Atheist scholar punished for Islam views, not Christianity

Atheist scholar punished for Islam views, not Christianity

Richard Dawkins had had appearances canceled because of ‘abusive speech against Islam’ but he has never been de-platformed for his frequent criticism of Christianity



Beelzebub38 says:

The world holds two classes of people -. Intelligent people without religion, and religious people without intelligence

earthworm jim says:

atheism is the denial of the obvious, an intellectual suicide and most importantly atheism is a lose-lose situation, u either live a sad empty meaningless life or risk going to hell

A Ghost Without a Past says:

I step on Christians and Muslims like ants.

Rhonda Wasson says:

Mr. Dawkins, when you slam Christians, you slam God. When you slam Islam, you slam Satan. Atheism is a very young concept and is irrelevant. God's Word is living and active, sharper than a two edged sword… So powerful that even you just quoted it. I'm praying for you too Mr. Dawkins. ❤

Ablestreet says:

It's a disgrace that Dawkins was canceled because he criticized Islam. He is an atheist which means he rejects all religions! Islam is included!

Patrick Schaefer says:

This actually went quite well, I don't get all the hating in the comments below. The atheist left actually agrees with the right more than the non atheist left because we're not afraid to condemn Islam (although our reasons for doing so may be different).

Dawkins is correct, it's a pitty that so much of the left has become so damn snowflakey. But so has the right, just look at the trump supporters.

Lets all accept that there are snowflake/idiot/tards on both "sides".

Z Watkins says:

Richard Dawkins is a blow hard.

Libertarian Marxist says:

Dawkins is a hero!

Vlad Tepesblog says:

A truly wonderful blend of the brilliant and the naive. Dawkins is one of the best evolutionary biologists out there, and certainly the best writer on the subject. But his take on religion shows as much thought as a bright 15 year old. At least he has the courage to speak out against Islam, which really is a perversion of religion, and not just Christianity, which gave him the freedom to study evolution and speak freely about it in every Christian or post Christian country in the world. Plus Israel of course.

SidThaMunkay one says:

I wonder if they teach the fact that all people are female for the first 60 days or so in the womb in Islamic " schools ". should be a law to teach that fact in all schools. And the cause and effect of it all.

Sean Armstrong says:


Fox News, less than 2 years ago, invited Christians to bash homosexuals on live air!

Does the word HYPOCRITE ring a bell??

Don Keyshlong says:

Wow this is sad. I'm not even close to right but I can't affiliate with the left because of this selective outrage bullshit.

Rationalthought83 says:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the US and western world will meet it's demise by silly women, invasive homosexuals, and ISLAM

digiprez77 says:

The hypocrisy in this video is strong. How does it feel being out-crazied? Makes you want to invite an atheist on your show to commiserate, right?

VariedVids says:

And Prof. Dawkins will THINK for you, Laura!

Silly, childish Christians.

Expert Opinion says:

What's wrong with his face? Looks like he's had a stroke.

Renaissance MarineTV says:

refreshing to see people who dont agree to have an adult and civil conversation. i have decided to start praying for him specifically.

InfoMaster411 says:

Death to Islam.

OasisofSpirit says:

As he quotes scripture!

JT Hill says:

the progressive at left will eventually hunt their own. They must hunt

johnny llooddte says:

paybacks are hell.. dawkins deserves every abuse thrown at him x times 1000

Flare Gun says:

wonderful ! CANCEL ISLAM !!!

Flare Gun says:

take TOO LONG ! That gives them time to install NWO ! Arrest them all
for TREASON !!! NO TRIAL !!! And WATERBOARD THEM to find out who else is
inside the DEEP STATE !!!

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