Atheist Debates – Dealing with unchangeable minds

Atheist Debates – Dealing with unchangeable minds

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A talk delivered in Orange County, discussing how to deal with seemingly unchangeable minds.



Largesse1000 says:

Only unchangeable mind here is Matt's, it appears. Sad.

ThePharphis says:

This is one of your best talks so far. Top 3 for sure 😉

ThePharphis says:

I'm relieved to hear the small anecdote about your friend who voted Trump. It's important to understand when "our side" ("your side" in this anecdote) is failing to communicate ideas properly. I'm saddened to see the left (of which I'm a part) resort almost solely on moral condemnations and name-calling instead of presenting arguments. (not that the opposite side is much better)

We need to push for more honesty and in particular one of the points you emphasized: listening to what someone says and being charitable to what they mean… asking for clarification if necessary.

John Stopman says:

Sir Dillahunty: I knight thee 'protector of Reason'! ^_^

tshirtjay says:

Matt Dillahunty is the perfect person to fill in Christopher Hitchens's spot as one of the Four Horsemen.

HellBringer says:

what a left wing scum bag , he just does not get why so many atheists hate the guy he is the problem he is a modern feminist that supports hate crime groups like Antifa and he is to fucking stupid in the social climate to get its not the religious fucking up schools or world now days in west. its his fucking hate group the new age left so he can talk all garbage he wants but when after all that he goes and supports these hate groups he is a moron in anything outside of religion .

worse crys about trump and yet trump has done nothing not one thing as president that has been worse then any other , he has been 100 times better then bush was and Obama the coward and all these losers like him on the far left cry and throw puns as he did here but funny how never any evidence for any of the shit they say about him and how much money have the spent and time trying to find stuff and all they have is lies and made up BS.

this guy is a scum bag for anything outside of fighting religion just look at his disgusting wife she and him supporting cancer of hate modern feminism a sick movement these days when women our over powered in all forms these days and men are the joke and minority. well a civil war is starting as Harris and Peterson have said soon at this rate it will turn into a real war in streets at this rate and who will lose the Nazi new age left because 90% of them are adults that have brains of children and there also weak sad people who get beat down daily now days when they try to show up in there ski masks with bats as the left does because the left are real nazi scum they show up to counter protest to try and shut down any other view that is not there own the very definition of what Nazi Germany was is what left wants now days they want world to be run on skin color 100% real smart we fought to get rid of this shit and now the left thinks its good to judge and categorize people by skin tone what sick Nazi scum you are if you are in the new age left and most decent people had to run to the right or hide we are on left all because of the safe space SJW antifa scum bags .

Eliza Smith says:

Yeah I think that some of them must have been dropped on their heads when they were babies.

Kale P says:

Ignorance doesn't equal stupidity, it equals ignorance. It's possible to be extremely intelligent and ignorant.

William Mills says:

Matt, If I could pop in and out of existence, would I be considered "supernatural"?     You continue to ignore this question and/or you continue to refuse to answer this question………..ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!

Eric Taylor says:

How to change an unchangeable mind? In the same way you shoot down an indestructible airplane. You just don't.
There are video games that have a cheat where you can make yourself invulnerable. If you engage the cheat, you simply can't be stopped. No matter what the enemy does you keep coming.

Eric Taylor says:

If I were God and I wanted to give man kind direction they need to follow I would make those directions as clear as possible. After all, NOTHING is more important than eternal salvation, right?
If I buy a bookshelf from Ikea it comes with a set of very clear directions in picture form. It doesn't matter if I'm Swedish Irish or Chinese or Russian. Hell even if I'm American (which I am) so long as I carefully follow the directions, I can correctly assemble my new bookshelf.
The Bible is not nearly as clear as that.
We are left with a rather uncomfortable conclusion for theists. There is someone who grew up in a part of the world where the sun stays down for DAYS for part of the world, and never had the benefit of an American public education system. Someone so unimportant his or her name is not even well known, is better at making directions than God is.

