Atheist Debates – Interview: Jamila Bey

Atheist Debates – Interview: Jamila Bey

The first release from the Atheist Debates Patreon project. Journalist and activist Jamila Bey joins us to give her thoughts on debating.



Albert Marks says:
Baud Bits says:

Very powerful interview. Now I need to see her at work!

John Smith says:

Suggestion – I know that this is a video, but when it’s an interview I like
to listen to the audio without having to watch the screen; that way I can
do other things like wash dishes. I can’t do that when the questions are
text on the screen. I only get half of the conversation. Would it be
possible to include the full audio next time?

Atheist News Network says:
Matt Dillahunty says:
TheSnoopy1750 says:

The speed tactic with lots of unsupported arguments is called “Gish
Gallop”, a debate strategy created by creationist shill Duane Gish.

itsasin1969 says:

Smart lady. please have my baby.

David W says:

This is very good Matt, I’m glad you started this project.

Galakyllz says:

This interview was quite enjoyable and, on occasion, funny.

JMUDoc says:

I’ve known her for 29 minutes, and she’s already awesome:D.

Peter Craig says:

I really enjoyed this. I wasn’t so sure I would, but it was very
enlightening and entertaining. 

FatalAnimal says:

Jamila Bey = awesome! 

Ian Brazier says:

Thank you +Jamila Bey and thank you +Matt Dillahunty for making this
happen! Great interview.

MMDE says:

I always find the monkey business annoying. They are wearing their sheer
ignorance as a badge of pride. Also, it’s the fact that they feel elevated
above monkeys, special if you like, when humans are primates too, just like
monkeys. As far as primates goes, we’re rather weak.

beurksman says:

Thanks Matt! This was very enjoyable. I’m looking forward to checking out
her debates.

Zen Floater says:
Shiggedy says:

I like this one, I think I’d like to see more of her work.

GODemon13 says:

Smart, beautiful woman.

Deepee Ayadges says:

Awesome woman! Beth, Jen and Tracie should invite Jamila to the Godless
Bitches podcast. I could listen to them all week!

TWolf317 says:

I love her calm speaking style! Listening to her makes me proud to be an
atheist. She’s a big reason I decided to come the rest of the way out of
the closet. Her simple quote “If you are not who you are fully (i.e.,
closeted), people who know you don’t really know you.” 

Chris Gomez says:

i like her! :D

Tim Riches says:

Criticism is the only known antidote to error.

Mario Pendic says:

Great interview haha

nitehawk86 says:

This is beautiful.

Pieter Droogendijk says:

I did not know Jamila Bey. Thanks Matt, good interview!

Sahuagin says:

I don’t know if I can say this without sounding like a jackass, but I
really am pledging for *Matt Dillahunty* content, not just any
atheism-related content.

Jan Paulsson says:

If im wrong on a subject, i would like to have someone like her debate me.

Good video, looking forward to future content ^_^

Ashley Wilson says:
bullsharkreef says:
Franklin Stone says:

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