Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers (2015)

Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers (2015)

Is there a God? CNN Special Report: Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers. Tuesday, March 24, 2015.



Chris Cunningham says:

The “father” of atheism… ehhhh…

Phoenix Knight says:

“Richard Dawkins, father of atheism…” Gaaaa! That sounds like fingernails
on a chalkboard! My head hurts!!! never mind, let it go… I just had to
quietly scream that. 

HappyToBeReligionFree says:

Thanks, CNN, I guess. Although part of this documentary is positive, I had
to wince during the secular church service segments. That, and using the
words “pastor” and “chaplain” instead of maybe “advisor” or “counselor”
could make us look cartoonish to the ill-informed public. We don’t need to
play into their hands. The religious have been calling the shots for far
too long. How dare they set the standard for us, that’s for us to decide.
I’m an admirer of Dawkins, but the more I see of Silverman, the more I like
him. If the religious community presents outlandish statements, these
should be dealt with on a matter-of-fact level. Silverman’s approach is
assertive, and to the point. We don’t have to treat religion with kid
gloves any more.
From my point of view, all religions, not just Christianity, ARE obsolete,
and have been for hundreds of years.

Cato W Gustavson says:

Thank you CNN! I disagree with Silverman though. If i saw Santa Claus on my
roof, or saw God in front of me, i wouldnt start believing. I would
seriously question what was going on with me and I would fear my mind was
going to town. I know it he was talking in metaphors though, but it gives a
mixed signal. A lot of Christians has personally felt the presence of God,
some have even seen God and believe on personal experience. Personal
experience is not enough as what evidence goes.

John Kennedy says:

I will be watching this with my family when they all come in for Easter

Mikael Murstam says:

Go to Sweden and you don’t need the word Atheism anymore, because that’s
the norm. I was an atheist long before I knew about the word. I only know
about the word because of America. 

Berengar Korgan says:

#americanproblems . in germany, the majority of people doesnt believe in

Chris Cunningham says:

I’m not really big on the whole “atheist church” thing…

Payne Richardson says:

religious people are full of shit nothing but weak minded puppets fear
death don’t learn to grow up who need a damn after life because atheists
dont fear anything 

Aussie Atheist says:

if everyone knew that the bible is a book of fiction, so many people would
leave the church

mv6863692 says:

Non belief is and should be the default position. 

Lexx Lazerman says:

I am not sure how long this video will be here so watch it while you can.
It’s a bit boring so don’t be shy to skip through those parts. What I found
interesting is CNN’s take on all of this “Atheism”, as if we are the fucken

ragazziita says:

Church for atheists? No, thanks. 

alienslovepeanuts says:

good video bad it seems that some of this atheists are holding back on true
feelings and trying to be so nice, religion is a joke in reality, im glad
to see these people are atheists and hopefull will continue, but im with
Dave Silverman this nonsense with America needs to vanish with its hatred
and delusion…. anti theism is what Dave and Richard are its somewhat
different, I myself I’m an atheist anti-theist, the going to church and not
being against religion is not my thing… and anti theism is not dangerous
at all.. some of these atheists said anti theism is wrong, ill respectfully
disagree, almost all religions are truly horrid…

Scooby Doo says:

correction: Richard Dawkins is NOT the father of atheism! Atheism is very
very old (thousands of years). Read about the Dharmic/Indic traditions.
There’s atheism inside Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and these are very old.
Research atheism and read about its history in the Dharmic/Indic systems.

Jesús Pichardo says:

Wait, promoting atheism is creating another religion. it’s ridiculous. We,
the real atheist, don’t do that.

paul morgan says:

stupid yanks……..still believe in fairy tales

Adam Bray says:

The most disturbing part of this movie was the two parents who had for the
most part disowned their son, because of their beliefs. The fact that the
father used the statement – “Its not me that thinks my son is dead and
going to hell, its biblical scripture that tells us this and biblical
scripture must be right” This type of thinking is one reason I believe
religion is so destructive for humans. It makes us question our own good
nature and makes us do things that really don’t make sense. This is proved
by the guy using scripture as his excuse to be a bad father. If these
people didn’t have these biblical beliefs and were just open to everyone
and everything, then this would have never been a problem. Religion is like
a chain around our neck and we all need to break the chain and escape from
its grasp.

Phoenix Knight says:

I highly recommend this CNN Report. I think it’s wonderful, despite my
misgivings. Nobody’s perfect. 