Eric Taylor says:

The "God outside time and space" is easy to disprove. Consider what the universe would look like to such a creator. We can't call this creator "god" for reason's I'll explain, but assuming the creator is outside of space, then the universe would look like a black hole. There would be no way for creator to collect any information from it, let alone direct events inside it. If the creator ALSO existed out side of time, the black hole he created would only exist for an instant. This is quite a lot shorter than what Douglas Adams described as a "nothingth of a second"which was long enough for some party hats and market annalists to fall out of. An instant is just that. An infinitively short period of time. Not even long enough for a single atom of a single party hat to fall out of. An instant is not enough time for anything at all to happen. (it just so happens to be exactly as long as a photon lases, from the perspective of the photon Photons exist outside of time).
Such a black hole would not last long enough for the creator to even know he created something.
So if the creator of the universe is powerless to effect any change in the universe and is not even aware that the universe ever existed, is that creator even a God. What would this mean for us? It would mean the same thing as if God doesn't exist. God would not have any ability to do anything that would effect our lives in any way, and would not even know we exist at all. When I say "we" I am speaking of the universe as a whole, nit just humans.

gigisdad says:

I've learned so much from Matt about how to use reason in an argument and how to point out poor reasoning and logical fallacies in other's arguments. There are times when I'm stumped and think "how would Matt respond?"

charles ryanlee says:

Pssst…. Steve Irkel is an atheist.

Jon dow says:

What muslim apologists don’t want you to know about Islam

Fist Bumpa says:

"Unchangeable minds." Some of the worst offenders on all of YouTube are atheists. It's their way or no way, then they arrogantly tell us that they're "free thinkers." Unbelievable….

HonestApe says:

"Teller can talk, he just doesn't, which means if you're at a dinner table with ten people and teller opens his mouth and starts talking everybody shuts up." Stealing this.

HonestApe says:

Fundamentalists Christians are also more convicted in their decisions, I have found. I used to be one, and now I am just as passionate as I was except for different ideas. Some liberal minds won't fight or vote for what is right because they are too apathetic. It might be a smart move to figure out how to convert conservatives, because convinced they are wrong, they may maintain their passion but for more liberal ideas.

Sebastian E'Silva says:

I teach in an international school that frequently contains teens/young adults from third-world and deeply religious countries (such as Angolans and Saudi Arabians for example) and see minds changing all the time. Muslims who realise that the Qur'an isn't the infallible, perfect book they were told it was, students who realise the wonders that scientific explanations provide, students who realise that gays aren't immoral monsters, students who realise that women can be equal to men. Just because these people come from close-minded and traditional homes it doesn't always mean that they can't be reached: the key is you have to provide them with a BETTER alternative (eg. show that science is interesting, not boring and impossible) and this can have the effect of opening their minds to accepting new information.

Joseph Marton says:

read the bible…the story of jesus proved positive that god does not exist. a very religious man, jesus, preached about a god. when the soldiers came for him, jesus asked for relief from the cross yet as in Matthew 21:22 , god did not answer his prayers !! again when jesus was on the cross jesus asked, father why have you forsaken me ? obviously abandoned by a god that does not exist. the very story , fable of jesus proved that there is no god. the very religious man who believed died in belief and then realized too late that god is imaginary.

Kim Land says:

Matt Dillahunty why did it work when we ridiculed the alien anal probing abductees, but this time about ridiculous religious nonsense, we must keep respectful and on the higher ground? I'm not fully convinced that religos are not our clowns and the embarrassment to the evolved human mind, about their magic beans.. I mean magic being in the sky.
Have you just one more moment to explain to me why I should not inform them they are deluded for good reason? These deluded people (generally) believe without wanting to know anything else at all, and I need to continue to explain reason, science, their fallacies, and even facts constantly? It will be a cold day in mythical hell when I stop laughing about the ideas of christian magic beings!


He said meme!

Rob Harwood says:

Matt, this is by far the best speech of yours I've ever witnessed, and that's not to say your other speeches weren't great. Archive this one, it will be remembered for a long long time. Great job!

Chris Nilsson says:

People who don't change their minds are:
1) Arrogant
2) Stupid (or maybe just thick skulled)
3) Willfully ignorant
4) Intellectually lazy

Bunka Fas says:

Does this work with extreme leftist mindset ?

Reason Rally says:

I am so happy that young men and women…boys and girls are taught "how to think" in school and not force fed "what to think in schools and colleges worldwide using logic and reason!

No taurus excretus says:

Perhaps one of the great thinkers of the 21st century

ungertron says:

All phony atheists think God is some kind of supernatural man, like in the bible or koran. The real ground of all being, the true creator, orchestrator, evolver, sustainer and supreme ruler of the universe God is all natural and equal to the fundamental & emergent laws of nature & forces of physics.

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