Broken Promises- Atheist Bible Study #108

Broken Promises- Atheist Bible Study #108

On the show: Hugo sleeps like a teenager, Jake shows you a vagina, and we all read about how meaningless this life bullshit is.


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Drew Wilson says:

I love the little pre intro side banter. It really helped the video feel natural.

I. Zweyrohn says:

watching while having breakfast… glitter bukkake and almost throwing up xD should have seen that… coming xD

Tommy Meyer says:

2:38 It'll also sound familiar to anyone who knows The Byrd's song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" since the song basically rips all of its lyrics off of this Bible passage

Stacey C says:

why would an atheist read a Bible when thay don't believe in the god that is talked about in it an atheist can use the time to go get drunk or whatever thay want to do!

Hippy Jim says:

With all of this talk about Washington's bedroom, where do you think they got the idea for the Washington Monument?

Vik G says:

Please no more animal genitals.

MegaChickenfish says:

It's weird how Peter's "don't bother marrying, it's a hassle and it'll detract your focus from God" and Solomon's "It's better off to leave people unborn then to bring them into this crappy world" both are completely ignored as christians continue to pump out children. (What am I complaining about? I'm one of them!)

MegaChickenfish says:

I'd be mad, but that's what I get for not taking the description seriously. No broken promises here, you really did show everyone that. I did not need to see that.

Stephen Ronquest says:

Holy shit 10 to 14 hours not even teenagers are supposed to get that much sleep

mikoc5 says:

just got up, is getting dressed while listening to TBR before work.
intro rolls in
Intro: "Stop what you're doing…"
Me: "lolwat"

Mark Holm says:

Finally, someone else willing to point out what a manipulative cunt Morgan Spurlock is.

blacksmith224 says:

I would eat the shit out of a grand mac

The Rational Channel says:

At 3:30 every day 2 children go missing near Jakes house.

noobiesmurf says:

Sounds like the Bible owes the Byrd's some royalties.

joepike1972 says:

Thumbs up for doing an actual bible study.

Trevor Belmont says:

I would tell you which youtuber to murder after PewDiePie, but I don't want to take a syde.

Chirurgeon Crane says:

I cant' get laid.

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