Atheist Debates – You’re not an atheist, you’re an agnostic

Atheist Debates – You’re not an atheist, you’re an agnostic

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Do the labels matter? What if they get in the way? Weren’t we having a great issue-based conversation before you decided to change the topic to the labels?



MeJoho says:

Atheist are so stupid. Only agnosticism is somewhat intelligent.

Zatchooze Naut says:

Every theist is an agnostic atheist to other theists.

Godless Southerner says:

Very simple answer to this question: Atheism is a lack of belief in god while being Agnostic says you don't know. However these are two completely different questions and someone can be both atheist and agnostic, because you can not believe in god but don't claim to know.

Aaron Mason says:

excellent video. there should be no need to argue beyond the point he was making.

but sit back and watch both side argue. his point was made very damn well.

i applaud how perfectly his point was made. and i completely agree with the point he was making.

gregowski says:

Neil deGrasse Tyson is definitely a book. A walking book of astrophysics. :)

Jamie D says:

Also great point on how labels are worthless. As long as your position is understood that is the most important part.

Jamie D says:

Great video Matt. People seem to think we're 100% certain no god exists or that it's impossible. Unlike most theists, we're humble and acknowledge we can't know everything. At least we have humility and can admit that.

Peter B says:

How long til Jaclyn Glenn plagerises this

Keymo tha Writer Guy says:

You atheist seem to give yourselves a lot of wiggle room in your definition in order to dodge certain accusations.

Art Webb says:

I now have a better understanding of atheism, where I was misinformed before
a very cogent explanation, thank you
I am still unsure where I stand, as I am honestly conflicted as to my own belief or lack thereof

Flick says:

I agree that everyone should be able to choose their own defining terms. However, I don't describe myself as an atheist. Here's why.

I don't describe myself, regarding ANY other topic, by terms that illuminate the least important aspects of my self. If someone asks, "What kind of entertainment do you like?" I don't reply, "Not books." I reply with a descriptor that accurately represents me in the positive (since there are an infinite number of negative responses). You point out the confusion caused by the term atheist in the beginning of your video when you show how it confuses everyone due to the way it is misunderstood and misapplied.

Typically, when the unsavory topic of religion arises, people ask me, "What are your beliefs?" to which I simply reply, "I have none." It's true. I don't believe in anything, going by the definition of accepting something as true either without evidence or in the face of contradictory evidence. However, I do have opinions and ideals to which I subscribe. Secular humanism being one of them. If someone asks me about my viewpoint regarding religion or my life philosophy, I respond with secular humanism instead of atheism.

Calling myself an atheist suggests that I apply some kind of importance to a god or to religion. I don't. I do apply importance to the way religious people try to influence society, but that is where my secular humanist ideology comes into play. It's less about defining myself as someone who doesn't believe in something that is important to someone else and more about defining myself as someone who holds specific values as important.

Hope that makes sense.

Joseph says:

'Agnostic' is such a red herring. I wish it only existed as some esoteric philosophical word that everyday people hadn't a clue about.

Abnormal Wrench says:

I am a sammich.

Summers Time Entertainment says:

IMO, non-believer is the best term.

Epic Courses says:

There IS a middle ground between I BELIEVE and I DON"T BELIEVE, it's called I'M UNDECIDED or I DON"T KNOW or I WITHOLD JUDGEMENT and it's called AGNOSTICISM

Josh Barrett says:

I love that whispering imp poster. The Keller ones are my fav

spacesergeant101 says:

I prefer the idea that atheist is a conditional term. It only applies under certain conditions. Supposedly, it was originally used to apply to anyone who rejected ANY gods, specifically monotheists. Well contemporarily, if you're putting forward a God, and I reject your God, without putting forward an alternate God of my own, then to you I am an atheist. That's a specific relationship between you and me, about your God, specificly.

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