Atheist Debates – Conversation with the Apologetics Academy

Atheist Debates – Conversation with the Apologetics Academy

Part of the Atheist Debates Patreon project:

This 3+ hour discussion was an online conversation with members and guests of The Apologetics Academy. It’s presented here, in full, without additional commentary. As one of the goals of the Atheist Debates project is to give my thoughts and recommendations on how to engage with apologists, this video serves as an example of my thoughts – in action – on that topic.

Specific questions related to this video will be addressed in future uploads.



Eran Aviram says:

Loved this, would gladly watch 3 more hours.

MagicTurtle643 says:

This makes a little sad, because all of these guys are so nice, and I really admire them for doing this. But I don't know why they do/did. I feel like they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by opening up the floor to such a smart activist like Matt. But I guess I'm glad they do.

Loogy Head says:

The last guy you were speaking with got really frustrating with the 15 billion mark.

kyebean says:

If an object does something doesn't that by definition make that something part of it's "natural powers".

kyebean says:

I can't for the life of me understand why Matt uses the word "supernatural" so much. It seems like one of the most useless words we have. The best definition seems to basically be "fictional" and yet it's given so much attention in discussions about REALITY.

LordSlag says:

Holy FUCK…listening to the total willful impenetrable ignorance about science from these theists is just mind-rape. Ugh.

Antonio Kinsey says:

I appreciate Matt Dillahunty and the importance of these discussions but I'm getting bored with these debates as they try to become so philosophical while ignoring the elephant in the room. The elephant being most theists belief in the Bible/Koran/Torah.

Spero che dura says:

What's particular frustrating is this assumption that space and time began with the Big Bang. There is no reason to believe that. In fact, one should suppose that at one time, before the Big Bang, the universe consisted of a singularity. One can also suppose that all of the matter and energy that now exists in the universe somehow collapsed into that singularity, and that it took time for the matter and energy to be gathered together for the collapse to happen, and it took time for the internal pressure to build up within the singularity to the point where it exploded and created the universe. I think one problem is that we haven't yet grasped what the correct concept of time is. If any one claims to know that space and time came into existence with the universe, I would like to know how they know that. As far as I can tell, they are just assuming that it must be the way it happened, without any justification for that assumption.

vivahernando1 says:

I want to see William Lane Craig vs. the Skeptics Academy

Raajur says:

The last guy got wrecked.

gilgameshismist says:

What I always miss during these debates when arguing Big Bang is the following:
Space-time expanded.. So it was there, but in another form.. So the cause of the big bang could (and probably would) lie within the singularity.

Felipe Gomes says:

The universe creating pixie part was so cool. xD

Dustin Moser says:

The guy at 1:46:00 was just frustrating to listen to. I couldn't understand what the hell he was trying to say, because he seemed to be all over the place. It was like I was listening to a series of disconnected thoughts coming together to try and form an argument. Even if Matt answered his questions accurately, I have no way to assess that he did.

encourageeek says:

1:46:05 would love to smack that annoying prick

wjlasloThe2nd says:

The easiest way to respond to the 2nd law of thermodynamics claim is to point out the second half. "In a closed system." The universe, as far as we can tell, is a closed system, and we see its entropy increasing. Planet Earth, however, and our solar system, aren't. They receive – and have been receiving – a vast flood of energy of all types, of gravity and electromagnetic radiation, from the Sun for as long as it has existed.

Edit: got to the end of the video. Salem Hypothesis is very strong towards the end.

louisng114 says:

At the point of kicking the can down the road, I would have brought up how a god model is also kicking the can down the road. Even more so since the proposed god is more complex.

Marc Soucie says:

Matt, when you say you reject qualia, what do you mean by "qualia" and why do you reject the notion ?

Leif says:

Somebody, please design a T-shirt with a brain-exploding-universe-creating-pixie-deity in honour of Matt.

Gen Meow says:

Confusing evolution with abiogenesis at 2:17:14 is oh so typical. This guy doesn't even have a good question and as soon as Matt makes clear that he won't fall for his "well evolution can't happen because life can't make itself" stupidity, he's gone.

Secular Guy says:

@2:43:50 "The cause for the universe has to come from outside of space and time"
This statement makes absolutely no sense. Existence necessarily depends on space and time. In what way would the term "existence" mean without those two attributes?

In what space did his god exist prior to the universe? In what time did his god make the decision to cause the universe to exist?
Time (a sequence of moments) must necessarily exist to form an action, or a thought. And (regarding space), you must exist somewhere to create some thing.

And how does a god act on nothing to create something, when he's not acting on anything.There's nothing there to act on.
None of this (surprise, surprise) makes any sense.

And if the theist gets around this by claiming that "god exists in special time/space", the same problem still exists. Where did this time and space come from? And if you claim it pre-existed your god, then you've told us that this god isn't the creator of all, and that it is possible to have space & time, two qualities dependent on one another, without a god causing them to exist.

John D says:

Listening to some of these people felt like a boxing match, you got him on the ropes Matt finish him!

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