Breaking Free From Religion – A Conversation with Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist

Breaking Free From Religion – A Conversation with Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist

Stefan Molyneux and Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, discuss breaking free from religion, the social costs of accepting atheism, the predatory tar…



skylarscaling says:

Criticizing God for the shortcomings of man-made religions is a poor basis
for atheism, as is the idea that science is incompatible with faith in God.
Thinking all Christians believe in creationism and that Earth is 5k years
old is as bigoted as thinking atheists are evil.

pinpoint45 says:

i feel like my escape from the bible bubble is parallel to Seth’s. probably
similar for many other free thinkers born into families with closed minds.

A Dios says:

My two favorite podcasters. Yay!

Stefan Molyneux says:

A great conversation with Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist!

2kzoltan says:

Seth sort of sounds like Walter White.

Matthew holley says:

If being a atheist isn’t a type of religion, why do so many do what they
claim “Religion” does? I have listen too many atheist in debates, on the
news, YouTube, Podcast, etc. Guess what? It’d sounds like what most atheist
are against. And if you disagree a lot attack like they claim some
religious people do. They want all religion to disappear but theirs. Now I
know many will have something to say trying to make excuses or try to
convince others I’m wrong. If you wasn’t some type of a Religion, then most
wouldn’t try to “Convert” others to their religion. State your view and
move on. Nope you do what you say religion does. Sugar coat it anyway you
want. I’m using your logic about religion, to point out your using the same
thing. It’s just your “Convinced” your way is the only TRUE way. It’s just
your belief is your savior instead of Jesus, muhammad, ect.

Adam Jones says:

Dude sounds like f*cking Optimus Prime. 

Chris Schiebelbein says:

Won’t bother posting a shit load of information here as to why this is
nonsense. Just a really basic question.

How is atheism any different than religion? It claims 100% certainty
(flaws lots of them!), it pushes its beliefs on others, and all who don’t
follow it are fucked (or stupid).

Agnostic is a far easier word to use, neither of you really seem to know
much detail about biology/ecology/evolution, so you should abstain from
talking about this subject, lest you spread propaganda. Remember, the
bystander effect is a thing, please think for yourself Stefan.

Jules Manson says:

Fantastic interview between two of the greatest atheist heavyweights.

ahmad saku says:

I am a Muslim but I really enjoy your channel and I don’t have any problem
if someone want to be an atheist , everyone is free to choose their way of
life don’t impose your views and life style on others and thnx in advance

SmirkyRayan says:

Dare Freedomain radio,

As a circumcised adult male I am now fully aware of the purpose of
religious ‘circumcision’ for muslim males in western society’s.

Circumcision has made me powerless against my attempts to break free from
all forms of ‘religion’ and abusive intimate relationships.

My brain has been hard wired to always be unsatisfied and seek knowledge.

I am now fully aware that I was never bread to be free.

I was intentionally programmed to feel anxiety towards women and men in
power. I believe this was also done to limit my options in choosing a

I was mutulated at age 7 against my will by my own parents and culture.
Facing this awful reality has taken all the wind out of my sails.

All my expectations in life were never meant for a guy like me to really
achieve and enjoy.

I am a mental slave of the women who raised me in western society.

My owm mom who I have loved so much all my life, robbed me of so many
options. How can a person ever overcome such a betrayal?

If I spend the rest of my life in isolation, I would not object this faith!

– peace -

contraband100 says:

Let the butthurt commence!

magister343 says:

Why to atheists hostile to the Judeo-Christian tradition so often insist on
denigrating the bible and in this egregious example even the appearance of
Christ by saying that it is from the Bronze Age?

This is quite false.

They are from the Iron Age.

There is a difference.

It isn’t even as if their point would be much weaker if they tried to be
accurate on this minor issue.

ghosty1233 says:

You should talk to The Amazing Athiest :D

Vehuel says:

As a thinking Theist I have found that thinking and non-thinking operate
independently of Theism and Atheism.

IrishFarmer01 says:

Interesting that all of the most outspoken atheists all come from
fundamentalist backgrounds. Quite interesting. The number one way to
ensure your children don’t become atheists, if you’re a christian, is to
not be fundamentalist it seems.

1FireSnake says:

Dawn Conti
Monsters,, It is the christians who are the monsters… I NEVER met an
atheist who hated a group of people because they don`t believe in god…But
christians do!!!

