Atheist Debates – Finding out you were wrong

Atheist Debates – Finding out you were wrong

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What does it feel like to find out you were wrong? Why is doubt discouraged? Why don’t we encourage people for changing their mind for good reasons?

During my visit to the Dallas Fellowship of Freethought, I discuss this, and more.



Emp Tee says:

The stigma against changing — 'flip flopping' — has to stop. You're doing a good job reversing the stigma Matt

Robert Bates says:

Very good video Matt, keep up the good work!!

Jordan Kimball says:

Instead matt just deleted me when I beat him in a debate

Joseph says:

Matt, great video.

You alluded to political views we can have our minds changed on.

May I ask who your presidential candidate of choice is? I completely understand if you can't by the way.

William Strumfels says:

I'm always amazed how if humans want to believe in the super natural / make believe, they can disregard known science and natural life. proves only one thing how far we have come yet how far we have to go. If we make it … we are as you all know just a bump in Earths history.

gninja92 says:

10:00 to 11:00 is the single best spot

Razhender Wild says:

Knowing is an absolute. Understanding is the goal. The fun thing about understanding is it can always be refined.

ajs1031 says:

5:45 This is one place that I have to disagree with Matt. ( That doesn't happen very often.)

I am not afraid of death, having been there once before. (I am afraid of GETTING dead, as the simple fact is that less than 10% of people will ever get a death that does not involve a lot of pain, sometimes only in the short term, sometimes over days, or even months.) Language is a tool for conveying factual information from one mind to another. Lying, no matter what the reason, is a perversion of the purpose of language.

The apparent verifiable facts strongly show that "jesus" did not, in fact, exist. The "facts" that supposedly attest to his existence all fall into two categories, either verifiably false ( The Shroud of Turin) or are non-credible ( the bible).

Even with a gun to my head, I would not declare that I believe in "jesus".

Ben Lutz says:

Whoa!Hey!Wait a minute there! Don't try to tell me about the Dunning-Kruger effect! There's Nothing you can tell ME about the Dunning-Kruger effect that I don't already know!

(a cupie doll for anybody who got that joke 😉 )

Amanda Stumbaugh says:

Nope not a troll. I pray for everyone here because no matter what you throw at me I know he was and is , and is to come. He loves each and every one of you despite you not wanting to do anything other than disprove his existence. There is evidence to Jesus and I do trust the bible. Do you think it's easy being a Christian? Do you think it would be easier to just say no there's no god so I therefore can do whatever I want. If you guys cannot prove to me that there's no proof and where we came from, why we do have morals (yes that requires a brain), how every single detail came to be, that would be the question finally answered from atheist. Jesus died on the cross so that you can have life everlasting, who in this world is going to die a horrible death to rescue a sinner? If you don't believe in him that's fine, he gave you that free will. If you're trying to snatch Christians (true believers) out of his hand like me, it's not going to happen.

DoorknobHead says:

Did elmo fall asleep with his mouth open in the background? He must have had a hard day of counting, and finding words that start with A….capital A, that is.

Omi says:

"The fact that you are willing to engage someone on an issue you disagree about, is a show of respect to the person", I loved that phrase, and I realize how true is it, recently found out that a group of people I use to talk with, are such closed-minded biggots, that I don't feel like talking to them anymore.

Amanda Stumbaugh says:

I would think you would need to prove the source wrong in order to disregard it all together. Did you know there's scrolls from scholars in Jesus time as well as in disciples time that prove him to have existed? They've discovered chariots at the bottom of the Red Sea. There's the garment that Jesus was said to be wrapped in that puts a negative image that even scientists can't say how it got there other than a big burst of energy. They said that crucifixion didn't exist but they found proof of that as well. How do you think we got here? Where does my conscious come from. How do you explain Isreal becoming a hot topic in news today and the bible stating it would be the forefront for events to happen.

Amanda Stumbaugh says:

How did you disprove the bible completely?

MPythonGirl says:

The bit about the blackboard is something I never quite got. Intellectually I understand it, but when I was in school? Do you know how boring it is to wait for someone else to volunteer? That was hell. I would answer the questions, I would answer them promptly, and then we'd go back to learning instead of waiting for someone to raise their hand.

Mat Groves says:

I love you Matt!

brigham2250 says:

Good video. Thanks.

Elbert Preston says:


OffTheKirb Street Preaching says:

What is the strongest piece of evidence that might convince you on the existence of God? No silly answers please…

Jennifer Isaacs says:

"I don't know." should be seen as universally ok , but with human social hierarchy politics sometimes play on "right verses wrong" at times perhaps.

FEaR #MAGA says:

God is the spirit you ppl are a bunch of lunatics idk but belive wat u want buddy when the creator comes you will shit on ur pants.

jay masters says:

matt is so cool.

Phil W says:

18:15 and the political platforms; something every person needs to hear who has told me "You're going to Hell for being a Democrat, because the Democratic platform includes legal abortion".

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