Atheist Experience 21.38 with Russell Glasser and John Iacoletti (part 2)

Atheist Experience 21.38 with Russell Glasser and John Iacoletti (part 2)

The Atheist Experience 21.38 for October 1, 2017 with Russell Glasser and John Iacoletti.

Note that due to streaming difficulties, this video is split into two parts. This is part 2.

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Keith X says:

That dude from Scotland has an accent I find hard to believe is real.

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

It is easy to compute bmi using free internet bmi calculators (just input height and weight). For asians normal bmi is about 18 to 22 (23 is overweight. 25 is obese). Bmi is just an estimate and is not accurate for people with lots of muscles like bodybuilders and weightlifters. Another important measure of health is waist circumference which can indicate whether a person is at risk for prediabetes and or diabetes. Asians (particularly from India) need to look skinny and asians who look chubby are probably already overweight or obese.

E C762 says:

Comments? Wow i guess they are really slipping up.
Pleb tier show this week, where the fuck is Dilahunty?!?!

Veryde says:

Well, Venus' title as the "earth's twin" is mostly referring to the size and mass of both planets, not their conditions. Venus is as hot as it is due to a runaway greenhouse effect, evaporating any liquid water it may have had into the atmosphere. It (to my knowledge) never had a magnetic field, due to a slow rotation and lack of geothermal activity.
Of course Venus is closer to the sun and hotter than earth for that reason, too, but it's not close enough to be as hot as it is if it simply were for heat radiation.
The caller had practically no clue of what he tried to argue about, it seems. Common on this show, but still….

Aaron H says:

These two have come a long way in show hosting. Good job guys

Dustin King says:

The a-vegan experience

Bernice Panders says:

That bullshit arguing against non-Christians eating meat because it harms the animals & planet, then when asked how Christians can get away with eating anything, its "God makes a way!" thats used to basically say they are the only ones allowed to reap the bounty, nobody else is allowed to, gods rules, and god keeps the world going. Kinda like the argument by even those barely religious in my family, that we can rule over the earth however & where ever, and strip it of all resources, and poison the thing humans need most to survive, all because "god has a divine plan for us all"! Meaning the Christians act like the earth god created is there for his people to plunder and conquer and wash over the world. Theres no way god would let the earth die after we kill it every day, when our children and grandchildren will need this perfect paradise!

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

WHO already said that red meat, processed meat and smoked meat cause cancer so not a good idea to eat sausage and ham. Harvard Healthy Eating Plate says to limit dairy which is linked to some types of cancer. About half of people are lactose intolerant. I did not grow up consuming dairy but I did drink plenty of soy milk and ate plenty of sweetened soft tofu for snacks when I was a kid. Most asians (except India) are lactose intolerant.

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

The best argument for going vegan is to help delay global warming and to help delay human extinction. Most global warming scientists now recommend going vegan. Just take vitamin b12 supplement if reducing or eliminating animal products. About 15% of global warming is from livestock (mostly cattle). Every day, many people die from antibiotic resistant bacteria. My younger sister died from hospital bacteria in 1992. Livestock factory farms are a source of pandemics and killer bacteria. To be a healthy vegan, it is important to avoid refined substances (oil, sweeteners, juice, refined flour, protein powder, salt) and processed foods and just buy most of your foods from the local farmers markets and the produce section plus cheap staple foods like tubers (potato, sweet potato) and or whole grains.

hickorydickoryduck says:

Why do so many people fail to, at the least, understand that they don't know sh1t about science. I'm amazed at how so many think they have a "gotcha" moment with one question that somehow proves geologist, astrophysics and biologists wrong.

concord327 says:

was that like umm G Man?

concord327 says:

Maybe in the Russel's alternate Earth George Lucas dies for a heart attack in 1983 and the trilogy never gets altered and Gungans never ruin the saga. RIP George… shit what if i just created a Mandala effect?

concord327 says:

At least Russell doesn't look like a malfunctioning android anymore.

Steven Butler says:

Yes, there is water on Mars, but it is frozen under the north and south polar ice caps. … There is recent evidence that there may also be liquid water at or near the surface on Mars in some places, but this has yet to be proven. How much water is there on Mars?
The caps are an average of 2 miles (3 kilometers) thick and, if completely melted, could cover the Martian surface with about 18 feet (5.6 meters) of water. Frozen water also lies beneath the surface.

Steven Butler says:

Venus is a rarity among planets – a world that does not internally generate a magnetic field. Despite the absence of a large protective magnetosphere, the near-Venus environment does exhibit a number of similarities with planets such as Earth. … However, Venus is partially protected by an induced magnetic field.

Steven Butler says:

your caller was half correct on Venus

James Davis says:

Theist/creationist always talk about how everything is created perfectly to suit the needs of humans. I live in Las Vegas and invite anyone who proposes that earth is paradise created by a god, to go frolic in the mojave desert …. more than likely they would be dead in 2 days due to exposure… what a paradise …

Steven Butler says:

you guys must know how Venus works now, you guys are awesome

Steven Butler says:

Neil deGrasse Tyson points out, Venus is covered by thick sulfuric clouds, which keep much of the sun's light from ever reaching the planet. … A little light gets through — but it can't back out again because there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

To lose weight and or be healthy, can use 1 simple rule: if it has no fiber, do not eat it. The exception is vitamin b12 supplement which is needed to eliminate animal products (all animal products have 0 fiber). Can eliminate refined substances like oil, sweeteners, juice, refined flour, salt, protein powder, etc. A healthy eating pattern is cheap staple food (sweet potato, potato, taro, yam, and or whole grains) plus some vegetables (do mostly soups bec fiber needs water to work). Cheap staple foods are usually brown rice, red rice, black rice, millet, wheat grains, barley, oat groats, buckwheat, etc. Whole grain noodles, (steamed or baked) whole grain bread (fermented) and whole grain unfermented flat breads are also healthy. For more protein, can eat some beans, peas and lentils. Can soak grains and beans overnight and they will cook fast the next day. To avoid deficiencies, unrefined vegans do need to know which foods are good sources of vitamin d (usually sunshine and or supplement), iodine (seaweeds like nori and wakame), epa/dha (flax seed powder, chia seed, perilla seed and or supplement), vitamin b2, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.

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