Atheist Richard Dawkins vs Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam and Atheism

Atheist Richard Dawkins vs Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam and Atheism

Atheist Richard Dawkins Debate Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam, Religion and Atheism.



lewis r says:

in schools we should be taught to be able to understand other religions and come to a rational desicion in what we belive as much as I love Richard Dawkins he was kind of like no im not listening la la la. The concept of religion is hypothetical in the same way atheism is however I can come to the conclusion that i will follow the more logical answer in atheism because the belife in an idealogical being with no flaws and that unicorns exist and blood can be turned into wine disobeys the laws of physics which we have proof of so even though the way we came into existence is unclear we can come to a conclusion of how water is formed and that breathing fire isn't some magic which means you have dragons blood. I would also like to mention that the possibility of a flawless being in itself is an impossiblity as people have their own ideals and philosophies of 'flawlessness'

Johnny LunchBox says:

religion is just like addiction. 2000 years ago religion was good needed and helpful. the first time you drank it was probably amazing you were at a party with friends ect… but then alcohol eventually turns into something destructful and the magic is gone it no longer serves a positive purpose. but not everyone goes to rehab. now a days religion is not needed at all the magic has run out and people need to see that.

Hans Alexander says:

I hate how religious people use the card of "most religious people is good" to make it seem like it is correct for them to believe in fairy tales, thats pretty stupid.

The New Order Of The Octopus says:

Nice chairs.

The New Order Of The Octopus says:


Sithis The Void says:

While the xtians keep claiming that they are in a telepathic relationship with an invisible Jewish zombie with magical powers, their priests keep molesting children and their church keeps accumulating material wealth.

Haunted Mushrooms ASMR says:

I could listen to Dawkins' voice all day, honestly. He should read children's books and record them or something.

David Guerra says:

Yes, the god of the old testament was a nefarious caracter. But this is not fiction, it does actually go back to one such human being. All of the biblical stories are factual, only some details were distorted to make them fit into the religions that were created around them. Noah's ark for example, really existed, but of course that there was no global flood, it was "just" a tsunami. And of course that all the Earth's animals were not put there, but only Noah and his family's farm animals. The same with god, there really was a god, or several different gods with different characters and modes of interaction. But god by this definition does not mean nothing like an omniscient, all-powerful creator of the Universe. It's precisely that concept which was created by the religions, mixing fiction wtih reality. Giving human attributes to something that could never have them, and in the process, forgetting about the vastness and pervasiveness of the Creation, which is not god but a god-making machine, as that is every human being spirit's destiny.

na0mi0 says:

Emotional moslim this moslim guy made a lot of scense to me

one1 says:

Let's say I am wrong 😀 ahahahaha

1peterk says:

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire

xerke says:

Nice and moderate guy you say?

Watch him call non-muslims cattle and compare homosexuality to pedophilia

Grand Prince says:

Those guys would not even have this pointless conversation if that Muslim wasn't so mindless and the Atheist still had a soul.

Sousou Benna says:

I said to my cousin i was agnostique i feeld like i was insane to her.

Miguel R says:

it is an edited video, so it is a manipulated. Just check the left down logo to know by whom,

BLU3Collar TRANCE says:

More people would be an atheist if there was a majority of smarter people. The fact is, that most people who are firm believers in a God, have IQs of 105 or less. 70% of all atheists have IQ's above 125. Not genius' but still smarter than the average IQ of only 105. And outright stupid people still believe in Santa Claus.

nate r says:

A winged horse really ? nuf said

nate r says:

this narrator is a muslim you can tell by his badgering questions

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