Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

Atheist rant time! I’m so tired of diversion apologetics – people who shift the focus to another religion when you point out the problems with their religion. What about Islam? What about Christianity? Enough whataboutery! I’m an atheist. Why do I have to pick my favorite pile of horse shit?

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Thunder Blitz says:

What about the crusades? From my perspective, it was all kinds of f–ked up.Seriously why did they have the cursades anyway? It was a waste of money and lives.

Thunder Blitz says:

I was never born in the church. I converted as a teen in the mid 90s. So do I have to be like the Fundamentalists, or can I continue the way I've been doing for over the past twenty years?

Jacoby2000 says:

Should have had shooting stars playing in the background

Learning FPV says:

I disagree. I try to keep it about the fact there is no proof of any god excistance. I have seen this argument in different atheist groups and I think trying to disprove their beliefs by criticizing any one particular religion does not help to get to the truth, because you only cause people to become defensive. So I like to keep all arguments ambiguous of religions. No need to pick on Islam or Christianity. All religions require proof, so keeping it to their commonalities makes more sense. I won't even let the theist use thier Holy Book to defend their beliefs, so I'm not going to attack there beliefs using their books.

William Craven says:

Islam is objectively worse. BUT, but. The statement holds: "Yes, Muslims are blowing up people and Christians are raping children."

Peter says:

I'm… considering supporting you on Patreon, good sir. Keep it up.

RealEveryDay says:

Bro, PLEASE try to get an interview with Jerry DeWitt. I would love to see a sit-down with the 2 of you. Great video, BTW!

ScioN says:

religious act like if their shit it's the only one or the first one, fucking Mesopotamian started this bullshit and it is time to erase those ideologies and replace them for something less segregative and more integral that do not require intellectual suicide but stimulates awarness of natural world.

Ben Melindy says:

Hahahah every time someone does this now I'm going to get an image of them going

*gasp "look over there!!"

A chambered Nautilus says:

"Same trash different dumpster" – Bart simpson

MR.V Tech says:


Prussian Aristocrat says:

Just out of interest. Where exactly did you grow up?

Amrit Thapa says:

I don't understand why the fuck he has so less subscribers! I think the religious extremists are to blame! conspiracy ?

Jennifer Isaacs says:

politics, religion, and conspiracy…there are people that lean on logical fallacies with their opinions of such things . This includes the no true Scotsman fallacy.
Sad thing with humans and such excuses history doesn't seemed learned from by majority, but I could be wrong.

William Allman says:

Well said HK!! Additionally, I applaud your dedication to nonpartisan criticism and support your rants. 🙂

nbkcq28 says:

Thanks for posting this. I, too, get so sick of the petty "pecker" contest between Christianity and Islam. They're both evil in their own way. And the same thing happens between Republicans and Democrats in the US. They're both bad, they both support the 1% and corporations, and they have few real differences. We need to knock religion off of its privileged pedestal and elevate logic and reason so that the world can progress. And we need a 3rd Party in the US political system that actually works for the 98 or so % who are not wealthy. I fear that neither will happen in my lifetime…but hopefully one day…….Sorry to bring politics into it but the similarity is so strong.

WiseAssGamer says:

Videos like this is why I subscribed to you, keep up the great work.

Bill Schlafly says:

Why is it that your kool aid is being poured into a wine glass?

Politically Incorrect says:

Me and one of my friends KEEP going on about this!
We always say something about Islam and then "BUT WUT ABOUT MUH RANDOM RELIGION THAT ISN'T LIKED!"

We don't like that either.

Atticus Boatman says:

What about Jainism?

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