What! – some christians are hypocrite?!!? 

nixymagoo says:

The inability to believe in yourself is a weakness in the mind that leads
you to accept a fictional character as your guardian. This same weakness
attributes to addiction and consumerism. You hold the power. Your just to
weak to use it

leipero says:

There is God, for me, there is no doubt about it. It is good Seth is an
Atheist, he should be that, everyone who doesn’t know God, and don’t want
to know, should be atheist. But i think he should start presenting himself
for what he is, andti-theist. When I was an atheist, i couldn’t care less
what people did believed (both atheists and theists). I never had a problem
with anti-theists presenting themselves for what they are. Atheism isn’t
religion, anti-theism is. Also, he mentioned one (or two) Church (s) in
whole speech, and than, generalized every other one to the concepts and
dogmas of that one (or few). 

TheLibertyMinute says:

Two of my favorite guys on the interwebz!!

slavetoguilt says:

Here we go again. Attacking the Christian boogie man. The recycled old
atheist trop. *rolls eyes* I swear, it is like watching an old episodes of
scooby doo. Same monsters (atheist) different masks (people).

timeman786 says:

More people have died due to science than religion, killer drones, nuclear
bomb, haarp, atomic bomb hiroshima nagaski chem trails great science
development soon rfid chips will help our kids 

Krešimir Cindrić says:

It would have been more interesting had Stefan asked Seth about state and
welfare and not only about things they agree upon.

MrAffeman says:

It is both abusive and offensive to a childs intelligence to feed them with
false information which subsequently gives them the unessessary task to
understand how things work when they become adults. Just about everything
they’ve learned is up side down.

We give them santa and later they realize that they are alone, there’s no
bearded old man in the north pole that monitors your actions and gives you
presents as a token of good behaviour.

In school they learn theories about dinosaurs, the big bang, how the
pyramids where build, the greek mythology as old stories with no real
substance othat than a fashinating novel. Even the bibel is tought as a
collection of dreams and interpretation, so those who are raised as
atheists thinks it’s bogus. Lifes origin on this planet is tought to have
sprung out of the water and everything we see originates from that.
Everything learned is from one side only and sinds they call it theory
children are not encouraged to evaluate other theories and by themselves
given the opportunity to develop an independent thinking.

Even when it comes to math and science we are tought only halv of it. We
learn how to use pi and algebra but what about phi, phibonacci sequences,
advanced geometry like the flower of life, that is and should be priority
number one in learning but that would give people knowledge and power, we
can’t have that!

I woke up in the mid 30’s kind of pissed of for the reason that I’ve
discovered that a lot that I’ve learned in school was inaccurate. I found
the other theories and stories that, today, for the first time since
school, I can evaluate my education more fairly and decide for myself what
is true and not. This gave me freedom and open eyes to see things for what
they really are. I feel insulted for not being allowed to learn more and
use my brain creatively, but I am now, and it is releaving to know that I
can figure this out anyway… because I’m thinking.

Let the kids think for themselves, give them a bunch of theories and let
them figure it out, nobody knows anyway the truth of most subjects tought
in school. Kids are the future, what you saw is what you reap.

slippybits says:

Anyone who believes in religion is an idiot! You have been taught by
manipulative people who want to control you! Religions were invented 2-3000
years ago. They were written by men! People in power or people with more
knowledge than those at the time. Look at any religion logically you should
come to this conclusion. The earth you live on is YOUR ‘god’. She sustains
and provides you with all that you need to survive. The people who believe
in GOD are sat at home waiting for the 2nd coming or whatever it is you are
waiting for. You watch the world kill itself in the name of your god.

Day Tripper says:

