Atheist Debates – Arguments from Wind and Love

Atheist Debates – Arguments from Wind and Love

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Do you believe in wind? You can’t see it!
Can you prove love? Aha! Therefore…god.

Common informal arguments from believers and my thoughts on those versions.



Mithos says:

Hey Matt I'm a fan of the Atheist Experience. I'm really curious: have you read any of Eckhart Tolle's books? If so, what do you think about his thoughts on Religion?

Meister Kleister says:

I would really appreciate it if these episode were numbered. I have them all saved on my MP3 player, but the order is alphabetical and not chronological.

Opinions aren't Facts says:

Come on Matt, just look at the damn trees.

Pablo Romero says:

Definitions: air is a fluid and wind is a flow

HYEOL says:

"when a blind person is told a painting is by van gogh, that is a true statement, and may its reasonable to believe it, but the blind person cant know it" – some smart guy in the audience.

Say Ten says:

Argumentum ad flatulum, perhaps?

miles redmon says:

there's is there a schedule I can find with his talks

Danielle Lanier says:

I wish I could be half as gracious toward believers as Matt is. I used to be one, too, but I dunno if it's still anger toward myself for not "waking up" sooner or what, but I tend to skip right past compassion for believers and go right to anger. :/ It's never anything that I say aloud to a believer (I tend to avoid conflict whenever possible), but even so, I would rather not think poorly of them.

UltimateBargains says:

Truth must be universal or else it is merely an unjustified opinion.

We will never know absolute truth, but we can certainly know what claims are demonstrably false through the Scientific Method. By filtering away the false claims, we move closer to understanding how reality operates (truth).

The Scientific Method intends to refute claims about reality by applying sound reason to the impartial analysis of independently verifiable evidence. Claims that survive all rational attempts at refutation are held as tentatively true until new evidence is discovered to refute the claim. The Scientific Method is the best way that humans have yet found for learning how reality operates (truth).

UltimateBargains says:

I definitely believe in breaking wind.

Endgame says:

We swim against the rising waves
That crash against the shore.
The body bends until it breaks,
The early morning sings no more

So rest your head
It's time to sleep,
And dream of what's in store.
The body bends until it breaks
And sings again no more
'Cause time has torn the flesh away
The early morning sings no more

Scott G. says:

Matt Dillahunty! I love you man

Kevin Rex says:

Shout out to Clarksville, town Austin pea is in. Love those superstitious southern bastards. Spent, probably a total of 18 months in Clarksville while I was in the army. Super nice people.

Daniel Cruz says:

Love you Mat

ALovelyTsundere says:

I know you dont read these Comments, I wish I could tell you how much you affected my life. I am a huge fan and you were paramount on my conversion into atheism.

vitamindubya says:

Would you say that these arguments are….full of hot air?

Mads Rasmussen says:

What's up with the sound? Did you record it on a potato? 😉

petri vuollo says:

Did you see the air inside her cranial cavity?

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