Atheists Have NO Morals

Atheists Have NO Morals

I’m sick of being labeled as a bad person because I don’t believe in god. Atheists and even the word “atheist” carries this negative stigma and leads people to assume we lack morality.
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nikhil yadav says:

i want to ask beliver why you believe in god and also from atheist why you don't believe in god

nikhil yadav says:

it does not make any difference if you are beiliver or atheist because both of them beilieve in something which they don't know, so atheist and beiliver are in same boat

Kerry Will Williams says:

god loves ur old wrinkling ass.

Muschu o says:

oh man, america's so behind

Emely Blixt says:

Honestly that woman is so stupid, "look at what atheism has done to our society", as if no shootings have ever been at the hands of christians, and have these people ever looked at countries outside of America?? Sweden is one of the most secular countries on the planet and there's not this level of violence, nowhere near it

oldcomic1 says:

The most evil things are done in the name of religion

Blake Smith says:

As a Californian I’ve never felt scared nor embarrassed to admit I’m an atheist in public. People just don’t care or accept it. But that’s probably just in California idk about other states.

Tori R says:

Someone in my class said to my Jewish teacher "how do you remember to be a good person if you don't believe in hell?" And I yelled "BECAUSE SHES A GOOD PERSON. "
Christians need the threat of hell or the promise of heaven to be a good person? They can't just be a good person to be a good person. So small minded.

chunga100 says:

this whole news segment looks staged.

Sarah Bergin says:

2 ads durring this video!! Glad advertisers arent boycotting this video!

Mike Smith says:

Hahaha…I like this one…it's funny…well you Jaclyn not that fucktard bitch on foxnews. She is as stupid as they come.

Jenny Skenet says:

Don't forget that one atheist did a massive mass murder that compete with the Holocaust. It is why atheist has a bad name, plus to be an atheist are equally stupid to be Christian, Jewish, Muslim and ect ect.. to be agnostic are more logical because none has any answers or facts.. all those idiots only "believe" they do.

Jessica A. says:

If this is how bad it is in 2017 in one of the most educated countries, how the hell are we ever going to progress as a world? Sometimes I really despair for humanity.

Infinity323 says:

It's not right for religious people to say whether people are good or bad.

Denny Ehlers says:

When I tell people that I'm an atheist, before they can react, I tell them that I eat babies only on Tuesday. Blows them away.

J L says:

I'm from one of the least religious countries in the world. and we never have mass shootings here. because we don't have insane weapon laws. wow

Azmi Hamdan says:

I haven't watch the video yet, but to me, so far, this is the ultimate question that no atheist can answer. "How can you be Moral if you don't have any reward or punishment system"

eric blair says:

The society you live in was built on values taken from new testament Christianity. People can behave morally "as if" they are Christian and still be atheists. Come up with an argument against Hume's law and I will be impressed.
From an agnostic. (The scientific position)

dustysnoop says:

What colour is your cunt hair?

dustysnoop says:

Attention seeking whore. Would love to cut your head off and put it on a pitchfork

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