Atheist Discrimination (feat. Jaclyn Glenn)

Atheist Discrimination (feat. Jaclyn Glenn)

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center asked Americans whether they would be disappointed if a close family member married someone of a different race, country, political party…



XcodeMod says:

freakin hypocrits
its natural that you don’t want anyone near you with who you do not agree
else you wouldn’t be disagreeing
if you like everybody around you then they take you to school with the
“special” bus where everyone is hugging everyone, and you later on get to
work at microsoft, google or facebook

ThePowerfulPanda says:

Much of the hate towards atheists I think lies in the fact that the vast
majority of religious people have *not* read their holy books. Just like
Jaclyn was saying, there is no way you could derive morality from such a
text, there may be little things here and there that are just fine, but you
certainly don’t need an ancient book of myths to tell you that. 

MontageMomentt says:

Is this actually a problem in the US? No one gives a shit if you’re an
atheist in the UK o.O 

chris says:

Do you guys know why people think athiests in this way?

As You Were Reading My Very Long Username I Stole Your Sandwich says:

Only in America.

blazeofglory2012 says:

sry atheists, it has nothing to do with you not beliveing, it has
everything to do with most of you being so very obnoxious, people find it
hard to hear you talk. miss glenn is maby an exception, but
cultofdusty?,amazing atheist ? e.t.c these people have taken obnoxious and
elevated it, to a fuckin art form!

tty23 says:

She’s on point here. I “came out” as an atheist about 3 or 4 years ago,
suffering doubt then fear for years, the reaction people had was
a visceral. I hadn’t known what “gnashed their teeth” meant, or I couldn’t
visualize it, but is how some people reacted to it.

My own mother said she didn’t want to be around me. My sister told me, she
feels sorry for me, because “I wasn’t loved”. It’s really annoying. Yes, at
times I have been obnoxious about it, but not out the door and I’m never
the person who initiates it, I just like to end it. I’ve had people who
were aware I’m an atheist, have conversations around me about atheism in a
negative context, that I’m pretty sure was an attempt to engage me in
debate. Most of the I would ignore it to the best of my ability, those I
took the bait with it seemed they planned sound bites or something. The
moment I even slightly mock believers, I get the “this is why I can’t stand
atheist, they’re always mocking our beliefs”. I’ve had people say, “I can’t
have a conversation with an atheist”..even if the conversation isn’t about
religion per se, but because of the immorality I must have. Most recent I
had someone tell me, that because I’m black, I can’t be an atheist “What
black man do you know that’s an atheist”.

In a perfect reality, I would not have to actively deny the belief in god,
I would just not believe, but because the belief is out there like a swarm
of mosquitos, I can’t do anything but swat at them. I have evoke atheism. I
every once in awhile, I’ll try to avoid the bitchy attitudes or dumb
conversations some religious people give me when I say I’m an atheist, by
saying I’m irreligious or not a believer. Their reaction is much different,
in that those two are much weaker and it opens them to want to proselytize
instead of argue.

JabberCT says:

0:26 “Athesit” Not to be a grammar nazi. :)

chris says:

And one more thing, mabye some people don’t like athiests do to the fact
that they mock God like you three were in this segment saying a lighting
bolts gonna come down. Immature and very ignorant. Again nice job
misquoting scripture you guys need to do your h.w

TheOtherGuy27 says:

“would be disappointed” “would be less than thrilled” That’s basically
them just saying they would prefer their family members not marry atheists.
This is a perfect example of a poller using choice phrasing to get
whatever results they want.

MiceHendrickson says:

Yeaaah Jaclyn tell em!

Melissa Carlill says:

I’m not surprised by this. I’m an atheist and I wouldn’t want to marry
into a fundy family, nor would I want my future children to. I think a lot
of non-atheists think atheists are our own special brand of fundy. But,
even if someone is not a fundy or particularly observant there is still the
fact they believe in something I don’t, something that I cannot understand
why they believe in it and I find it utterly perplexing that a person can
be so logical and rational in every other part of their lives except that
one particular area. I don’t want to raise my children like that, which is
a problem because I married a person who does “believe” in god and does
want it to be a concept introduced to our potential future children
(although I absolutely challenge the sincerity and veracity of it – I
firmly believe he’s taken Pascal’s wager and I think that’s a pretty dicky
reason to “believe”).

Long story short, if my current relationship ended I think I would seek out
a person with the same (non)beliefs as me because relationships are hard
and why wouldn’t you try and remove any and all layers of friction when
choosing a partner? 

