Atheist Evangelism? Only on Fox News

Atheist Evangelism? Only on Fox News

Nick Fish and Frank Turek recently (and briefly) debated a series of billboards commissioned by American Atheists to be displayed in a number of cities in the US. I couldn’t help but chime in.



Zagreb event with Lloyd Evans:


Original video:

The billboard campaign:


My debate with Frank Turek:

My talk on cosmological arguments:


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CosmicSkeptic says:

Sorry it's been so long, a lot of things came up. Remember to come to Zagreb next week if you can:

Also, I'm about to hit 150k subscribers – if you have any celebratory ideas, I'd love to hear them.

handyhippie65 says:

evangelical christians here have the same goals as the taliban. to impose, inflict, and enforce their religious beliefs and rules upon everyone.

Randy Cole says:

When are you going vegan Alex?

Emery Hoffman says:

Just to play the devil's advocate, a Christian may argue that the whole point of Christianity is love and the following of God's word. The whole going to Hell thing is just the encouragement that humans need. A means to God's chosen end, if you will.

Christianity is still bullshit, but this might not be the strongest argument for why.

Ly M says:

Dude your humor is really dry vut it cracks me up and I love the points you make

Bømtastic says:

Alex ya look tired are you getting enough sleep? Take a break man

dustin langley says:

Ayeee yooo my boy Alex you should look up JaclynGlenn I don't like the way she debates maybe you could make a video on how to debate the religious types

Lance Zimmerman says:

Debby Downers? Dude, have you ever worked retail? LMAO

Ryan Noble says:

If people were perfect and all the world was 100% good, Would we then need a savior? How would be able to excuse themselves of sins and crimes? If all is perfect, then evil could not exist because there are no moral or immoral bases. In fact, there wouldn't even be a reason to be good or understand the purpose of striving to be good. Also if that be the case, then what's the point or purpose of life and having to live a good life? Why would you even call it good or bad?

Politically Incorrect says:

Pascals wager is literally just a religious version Argumentum ad baculum.

Chris Goldthorpe says:

make bumper stickers saying "Zocar is the reason for the season!" ( or any one of many other alleged gods, or relatives thereof, said to be born on Dec 25th, even though sometimes it is known better) of a virgin, etc etc

Downrange Cash2 says:

I wouldn't consider myself an atheist, but I'm glad this is happening. I have seen billboards go up trash talking and questioning atheism. It's only natural that atheists should be able to do the same.

Eat shit and live. says:

I'm shook at "or whatever vegans eat at Christmas"
You're fuckin' lovely. Also I'm very jealous of your trip to Croatia. I've heard it's a gorgeous country and I've been wanting to visit for some time. You should post a vlog if you get to do any exploring!

Danielle Linder says:

The book mentioned "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" is the most radical and terrible piece of christian literature i have ever read. I received it as a Christmas gift last year lol.

300 Swords of light says:

As i have learned in my years as a catholic christian: God is love. Love itself is God. Just like cold and darkness do not exist but are the absense of heat and light, evil is the lack of love. So the more apart from love you will become more evil and so do other individuals which harm each other. Since all humans are sinners by our own merits we cant achieve heaven and so Jesus took our punishment so that by following him and oveying him we will live in harmony and with love. Since you like all humans are a sinner but dont accept jesus as your savior you are left on your own with a multitude of hateful and evil beings harming each other in a place where God is absent. However God is just and so he will judge you according to your sins and after the second coming he will give other nonbeluevers tge chance to repent and become worthy. My point is that God won't sent you to eternal suffering for not believing and obeying him and you should research about purgatory and the time of judgement.

RustyTube says:

Oh, Christianity is offensive to more than atheists. Christianity, with its vicarious salvation, is offensive to just about anyone who is not a Christian. Good video, by the way.

Jan Verschueren says:

I would choose to force the guy to blow my head off, which I think would be the hardest thing for him to do if he was a decent person. And, if not, at least there's the possibility of a suitably tenacious person to bring him to justice based on the evidence of my death.

Jan Verschueren says:

12:50 -ish… well, Bielefeld doesn't exist, so there! 😛

Noumenus says:

As always, you cut straight to the point. Well done, Alex!

John Shouldiers says:

Holy crap I watched the full "debate" and that was the most pathetic thing I've seen for a while on air.
Did you all read the comments under Fox's video????????
It is very eye-opening…..and kinda scary.

Video Gaming says:

As a person with a religious background in life. I can tell you all the people I know have mostly chosen to avoid me. I don't have religious debates with them. Just told everyone I don't believe. Call me whatever you may like. I don't care. Show me evidence.

bulldogma99 says:

Merry Four Days After Winter Solstice to all. I hope you all get what you want and not want what you get.

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