Atheist Debates – You shouldn’t say that word

Atheist Debates – You shouldn’t say that word

Warning: This video contains words that some folks might find objectionable. That’s the point.

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Profanity, obscenity, naughty words…when you should and shouldn’t use them. Know your audience AND your goals.



JE Hoyes says:

I’m pretty sure that offensive language intended to insult, threaten or abuse in public is illegal in the UK. It’s connected with anti-social behaviour and hate speech.

I feel that you want it both ways, Matt. You want to cause offence by using a conventionally common swear word and yet you then act shocked that someone would then be offended by it. It’s not about “magic” it’s about social convention and politeness. As soon as you use that word, in anger, you’ve signalled you want to stop being polite and want to offend.

I will cut off a conversation if someone uses abusive language at me rather than engaging with my argument. As soon as they start swearing, I think they are losing control of their temper and have already stopped engaging with the argument in order to go in for ad hominems.

Zentz29 says:

Type in "The Word Fuck" in a YouTube search.
I thought it was pretty funny.

koljarzg says:

Thank you Matt, this is more valuable than you can ever know to certain people like me in Croatia. As you may know, convicted war criminal and croatian general commited suicide in the courtroom of the war crimes tribunal in Hague just a few days ago. And now the whole country is in state of frenzy about anyone who points out the obvious – the guy is a war criminal and we shouldn'l light candles for him.

AsDeadAsDillinger says:

The issue of 'Profanity' is at the heart of the debate.
The entire religious debate being centred around the issue of 'the sacred and the profane'.

MegaMiir says:

Thank you for your honesty and for making the world a better place.

Josh Chandler says:

Matt says "Fuck" so naturally! Hahahahahahaha!

Llamapuncher says:

DENICE!!!!!!! I love that segment. It really exhibits the features of that mentality where one can't see the forest for all the goddamn trees in the way.

Joe says:

Favorite clip of the show ever

Scott Ed says:

I had a friend back in high school that had a fuck shirt , basically every possible way you could use the word fuck printed all over it , fuck you fuck me fuck her fuck him fuck my job fuck your job so on & so on I would live have that shirt today

Luke Janis says:

WOW! I didn't know Matt was a bigoted racist asshole.

B Sharp says:

When I was a teenager many years ago I asked my dad why it's okay to say "Holy crap" but not "Holy shit". He said that "shit" is a bad word. When I asked why "shit" is a bad word and crap isn't he asked if I'm asking because I want to say swear words and he then ended the discussion because he didn't like hearing me swear. Nuts!

Personally, I don't want to offend anyone with my words and I'll adjust my vocabulary depending on the situation I find myself. However, if I want to let out a "fuck" or "shit" or "goddamn" and someone is offended then that is their problem. Stephen Fry did an interview where he talked about people being offended. I think his comment was when someone says, "I'm offended by that." His reply is "Well so fucking what?" I suppose that sums up my attitude. I have the right to offend and to be offended as you have the right to offend and to be offended. But so what?

Dennis Dowd says:

We are so lucky to have Matt. He is so willing to share his insight into our human craziest. 😀 I remember that call and I agree with you. She knew she was wrong, and this is why she continues believing in a none existence God. This part of how our mind fools ourselves from dismissing the truth. I love Matt for his courage and his dedication to the truth.

Suede1002 says:

No such things as bad words. How can a word be bad? I think being politically correct is bullshit. I do believe in manners and being polite, it costs nothing. Rules on words is ludicrous. I view profanity to be healthy emotional expletives and nothing more. When we stop giving certain words and terms power, they will cease to create unnecessary tension and our energy can go into more important issues. I think the least of our problems as a society, as a species, are words. 😊

Eric Taylor says:

One of the best bumper stickers I ever saw: "Your offense is not my problem." Funny enough, the driver of that car looked a bit like Matt.

Aaron says:

I sometimes call idiot drivers niggers or faggots when my wife is in the car. I do it with a thick southern affectation. It's an inside joke on the ridiculousness of road rage and bigotry.

Nicholas Reynolds says:

The crazy neighbor is standing in his front door again talking to himself. Property values are dropping.

Eric Taylor says:

There are lots of people who don't like the word, "moist" but I say fuck 'em. If I find something that is slightly wet, I'm going to say it's moist, and if you don't like it, you can kiss my moist little ass.
Not my but, I have a slightly wet donkey of small proportion. I call it my moist little ass.

Kevin Pérez says:

So, try to not offend, but if someone gets offended and they have no reason, don't care, and if they have a reason, do care.

People don't get offended for no reason, but they can get offended for an invalid reason. Judging if subjective reasons are invalid or not is complicated, they can always say you don't understand their feelings. So, your approach is not suitable, since technically all subjective reasons are valid in their subjective context, so you can never claim a reason for being offended is invalid.

So, now we know we can't avoid having someone offended for an "invalid" reason. Do we have to apologize everytime it happens, even if their reason is invalid in our subjective context?

nitehawk86 says:

Fuck censorship.

Terry Endicott says:

"I learned the truth from Lenny Bruce ….." P. Simon

RM apCynan says:

Here in England I hear people on the street and after every three or four words there's a swear word, fuck being the most common. It's become a 'filler' word, like when someone says 'um…' , or as I hear so often on the Atheist Experience, 'you know', 'I mean,', 'like'. Its not adding value to the conversation.

Andrew Kroll says:

Some people just have a thin skin. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. I did, but got a divorce! 😂

Jason Moore says:

As a white person, I use "the n-word" freely. I'm using "the n-word" instead of the actual word here as if I actually type the word out I'd likely have my comment deleted…. but in actual conversation I freely use the word as I refuse to be the victim of racism if I can help it. I've never heard anyone tell a black person they can't say it (hard R or not), so for people to say that I can't say it solely because of the color of my skin is nothing but racism, and fuck that noise. I will not willing subjugate myself to it.

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