TardisS says:

That’s it….. :/

Luis Rodriguez says:

I’m a very religious Jewish liberal and I find it disgusting that 25%
liberals wouldn’t want an athiest in law. I would love that person just the
same as if they beloved in god that doesn’t mean they have morals in fact
they usually hav better morals because as a Jew in America I’ve had many
Christians try to convert me people need to accept all this is the land if
equality and this should be a peaceful world 🙁
Love you Jaclyn and Rubin you guys rock! <3 :)

matt vovakiss says:

That’s it….. :/

Ozzdoc says:

I’m an atheist and its aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssome!! yeaaaaah 

herpiethelovebug says:

I’m one of those obnoxious atheists. Frankly, I enjoy it. Seriously,
what…the fuck? How could you possibly believe in gods? Ever seen one?
Bring up your stupid as shit, childish belief in Santa, I mean God, and I
will demolish you. I always crush these people, then they whine about me
not respecting their “beliefs”. What is there to respect? Fucking drivel.

Don Sanders says:

Just remember…the vast majority of people around you are merely average
or below. This accounts for the 48% of fools. And 100 % of bigots. 

Stabkat says:

White uppermiddle class atheists crying about how they’re so discriminated
against is far more offputting than anything else. The only way that Jaclyn
can whine about discrimination this way is cause she hasn’t experienced the
type of discrimination that actually wrecks your life and leaves you

Dawn maxx says:

Religion or lack there of doesn’t determine if you are a good person or
bad person.

JD Tremblay says:

People are so fucking dumb, what’s better to be an Atheist or to believe in
the Bible and essentially disobey all of the rules? If you truly believe in
hell and you eat shellfish and fuck out of wedlock then you’re a fucking
retard plain and simple. It’s better to be honest with yourself and
question things for what they are then to blindly believe and not even
follow the teachings, whats the point of your religiosity if you don’t
abide by the teachings? Its ridiculous and hypocritical but whats new with
religious zealots which is half of the Christians in the states…

Elda Septim says:


ecos889 says:

Imagine being an Atheist gay black man of Muslim descent in the US. . . 

Tj Friedgen says:

I think that the issue isn’t that they have no morals it’s just that most
atheist I’ve ran into are assholes and mock me for believing in a religion.
Now, I’m not saying I trust or don’t trust. But I think the issue is most
atheist act like there the most right and that anyone that believes in
religion are 2 year olds. Just saying 

TheHalloqueen says:

I have a lot of friends who are atheist and I have nothing against it at
all, BUT, I do find from my own personal experiences that a lot of atheists
just cannot accept that other people don’t think the same as them. They
always seem to argue with you and try to ridicule others for their beliefs,
whatever they are. I know there are more open-minded atheists out there but
the ones I’m talking about really grind my gears.

niteme says:

So how are all those Constitutional law degree folks working out for ya
Jaclyn Glenn and other higher educated folks?

I’m going to run for office and although I do not have a college degree I’m
more in touch than someone with a degree. I’m not anti-science…but I am
just a cheerleader of it. Anywho… pfft, if bush can have a shot so can

Katrin Kuum says:

I love hank. But why do you have some same topics as TYT, I think a lot of
your viewers are mostly TYT network viewers.

ButterflyChristie . says:

It’s wonderful to see Jaclyn on here! Also yes society has a lot of growing
up to do when it comes to how it views atheists.

chris says:

Ugh these idiots are even misquoting scriptures. Learn context and study
the original Greek and Hebrew text. Idiots.

ijdmimportclub says:

I feel sorry for christians there incredibly stupid and belive that there
is a better life after they die… I think they should shoot themselves and

Jack Ribar says:

My family hates me. It made me realize that blood connection has no special
connotations. There is only being close to those your known from childhood
to adulthood. Coworkers and friends can have the same effect with a long
term relationship that is built on similar personalities.

Finiras says:


Keith Richards says:

Not all people are mainstream bigoted :”so-called:” religious people. Some
are gnostic or actually live by the rules set in religion like be good to
thy neighbor(including atheists). Some may just be a believer and take the
extra step into believing in the lost texts as well. There are many
different types of believer, you just need to look harder to find the
tolerant ones. Many are not, you will most likely not find the tolerant in
a church controlled by our governments tax code, I can tell you that much.

Grav itic says:

I do not believe in a stupid faith like fashion in a God but I still
sensibly leave the idea open to be entertained to me by hard Science. Which
is logical, seeing as nobody has dis-proven an intelligent creator[s]
and/or that we don’t live in one of its simulation[s]. Just like no one has
disproven the fact that we dont live in a multiverse or proved that we do.


atheists qualify for preventive detention
they are 1 step of committing mass shooting, rape, pedophilia,
they depend on subjective morality, theta means they determine on their own
what is right or wrong like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, homos…. do


Religion=/=Morals. Morality is subjective. What you see as “moral” may not
be to another. 

cne08 says:

Depressing study.

Damian Louden says:

Fourth Whoop!

Damian Louden says:

Third! Whoop!

Damian Louden says:

Second! Whoop!

Damian Louden says:

First! Whoop!

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