hope
you see the mentally ill like I do. Were I get mad is the children dont
deserve or have a
choice to be brain pedophiled or brain raped and I find this quite
sickening is all. 90% of
earth does this including government with adhd drugs ect. 90% of the earth
is run by religion
and is largely a form of psychological mental child pedophilia.Dont forget
the image of
religion fucking children in the brain and salivating when they see them
all perfectly
controlled. Fucking them literally comes easy in there domain in any
religion and is second
nature psychologically.Religions are quite a sickness in the brain that we
need to work on. Im
talking about the psychological aspect of religion.Religion = childish
alpha male behaviour.ok
now understand that believing in religion in essence is accepting the fact
that you were raped
mentally by a childish adult and there childish book. Please understand
that if you continue
to believe in god you are a child mental pedophile helper. You help others
rape children
mentally and have been for a long time Religion = child mental rape 100%
FACT. Is that simple
TO EXPLORE THE WORLD WITHOUT FEAR. Science my friend the only true drive
for human unity not
childish religion. There are over 1000 gods which one you believe in . Your
ridiculous man.
Remember what I said. In psychological terms religion is helping spread the
child mental rape
or pedophilia. Your acting quite childish. wa dont take my candy / toy /
god lol.Have fun
looking at all those religious idiots from this day forward or are you one
of those idiots
that thinks its ok to have religious mental pedophile friends. That means
your still helping
them rape kids mentally. One love to you all.IN THE FUTURE THERE WILL BE NO

RELIGION. ITS THE SAME AS RACISM. Video below of what they look like to me
what I wish kids could do to you sick in the head idiots.

propoetide says:

If people can believe Mormonism, they can believe absolutely anything. And
it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Lightningbarer Rambles says:

damn I feel dirty now, David Silverman thinks like I do.
And he’s an asshole.


alastermyst says:

There are two important things to note when someone says they are convinced
their religion is correct and gives such vague personal experience reasons.

1) Someone else from every other religion makes the same claims about their
belief. This means that it is useless for evaluating the truth claim of any
given religion as any “evidence” that can be used to support multiple
contradictory claims isn’t actually evidence, not if you care about being
reasonably justified.

2) Also within that is that if your evidence is personal and cannot be
reasonable justification for anyone else to believe, you shouldn’t believe
based on it either in a lot of cases since humans are so prone to
hallucinations and other issues where we “experience” something that didn’t
actually happen. Go to a mental ward and you can talk to folk who believe
Lincoln is talking to them or that they are Lincoln or any number of things
that we generally view as them being crazy and their experiences as not
being real.

The more extraordinary the claim, the more important it is to have an
abundance of independently verifiable evidence that points to the claim
being true to the exclusion of other explanations and the absence of
evidence that would be expected to be found if the claim was true is
evidence in support of the position that the claim is false.

Rolf Leseratz says:

Mormons believe in nonsense made up by a con man and freemason. 

Joseph Christiansen says:

All you atheists are being led astray by SATAN. If you just believed that
Jesus Christ is your lord and savior, perhaps you would have a chance at
getting into HIS kingdom.

Tom Ato says:



Red Herring says:

As an atheist, I’m not happy with the way the crowd conducted themselves. I
would have thought the moderator would have put a stop to all the
interruptions. Shame on David for not saying something sooner. if I were in
his place I would have been embarrassed to be associated with them. 

M0rdH0rst says:

Nice that he mentioned the GDR. Eastern Germany has one of the highest rate
of atheists in the EU. At least one good thing came out of Communism ;)

Elder Jacob says:

Atheists should be ashamed of themselves !

ahouyearno says:

Very respectful debate. Also nice how David Silverman offers points to the
Mormons whenever he agrees.

Karl J Gordon says:

Thanks for this, enjoyed it immensely. As I’m from the UK, I have have
little to no experience of the LDS, it was eye opening. The chap on the
left becoming defensive about particular questions regarding their dogma
and traditions belied his position tremendously. The guy on the right was
interesting and eloquent until the evidence of faith/God question was
pushed, he knew he was been lead a down an alleyway he had no return from.

MrWagman11 says:

While Mormonism is obviously fraudulent, Christianity is equally so but it
is shrouded by the veil of time.

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