Atheist Watching “Christmas Gone Viral” by Ray Comfort… and drinking heavily.

Atheist Watching “Christmas Gone Viral” by Ray Comfort… and drinking heavily.

Why did I do this to myself? “Christmas Gone Viral” is not so viral, but very Ray Comfort. Jesus is real because banana.
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JaclynGlenn says:

Hey everyone, youtube instantly demonetized this video (which it does for most of my vids). If you wanna support me on Patreon that would me much appreciated. Thanks for the support in helping me continue to make videos like this!

Kalev Thanks for all the fish says:

Why for the love of God would anyone in the known universe feel the unrestrainable need to debunk the "banana man" ? Just why? 😀 😀

Rens Wisse says:

I would so fucking like to meet this motherfucker in the street and really use his own assinine logic against him.

Axcel Rodrigo says:

Is this original content cause I’m really just tired of people talking about god since I’m honestly getting tired of this crap I don’t see many very famous scientist really talking about since they already know the truth that there is no god we get it there’s no god let these people believe in hogwash and nonsense

Andrew B says:

Loved it!!! Keep doing what you do, JaclynGlenn! hugs 🙂 -Andrew from Los Angeles

Ruby J. says:

If I was there when those flashmobs happened, I'd run away to a bathroom and throw up

Barry Evans says:

The girls turned out really awesome btw

WarriorX says:

This girl. 😋😋😋. I wish I would be able to date her :/

WarriorX says:

Omg your chest 😋😋

Jay Z says:

sorry for saying this but your tits look damn good. I keep getting distracted

eternal .PLUR says:

i dont think there's enough xanax and alcohol to get through five minutes of anything from ray fart

rikeda1011 says:

Well there's one thing that's clear and that's for making sure I don't even click on that piece of shit video. I thank you. And ok if trees are killers didn't God supposedly create trees therefore creating killers lol

Adapple says:

ma nem iz baab an um an alcoholi

Staarker99 says:

American women seem to lead such small lives, after watching these and many other vids, I just don't see any maturity or depth.

Everyones Grudge says:

It might be a sin but, I love worshiping your glorious hooters.

Thinking Species says:

Jaclyn likes a lot of red wine. Make sure you think about Jesus while you drink so that Gawd will handle your DUI if you get behind the wheel.
Honestly though, I felt sorry for the man at 12:09 who is such a nice person, but is being harassed for stuff he may have done in the past. To actually believe that such a harmless man will be punished forever is unjust and unfathomable.

Valerie Callaway says:

This gave me a good giggle. Never heard of this dude before now. GAWD DAYUM, this is how people are all the time here in Missouri. Seeing things like this only reaffirms my dislike for the Jeebus. 😂

Diogenes says:

Great video! But in Ray's defense, he regrets the banana argument and no longer uses it. The evolution of bananas is about the only thing he understands though, everything else just goes in one ear and out the other.

Erin Brooks says:

His last name is comfort but he sure knows how to make people uncomfortable

The Superb Owl says:

Yup, I've been converted… It's those killer trees that convinced me.

Justin Michael says:

idk what it was but when you were singing about the loving god i was reminded of all those toby turner literal videos.

Kaitlyn Barker says:

Funny story. With the taking the “lords” name in vain. I was talking with my boyfriends dad, who is quite religious, and I said something along the lines of “well… why is saying ‘Oh my god!’ So bad? Cause ‘God’ is just a job title. As Mormons we (I’m an atheist but he doesn’t know that) believe that gods name is Elohim. So shouldn’t someone saying ‘Oh my Elohim’ be breaking the 3rd commandment?” & he got kind of frustrated cause he knew I had a point:). that was also the moment I realized that even though Mormons say that the BoM is the 3rd part of the Bible, the 2 books are talking about 2 different gods. I think that’s funny:).

Oliver Mendonca says:

Did they go to Australia??

Christina Garcia says:

Ten Commandments are technically Jewish and obsolete in terms of Christianity, didn’t “Jesus” give us a new covenant??

I’m an atheist who proudly hates this shit

AJ21969 says:

Never Isolate a text from its context, Jaclyn.

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