YY4Me133 says:

The father is nuts! “…the reality is that you’re talking to a dead
person.” That’s his idea of “reality”? Maybe he should deal with the
reality that he’s putting a fairy tale before his own flesh and blood.
That his son is alive, but his god is imaginary. Fucking religion.

The “father of atheism?” Atheism is the default position. It has no

John Leckie says:

I don’t agree with the atheist ‘minister’s’ approach. It think he’s just
found a way to keep making a living with his previously existing skills. 

TheDystopiaInside says:

The kid at the end talking about how atheists a few years ago were angry —
well that’s because religion was far more aggressive during the
Bush/Passion of the Christ 2000’s. If you’re able to “exchange ideas” with
Christians NOW, it’s because they’ve calmed down. That said I do feel a
bit for his parents, they can’t help being concerned for their son, any
more than they will ever get to feel awe at a godless universe.

The whole “atheist church” thing makes me a little nervous. “Can I get a
Dar-Win!” Oh c’mon.

Patrick Saxon says:

Jesus is coming back atheist, it is true as many believe that he is
returning. Repent as jesus will be coming back and he will bring onto all
of you non believers rapture!

Gold Pill Scientist says:

Religion is brainwashing. Atheism is waking up from it.

Zeneki says:

I’m a Pagan Athiest, I don’t believe that any of the existing religions
aren’t man made nor do i believe in sentient invisble beings, but I Use
Gods and Godesses of mythology as symbols of nature to help me respect
nature, like the sun and seas and wind, their lifegiving it makes more
sense to worship that than god of the bible.

Derukugi2 says:

I don´t get the brouhaha. Don´t theists realize that they too, are atheists
about all religions minus one? With tens thousands of religions, that makes
them 99.99% atheists…. declared atheists just don´t make that single
excemption, that is all.

The Chidds says:

I hate the term “giving up on God.” I did not give up on “him,” I simply
couldn’t justify my belief in him any longer. I didn’t give up anything, I
embraced the facts.

Lemon Morgue says:

only in america do you get such a stupid documentry

Mr Raspberry says:

22:38 He says, “can I get a Darwin” as opposed to where a normal Christian
would says, “can I get an Amen”. The Anti-Christ has always wanted to be
like God and worshipped like God is worshipped. The devil is jealous of God
and how great He is. Hahaha so funny! Glory to God! Praise the name of

Lil Atheos says:

The time to be an Atheist is now! Atheist have been around for thousands of
years, and have increased in numbers in the worst economic conditions!

Jack Maurice says:

I agree with Cato! Most adults are aware that Santa Clause as depicted by
stories and the media is fictional. Most adults also according to their
admission truly believe in a supernatural deity.
The belief in Santa Clause can be a joyful entity that makes people a more
giving and appreciative person, whereas the belief in a god or prophet is
historically designed to make a person believe in an afterlife, be
subservient and be fearful of an evil force (i.e hell, a devil).
Simply stated, Santa is a known fictional joyful character that is
benevolent and awards you with gifts even if you’re good or bad. In
contrast, a god or supernatural deity can very malevolent and will reward
you ONLY if you believe and are good.

Believing in a Santa Clause does no one harm. Whereas, a belief in a
supernatural being can turn you against your friends and family.

Peter Watson says:

I’m baffled as to how an adult human can believe in such nonesense,
especially with zero evidence. These parents are delusional on the highest
scale. No fault of their own, as I’m sure they were also brainwashed from
birth, just like they tried to brainwash their son.

If only they had the intellect to realise that if they were born in
Afghanistan for example, they’d be Muslim.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs for the human race.

Lobos222 says:

*”Its not the matter of me saying it,… its a matter of scripture.”*

But only following the scriptures they like. Thats up to them…
I am not trying to put focus on that they can choose to have another view.
I am putting focus on that they are already hypocrites because every
religious person I have ever met have some scripture from the Bible, new or
old testament, that they dont follow because they dont feel its right.

What do people think would happen if religious people had free reign to do
whatever they wanted to. They would claim they couldnt do this and that
while at the same time they would dictate and force other people to go
against their own will in order to do what they wanted.

*So fuck those hating religious hypocrites.*

jontibloom says:

…but where is the section about the Atheist orgies, Baby eating and
working to bring down the country ? We MUST be told !

dbzguru32 says:

What’s the big deal about Dawkins being called the father of atheism?
Obviously he isn’t the father of atheism in the sense that Einstein is the
father of relativity or something like that. Who’s convinced more people
not to believe in religion than Richard Dawkins? Are there even any
statistics for that? I doubt there are any who have done so more
successfully than him. In modern days, at least, there is no question that
he is the “father of atheism”.

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