BREAKING: Canadian Doctors Record FIRST EVER Proof Of Life After Death! Scientists Left Speechless!

BREAKING: Canadian Doctors Record FIRST EVER Proof Of Life After Death! Scientists Left Speechless!

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Watchit says:


minotar games says:

we in canada know of this…. i think more hope and god belief than fact

Morenob says:

Hey guys I made a video about how it looks like if u die

Dee Bo says:

Do something on Gangstalking Community Harassment

Green Knight says:

This isnt proof of life after death this just means the brain was still functional after the heart stopped.

Aaron bilger says:

what about when you die for a few seconds to a minute or two and then revived back to life?

ovan Mitt says:

i hope there isnt i just want to sleep for ever

D Skelton says:

"The bible…" presses back button

Victor Nguyen says:

I do believe there is life after death. Because I had a car accident before and I had see many things difference to our world . And I also see how our spirit look like , haven and also THE GATE OF HELL. After my father die he came back with his spirit and he took my spirit went with him for a while .We talk a lot ,I was very happy when I saw my father looked O.K , his spirit was very bright and I also talked to the man of the church ,but he did'nt believe me.

Alvaro Obregon says:

I will believe this when Religión is out of it… Sorry

LongDrivesAtNight says:

If heaven will have the people who did a horrible thing to my family, then I prefer not to be there. Pentecostals, Newfoundland Canada…worse bunch of gossipers and liars you could ever meet. I don't what's worse really, them or muslims. F them all.

Nobeetroot says:

lisa greenberg

Jim Taylor says:

Threes Atheists vs 1 Christian….or three liberals vs 1 conservative

Jim Taylor says:

21 Grams…21 Grams study by Duncan MacDougall

Andrea Jimenez says:

When my mother passed away, I was right beside her the entire time, and I can honestly say that I literally could feel her presence leave the room. My brother and I had to make the decision to take her off life support, and the nurse asked us if we needed a few minutes to discuss it or think about It, and I said "no, there isn't anything to discuss, she isn't here anymore, I can feel it." I just wish I could still feel her around me now. A lot of ppl say that they can feel their loved ones that have passed on around them all the time but, I don't feel my mom at all and that bothers me bc I don't know if that's good or bad. Does that mean that she is up in heaven, having a blast, and dosent need to be around me, or does that mean something else? I wish someone could tell me.

Dusan Zachar says:

you people got to learn a lot yet………

gf28272827 says:

I don't trust anyone who talks out of the corner of their mouth

Miauzur says:

This women should stop taking LSD.What a BS.

WeeTarDead says:

Wait, what? How does this count as proof? And 1 out of 4 isn't very comforting, nor does it count as proof. It's more of an anomaly.

Jacqueline Grice says:

Maybe one person just hung around a bit longer than the others. After three minutes AT MOST there shouldn't BE any brain activity since without a beating heart there is no circulation, therefore no oxygen or nutrients to the brain.

BluesNBrews says:

10 minutes after death is not really life

nate Hill says:

This doesn't prove the bible, a fairy tale book written by humans years ago. This doesn't prove any christian ideology lol.

Dean Sinclair-Paton says:

Thanks Lisa, great story. Big fan.

F L says:

Brain activity after loss of circulation does not mean there is life after death, it just shows some pathological mechanism in the brain. By sayig this I am not denying that it would be nice if there were life after that,. All I am saying is that the information in this video has nothing to do with life after death in regards to the spiritual realm.

Jim Bean says:

If there was still brain activity, then the patient was not dead yet!!!!

Zelda 194 says:

Roses are red violets are blue
I just got click baited and so did you

Gregory Hamlet says:

So he prove one person kept brain going for ten minutes after his heart stopped..not what I was expecting..

Landon Mitchell says:

Where's the proof that god exists good solid proof

Aracne80 says:

The only thing this actually says is that you should stay with the dying for at least 10 min after their hearts stops so they can feel your presence until the inevitable end. And further more. Science speaks of "reality", but none, and I mean literally none, knows what "reality" actually is. We only know what we can see and measure. Thus our fantasy and believes can be, and probably are, just as much real as what our bodies can perceive thru our senses. I am not a religious man, I have just delved into this matter for quite some time. What I found is that there are no real answers. Life is stranger than fiction, deal with it, science.

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