Brian “Head” Welch From Korn Amazing Testimony

Brian “Head” Welch From Korn Amazing Testimony

multi platinum hit heavy metal artist from KORN gives testimony how he turned to Christ.



strongtower0914 says:

yeah it really is powerful, felt the same as you when I first came across this

MrTonyburresch says:

Wow!!! That was very powerful! I cried through most of it. I am second…

Trixx Star says:

Dear mr Brian… I am struggling with a drug problem. And I need your help sir. I want to give up drugs I’m going to have a baby and I want a closer relationship with god…

happyjay818 says:

So beautiful.

Sebastian Sahlin says:

pray that christ shall personaly teach you

strongtower0914 says:

yeah this story is awesome. it’s amazing what Christ can do to a person’s life when they surrender

michaelalle says:

Amen! You are a great man! Humbling yourself before Him and testify no matter what other  say to you, and that is courage! God bless you!

strongtower0914 says:

aren’t you the one who sent out vid alerts everyday, if so did you stop? the vids you sent were interesting

SuperJames215 says:

another two souls the devil cant have God bless

strongtower0914 says:

yeah I know, he was dead man walking but turned his life around for himself and more importantly for his daughter. The hate is out of ignorance

xxzildjianxx says:

every video I watch about Brian Welch has a ton of hate comments. His life is changed…rather than being happy for him and his family, people are just spouting the ugliness from their hearts.

infernaltyrant says:

I think the drugs permanently fried his brain. Take responsibility for your own life, don’t leave it up to false faith.

strongtower0914 says:

that’s pretty awesome

thealestar says:

Amen! I remember this band back in highschool. For some reason I got really, really into heavy metal of all kinds back then and Korn was one of my favorite groups. I actually remember one day when I was looking at one of their albums and felt God tell me to pray for Head….. Specifically Head….. And I was like, ” ok….” So I did, and prayed that someday he would accept Christ. Wow, and he did! That is so awesome. Praise Jesus! AMEN!

612gideon says:

Thank You 

strongtower0914 says:

yeah I never did meth nor listen to his music but it will help people who did. even if they didn’t like me hist testimony was awesome

chondram says:

Wow…that was an awesome testimony…TY for sharing…this will help so many people!

strongtower0914 says:

yeah it really was. I never listened to KORN but I did grow up listening to Nirvana, Metalica Guns-N-Roses but I thought his testimony was awesome and needed to be heard

Olden Pieterse says:

Wow !
Awesome !
Will repost!


Joel 2:28 The Spirit oil is being poured out on all flesh now. Tabernacle Time!!

iwitnessgreatness says:

great testimony!

siftedby666 says:

that was so cool I watched it twice

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