BREAKING: Canadian Doctors Record FIRST EVER Proof Of Life After Death! Scientists Left Speechless!

BREAKING: Canadian Doctors Record FIRST EVER Proof Of Life After Death! Scientists Left Speechless!

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Richard Wyant says:

Anyone who thinks there is "life" after death is just wishful thinking

Oobleck Ogg says:

On "TAR" io?!!! hahahahaha

whynottalklikeapirat says:

Lisa – this does not in any way "back up" stories from the bible. You have to show correlation – and you can't. Even if this was taken to mean that there is life after death (which can't actually be concluded from this) – why would it apply to your religion and not one of the thousands of other religions anyway?

In fact the truth of your religion is not a proven fact so there is really nothing to compare with here.

If you are sincere about truth you should question your eagerness to jump to these conclusions as they display a clear, selective confirmation bias. If you want to appeal to results of scientific rigour – you have to live up to that standard yourself.

Brain activity is just that. Brain activity. Dying is a gradual process that is not contingent upon heart activity alone, although normally the brain shuts down shortly after circulation is terminated and begins to physically deteriorate. But people, under certain conditions, have gone for as long as 8 hours after that and still been brought back to life. The recorded brain activity is definitely interesting, but there is nothing to suggest it has anything to do with whatever a "spiritual process" is supposed to be.

And you are making another assumption here that is self-defeating.

If souls, or whatever, can be registered as brain activity – it means they are part of the physical cycle. Aside from the fact that we find no evidence of the supernatural in the known physical processes of the brain related to this parameter of observation, it suggests that as the brain dies and activity stops – we die too, along with any souls.

Because what you are really saying here is that it is the perpetuated brain activity the suggests the presence of a soul or life after death.

Henry Edwards says:

How do 10 minutes of brain activity equal eternity?

G Arthur says:

The brain functioning for ten minutes after the hear stopped beating doesn´t prove anything, and has nothing to do with the Bible. Life after death, according to scriptures, has nothing to do with brain function; it is an eternal life without the brain, as it is a spiritual life. The brain will rot with the rest of the body.

Personally, I don´t believe in any life after death, but what this video shows proves nothing. The Bible talks about a soul, but that has never been proven.

OccultD3m0n says:

Maybe there is none and you just stay in a blank space to travel your ideas freely in which you would live in your own mind or world of your own like a video game and live through any historical event or however you would want to do it without effecting the world it self.

Crystal Rader says:

The Grave, simply put, is where humans go when they die; it is a symbolic place or condition where any consciousness or activity ceases. How did the faithful man Job view the Grave? He had lost all his possessions and children in one day, and then he was struck with agonizing boils all over his body. He pleaded with God: “O that in the Grave [“in hell,” Catholic Douay Version] you would conceal me, that you would hide me.” (Job 1:13-19; 2:7; 14:13) Clearly, Job did not understand the Grave to be a fiery hell, a place where his suffering would be even worse. Rather, he thought of it as a place of relief.

Crystal Rader says:

Have you wondered: ‘What really happens at death? Are our dead loved ones suffering somewhere? Will we ever see them again? How can we be sure?’ Please consider what the Scriptures actually teach. First, let us examine what the Bible says death is like. Then we will discuss the hope that God’s Word, the Bible, offers.THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward, because all memory of them is forgotten. Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might, for there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave, where you are going.” *—Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10.

Something Black says:

disingenuous at best

Dave K says:

Atheists will never know if they're right.

Daniel Gyllbäck says:

Wow thanks for that clickbait. I don't want to be too disrespectful but consider taking some science classes aside from bible study. These findings proved nothing.

Stuart Hollingsead says:

There is no after life unless God brings you back… good thing he promises to bring everyone back… only it is 2 different groups, good first, evil second, both given rewards. eternal life, eternal death.
Every question is answered before the final reward is given… everything must be fair, equal, and just. No questions can linger, or one person can turn away from God and this whole mess can start over again. Death itself must die to never be born again. The picture is bigger than anyone knows, the stakes are not just for this world, not just for this life, but for all the lives, in all the universe. untold numbers of planets with intelligent creatures waiting to see how God will kill death!
not just all the intelligent species in the universe, but all intelligent species yet to come in the unimaginable eternity future

Burning in hell for all eternity is a lie that Satan spreads to get people to turn away from God!

Turn to God he is gracious and kind, he will teach you the way to live a good life! A happy life! A full life!
It is never to late, no matter how dark, how deep your soul has gone, it is never to late to ask for help.
Pride is the only chain that can keep you from God, it wraps Satan like a death shroud, do not let it ensnare you!
God bless

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