Something that I would like to point out when Seth read those quotes from
Joyce Meyer’s book. I believe he was slightly misinterpreting the passages.
The quotes read: “I once asked the lord why so many people are confused,
and he said to me, tell them to stop trying to figure everything out and
they will stop being confused.” From his view, he suggests that this
passage is saying that thinking and reason is confusion. Now, keep in mind
that the book is directed towards teenagers and that it is titled
“Battlefield of the Mind..”. Well, looking back on my younger years, I can
recall a confusion, a worry, an anxiety of life and its enigmatic way of
being so unpredictable. One of the lessons or virtues of meditation and
Buddhism and spiritual simplicity is to learn to quiet the mind, to relax
your sense of worry and fear and nervous anxiety that goes through the mind
of many people, which is definitely as prominent or even more-so in the
minds of a young lad learning that he/she is progressing inevitably into
the big, scary “real world”. Seth’s reaction to the quote is somewhat
predicable. It makes sense that he would translate it that way, being the
person he is and what he stands for, but I feel that the passage is a, nay,
poor attempt at reaching the ultimate conclusion to saying that life is
easier and less stressful if you stop worrying about petty things such as
the nasty thing some jerk said to you yesterday and being kept up at night
reflecting on all the vitriolic things of the world and your experiences
with them. These worries are not necessarily bad, I think. You do need a
little bit of shit in your life before you can appreciate and/or realize
how great the good things are in life and so on. But a young mind is at its
weakest when it’s starting to develop and mature, so all these thoughts are
pretty difficult to scoop out effectively. After a while, this kind of
thinking can become a lifestyle, this is just saying that is DOES stick,
rather than it WILL stick, that can vary, but to say that constantly
thinking negative thoughts can lead to a healthy mind, I highly doubt it.
Obviously I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be analyical and critical in
your thinking, rather, that making your mind spin in a whirlwind of
negative and fearful thinking is practically what everyone tells you since
your inception; it’s simply not worth your time to *obsess* yourself with
the “evil” of the world. This is until you are mature enough to really
focus and take every good and nasty thing and examine it from a “third
person view” I like to call it, to be mature enough to watch as these
feeling fly by before your eyes and realize that they are temporary and to
take the good and take the bad, too, and watch them go. I hope that makes

piplableful says:

Libertarians are the same kind of “atheists” as the nazis and communists
were and we all know how that ended.

Fuck you, zombies.

cobra60six says:

Hahaha…..yes this is crazy, it really is. If the world is messed up it’s
because god messed it up during one of his fits of doubt or rage or
whatever wasn’t floating his boat at the time. Don’t blame us mere mortals
for messing the world up. If we did and we still are, it just proves more
and more that god doesn’t exist…doesn’t it?
Seems to me that god (if there is such a thing) is like the parent that
left the kids home alone one day, went out for a pack of cigarettes and
never came back. That would make him a naughty irresponsible god
that doesn’t deserve kids like us. I’m going to ring child welfare

Colyn Brown says:

OMG Seth IS Jean Shepherd! (from A Christmas Story)

Aleks Pilat says:

Two of my favorites

Skyy Logan says:

What Seth Andrews said at 28:20 that’s what you Atheist should focus on and
stop coming at Religion .

Peter Sosinski says:

Great conversation and rings very true…

Lana Max says:

An Atheist I know used my address to subscribe to an Atheist newspaper
based in NYC. (Mean spirited.) I opened the plain wrapper to discover this
Atheist organization is recruiting members. Just for $5000 one can be a
ETERNAL member, tax deductible, too. How strange is that? The largest
organized group of Atheists (they claim) uses the same tax deductible
status as all religions, which really nullifies this video. BTW, did I
mention the Church of Satan say they embrace Atheism? 🙂 

Michael Meyerstein says:

looking at the comments and responses, I see there is a lot of “atheism
says…..” and “atheism is….”. From which source are people getting this
definitive information as to what defines atheism and as to what beliefs or
non-beliefs make up this thing called “atheism”? I regard myself as an
atheist but I would have some difficulty in coming up with a proper
definition as to what atheism “is” or what atheism “says”. What defines me
as an atheist is that I hold the opinion that the various Gods that human
beings worship do not exist. That’s about the sum total of it. I can’t
prove that they don’t exist, any more than I can prove that the Loch Ness
Monster doesn’t exist. But if someone wants to say that my atheism in
itself constitutes a religion, I find that idea to be silly. It’s like
defining good health as a medical condition. It’s not a meaningful or
helpful definition.

Joseph Lowrey says:

Interesting that a person who values liberty and freedom for all “preaches”
about the freedom to believe.

Convincing arguments have never had effect against Christianity no many how
many are attempted by atheists.

This is one person who turned his back on Christ however there are many
more turning from non belief to belief in Christ.

What is the danger that Jesus Christ poses to atheists ? Certainly it’s not
what is required to obtain grace since that is free.

I think it’s that Christianity teaches that all men are brothers and that
we should love one another. Our mission in life is not to gain wealth but
to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

The news that Our Lord lives that he was born of a virgin, was crucified
and rose from the dead. He will come again.

Hell is real.

We all will die one day.

After that there will be no doubt

May your eyes and your heart be opened one day. 

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