Do you believe in any god? No? Congratulations: you’re an atheist. You may not be comfortable sharing this with the world, but if you are, there’s only one word you should use to do it.

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CosmicSkeptic says:

Don't forget to watch that diss track that my friends made about me:

Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you label yourself?

Nevo Krien says:

i dont care if itd paid promtion but saying where the link is in the same breath as saying its unpaid

GFish 17 says:

I am an athiest and Im proud of it. I've had enough of Religious bullshit. God is not dead cause he was never alive . And my mom thinks that if I make fun of religion its somehow OKto make fun of me , Wrong Religious baliefes have held us back its time now to step up and be responsible for ourselves.

Setekh says:

No offence to us as a species, but it is very pathetic that atheists are a minority in most countries.

Jim Titheridge says:

I have always called myself an atheist, then qualify it as being agnostic, at least at present

MizuKageG says:

I probably won't get disowned if I come out as an atheist but the
thought of one of her children going to hell would probably send my
mother to an early grave so I avoid ever bringing up religion, and if
it's brought up I just stay silent. But on the internet, I'm THE Atheist
lol, debate me!! lol

Star Remnant says:

Skepticism is the only way people should live.

John Dubosky iv says:

Psalm 14King James Version (KJV)14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.. You sound like an over educated idiot . The wisdom of the wise men shall fail in the end.

StShigo says:

doing good job, kid. Keep it going.

gnarly ! says:

i once met a christian fanatic who insisted that the word "disco" actually stood for "dancing in satans company" and i'd say that meeting made me even more proud of being an atheist

David Dawson says:

I wonder if the master category should rather be naturalism or materialism. Atheism seems to be a component belief within the wider metaphysical position that would say that existence is essentially material. Do you think that atheism becomes a confused word because it has become a short hand for the metaphysical position of naturalism / materialism.

Billy Clegg says:

100% Godisatotaloadofshitist..!

LuAnna LaFrance-Middleton says:

as a proper skeptic you can't believe in government so thus you become anarchist… no?

Nate Schwarts says:

I'm not atheist I just lack belief in any form of higher being

ManyProphets OneMessage says:

I label myself a Muslim.

Whoops, here come the atheists with their pitch forks and Islamaphobic labels.

Washed-Up Internet Meme says:

CosmicSkeptic, it would be really awesome if you did a video on the Muslim and Christian rejection of evolution, and more specifically, exactly where this comes from in their scriptures. I know you'll probably miss this comment, but that would be a great video.

Anyway, great content as usual!

BluePrint says:

I was recently convinced that agnostic is a neutral position between theism and atheism, but I wholly agree with popularising 'atheist' until it loses its meaning, and would still argue that agnostics are atheists to most gods.

Deformed Goldfish says:

I went to a christian primary school, and that was the first time in my life that religion had ever really been introduced, and I didn't understand. I quickly realised that there was probably a reason why despite constantly hearing about god and the bible in assembly, it was never in the science books. I think that C of E schools, or any religion based school is disgraceful in this day and age, or ever really, but I think in my case, parents played a big role. My parents never forced a religion on me, in fact the first time we really spoke about it was in a conversation I initiated. I found that I had naturally developed different beliefs to my parents, my dad in-particular, and that was not a problem for us.

And this is what I don't understand about many places, America being a good example, why do parents and schools feel the need to push religion down children's throats? I think that in itself can be seen as a rebuttal of religion, as I came to the conclusion of atheism, despite christian influence at a young age. If religion really is the truth, why does it need to be forced onto people? Why does it vary so drastically? And (I know these last few are not my words), is it not convenient that every religions person is born into the "right"religion?

beaconrider says:

We have known how the tide goes in and out for over 200 years.  Too bad no one let big Bill know that.

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