Atheist Experience 21.50 with Jen Peeples and Clare Wuellner

Atheist Experience 21.50 with Jen Peeples and Clare Wuellner

The Atheist Experience 21.50 for December 31, 2017 with Jen Peeples and Clare Wuellner.

New Years Eve Evolution Difficulties Special!

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a. y says:

Please leave comments on, they are extremely useful!

Lew Rodd says:

Death is the only cure for religion.

Sean S says:

Isn't that first caller the Prank Caller who frequently calls in? He sounds very familar.

Mel Eder says:

Wow uhm talk about basic and not entirely correct. First, humans are apes. Second, viruses also cause disease and infection and viruses are not cells and are not in fact considered living organisms.

Rocky Roller says:

I think that “wolf” in the middle was actually a coyote, and depending on how you look at taxonomy…as in the word “ape” we actually do find Homo sapiens fitting into a category of “ape” so one could make the argument that the family of hominidae which Homo sapiens are in also share that with the great apes…so I think pointing out that not only are your grandparents apes SO ARE YOU would be the scientific way to answer that question.

Jennifer C. Morgan says:

She only provided pictures and her opinion..i listened and watched everything she said and showed and saw not one piece of evidence that human evolution is true..You definitely need "faith" to believe this..Not one person on this earth has ever witnessed human evolution, therefore it has not been proven, yet people believe it and simultaneously call theist delusional for believing in God..I'm not saying that the beginning happened exactly like Genesis describes but i do believe the beginning of the human race started out with 2 people. This is how we all got here so i dont see why it would be any different in the beginning..Yes there are different animals of the same kind..but there are different races of people in the human showing pictures of different breeds of dogs does not prove evolution..Showing similarities between animals and humans do not prove evolution. Show me an animal evolve into a person and i will believe it..If it was true and possible in the beginning, it should still be possible. If the burden of proof for the existence of God is on the theist. The burden of proof of evolution is on the person making this "extraordinary claim" according to atheist logic.

𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾 says:

So did Matt D quit the show or what? He hasn't been on in months. I wrote them to ask a month ago but no one bothered to respond.

Jeffrey Boser says:

I appreciate the biology expert, but she was terrible at answering questions. 'truth' seeking isn't a distinct feature that evolution produces. It is just an aspect of problem solving, which IS selectively advantageous. 'reason' is not an end product, it is a mechanism that better lets us maneuver reality. And to quote Matt, truth is just knowledge that accords with reality.

erparom says:

Was amazing until the first called and stupidity arrived. That's why I have very hard time watching TAE.

Mark Green says:

Really good show!

shagnasty714 says:

I was at the ACA Freethought Library today for the show and I have to disagree with Clare about our relationship with the great apes. We are great APES.


Wow! What a FUKN IDIOT on the Phone. Call in and try to play your "Game" when Matt is there.

thevinylist says:

Cory 1st caller. Many ape species and mammals are non violent towards their own young and kind. Bonobos for example are non violent and keep their social structure in check with a lot of Sex.

DB Cisco says:

We are not "evolved from" the Great Apes. We ARE one of the Great Ape species. Yeah, science is lacking severely in the USA.

Paul Straiton says:

Don’t know why she didn’t mention that another reason the male lion comes in and defeats or sometimes kills is at that time he is the fittest and strongest to pass on genes

Odd Todd says:

This is wonderful! Thank you.

Uhlbelk says:

Eh, if you are interested in understanding evolution it is best to take a college level class in it. It is a very broad subject and unless you have an expert friend you can ask questions of you are always going to be left with holes in your knowledge that some creationist is going to fill with, "god did it".

saamohod says:

Did they forget to close the comments? Or are they no longer afraid of criticism?

tctheunbeliever says:

We're as far from apes as bats are from birds? I must disagree.

ravenwda007 says:

Morality exists as a human construct.

Old Scratch says:

My intelligence developed due to my ancestors forming more and more accurate models of reality. This can be considered a demonstration of intelligence, if not, then was is? So, the way that my brain developed was in an intelligent manner. Intelligence provided a positive feedback loop where the more accurate models they produced, the more intelligent they became, the more survival advantages they achieved, the more they propagated and shared information, the more accurate models they produced, the more intelligent they became, the more survival advantages they achieved… So, in a way, intelligence itself designed my brain.

Eva Lution says:

Happy new year . I watch every week from Scotland.Thanks so much for this channel. It’s helping me recover from years of indoctrination. Enjoyed the show 😊 I only recently opened up to evolution. It really isn’t in school or any form of education. I believed my parents they told me it’s nonsense for example evolving from apes ect. Never knew it was a fact. I do now I’m very pleased to say 😊

robert hunt says:

Sadly the women who yelled about the apes would never watch this show.

lost heart says:

When Clare isn't explaining things and is talking to callers, she is a master.

FRGAST says:

Missed it.. new year.. happy new year everybody. In frisian: lokkich nijjier eltsenien!🎇🎉

Hamster Pooh says:

An hour in, but she seems to be agreeing that we are not apes, but we are.

greycecile says:

Enjoyed the show, thanks AXP

lost heart says:

I don't mean to cause offense but, Clare reminds me of the dinosaur guy that Robin Williams replaces in Mrs. Doubtfire, when she is explaining evolution.

JaniceHope says:

YAY … Godless Bitches 2.0!!!

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