Atheist vs Preacher

Atheist vs Preacher

I did an interview/debate with a preacher for a show called “The Fallen State”. They asked me to reupload the video so here it is. I’ll be reacting to it in my next upload. Here’s a link to the original if you want to leave your thoughts there as well:

Vlog from that day:

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vishe307 says:

I honestly enjoyed this until you backed Hillary

Lin Lee Cheng Wahhh! says:

Preacher was calm, cool and intelligent in this discussion. The atheist however was snappy, nervous and rude. She did horribly in this discussion.

Pyronex says:

Like Athiest
Dislike Preacher

Who Won?

David Justo says:

It's like watching a therapy session for someone who doesn't want or possibly even need it. He was really probing and poking and she clearly wasn't comfortable about that. Kind of revealing from both sides. It's just odd to watch a preacher interested in an Atheist and how they got to where they're at. I'm assuming that the preacher probably thinks she's lost because religion and god is the moral compass and without that you're lost. It would be nice it both parties were interested in each other lol. Decent try though I guess.

Bryannah M says:

Apparently homosexuality is on the same level as pedophilia and incest. This dude is fucking nuts

The Test Dumby says:

He actually has a point about stuff

Scotty says:

If atheists don't believe in god well then atheism shouldn't exist cause there's no god for them to not believe in.

Bryannah M says:

This dude is an asshole pretty sure he has a brain the size of a pea. He was so rufe to her the entire time kept cutting her off and shit. Kudos to Jaclyn for being very patient i. I kept getting so aggravated if it were me the conversation wouldve been over i wouldve been very rude back lol

Nate Taylor says:

This dude is a real dumb mother fucker. And his grotesque comparison at the end was just an example of his ignorance.

Elicia Garcia says:

I respect religion but I really feel like this guy is trying to argue and prove his point more than listen and he’s not communicating well. It’s frustrating. No offence to him.

Elicia Garcia says:

I just began watching this and I don’t think I’m gonna agree with her on everything but she has such a sweet disposition. She’s really calm and collected and sweet, it’s hard not to listen to and respect her.

elliott says:

"radical homosexual"
i'm dying

Amanda Kornkven says:

I wish she could have asked him more questions.

nickkingofearth says:

omfg he's so annoying

Mark Anthony says:

Is this guy a fuckin idiot?


Wazz Hillary implying that Obama was gonna get assasinated


Atheist ftw!

ulissesfierrouf says:

I didnt know personal preference is discrimination.. 🧐

will Philip says:

What a condescending dude. Trying to say her parents must have been bad since she is an atheist.

Philip Scheffers says:

Damn but she nailed this!

MrRobertest says:

23:06 LMAO

george puppy says:

she shouldn't have never tried to convence a fool of right and wrong…..this guy is combative and not very smart.

Elaine Joao says:


thezekroman says:

For those wondering, the "radical homosexuals going against the bakers" he's talking about was an actual court case (supreme court if I'm not mistaken). A homosexual couple asked a baker to make them a cake for their wedding and the baker refused due to his being against homosexuality. The couple then took him to court on the grounds of discrimination, but the baker defended on the grounds that he, as a baker, is an artist and shouldn't be forced to make a certain type of art which if I recall the court sided with the defendant.

Mark Rutherford says:

Christianity is all theory until you have had encounter with JESUS.
When you had encounter with the living Christ you know he is real.
The resurrection power of Christ lives in me.I am living piece of evidence that JESUS is alive.
His spirit lives in me.Christian means Christ in.

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