Atheist Reacts To Trisha Paytas – I Love You Jesus Music Video

Atheist Reacts To Trisha Paytas – I Love You Jesus Music Video

“I Love You Jesus” by Trisha Paytas is my new favorite Christian Pop song ever. My new goal is to sing my love for Jesus with Trisha. Let’s make beautiful beautiful music together.

I Love You Jesus Music Video – Trisha Paytas

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Francis says:

Mutual lust for Jesus?

You trying to convert us?

belaireguy411 says:

Awesome, and no, I don't have Jesus, our reality has played out very similarly. Thanks for all you do, you make me smile and for that I love you, all the best to you and yours.

Poke Smot says:

i used to cringe at trisha but shes pretty much the ultimate troll. its art

belaireguy411 says:

The lips, the eyes, hair, and the native american top, won't mention what it holds, add all together. Beautiful. To be so wise above the physical beauty is a bit overwhelming. In the end, you are the best putting it simply.

Anisia says:

Should've put the clips with the cuffs and lace from One Prayer Away

Edit: Oh wait, she did. Great 😂

LilyPad Productions says:

Your collab would be like that time lizzie McGuire did a duet with herself

Ed Davis says:

If this YouTube thing doesn't work out for you, audition on the Voice. You have such an amazing voice that you would win hands down.

Ryan Talcott says:

She just wants the $$ for jesus.

RenderUntoSeazer says:

I think she’s just, um, not the brightest bulb.

Leopold says:

I'd do Jesus. He's a sexy guy.

Laura Scott Bell says:

You are an incredible singer. Damn.

Lost Johnny says:

I remember you doing that one prayer away song.  Many of your viewers pointed out that your song sounded too real (good) to be a parody.  As for her lyrics about "the hood" having to be fake, really? your dealing with people who believe birds were created before fish and that the sun moves across the sky.  Reason doesn't enter into it.  I saw this women on a segment of Millionaire Matchmaker, now I think on it, I saw another you Tuber on that show, can't remember who…..she is a riot.  If anything this song has linked me to your music and I enjoy it so much. it's late at night and Im sitting here listning to you on my smart TV, you are amazing. I could listen forever. As for her singing about Jesus as a lover, that is ols news.  Gilda Radner did an SNL skit with Jesus bing in Tiger Beat Magazine and Type O Negative did the greatest girl who loves Jesus too much on there album "Bloody Kisses" RIP Peter Steele, I don't think she is stable her crazy Big Brother behavior is something to stay away from.  Please keep singing and do a cover of Mad World.  I know there are ton's of covers but we need one more.

Decent Guy says:

Jaclyn is very pretty.

JulesQ says:

Trisha's actually a total genius

Peter Kelly says:

Where did Trisha get her cleavage from? Silicon Valley?

Dylan Balducki says:


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