Best of Matt Dillahunty on The Atheist Experience (2017)

Best of Matt Dillahunty on The Atheist Experience (2017)

A compilation of my favorite Matt Dillahunty moments from The Atheist Experience shows, on subjects like claims of God’s existence, claims of an afterlife and the supernatural, morality and the validity of the bible and other “holy” scriptures.



Deicidium says:

On the first caller they should have levied the same charges against his god. His god doesn't have to exist, where did his god come from, etc

Pete Kondolios says:

Jesus is Lord
those of us that have experienced the supernatural KNOW the truth.

WarLordTulkas says:

"The fuck you cant!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Natarri Bailey says:

First caller was an obvious troll.

Ferruzzicati says:

Why is Jen such a parrot?

Nathan Brown says:

If atheists had a God it would be MD

Grammar Jew says:

Religious hears a who?
Perfect circle.
O_O… No. Really… what? What about squares?

Mr Drone says:

The Muhammad that Matt draws at 2 hours and 24 minutes has a penis

Iruparazzo says:

the smug soccermom at ~30 mins has always crawled up my skin, you just know she has argued over an expired coupon and called some poor cashier the r-word at some point in life


someone help me with the jar of gumballs analogy. He said there is either an odd or an even number in there. If I do not believe there is an odd number of gumballs in there, does that mean I do believe there is an even number in there. He said NO that is incorrect… Would that not be the logical "either/or" reduction? I am an atheist and understand belief and rejection of belief claims. But the gumball analogy thew me a little. any help?

Phelan says:

Oh, and could we get the phone numbers of all the trolls and give them out to each and every scam caller so that they'll kind of cancel each other out, or at least show them how fucking annoying that kind of egotistical behaviour is?

Phelan says:

So many cases of "I know where he's going and I can't answer that, so let me interrupt with some red herring." How come so many christians are so utterly lacking when it comes to basic curtesy? While asking for actual respect of course, which goes waaaaaay beyond basic curtesy?

Hoichi The Earless says:

2:09:28 He doesn't sound very confident about the shit he's trying to shovel

Kenton Baird says:

"my momma was in hospital and she was half-way dead or whatever…"

Sounds like a made up story to me….

Zay says:

I know it because i know it because i know it!!!

TheAplombMan says:

Matt is the best

Nathan El says:

This debate is stupid in and of itself. There is scientific, test and confirm, evidence that paranormal phenomena takes place.

advancedlamb says:

Matt thinks he's a genius but can't understand that people can possibly have two conflicting opinions on the question of whether god is real. People can be hopeful but also realistic at the same time and believe them both.

Eliza Smith says:

These people who call in and argue prove THEMSELVES WRONG. They have it on tape Matt being threatened by the caller. Get his ass put away in a jail.

Eliza Smith says:

No gods are real. Learn it. Deal with it. Live it. Love it.

Eliza Smith says:

"Just because"…is that all they've got?

daniele666ac says:

imagine now a thousend years from now or a million years of scientific progress we will be intrstellar gods who create and educate civilizatons througout the galaxy

daniele666ac says:

is undeniable that the scientific theories that scientist hold as true nowdays will be considered ridiculous a hundred years from now we will have a completely different world wiew and it will be more inclined toward religious and spiritual attitude given the astonishing complexity we will descover

rationalguy says:

The bible: "The Goat Herder's Guide to the Universe."

ACE777R6 says:

41:36 is the greatest few seconds of television history.

Vaal River says:

Matt was sent down on Earth by God, to help his lost sheep find the way in the dark. This is so good

ChessArmyCommander says:

The callers point was that there has got to be higher intelligent causation. He just didn't communicate the point very well. And he's right. There's got to be. And don't give me the "that's an argument from ignorance" bullshit. We wouldn't have some theistic scientists if that were the case. Einstein wouldn't have had deistic leanings with good reasons for it. So. Concluding that there is a Creator is not only reasonable, its a little bit more reasonable than withholding belief. And WAY more reasonable than asserting the opposite!

SeanMcFarlinTRE says:

It's hard to sit through some of the idiocy on this.

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