Brother Nathanael – Orthodox Jew Turned Christian Monk – What Happened To America?

Brother Nathanael – Orthodox Jew Turned Christian Monk – What Happened To America?

Godrules Forums: What did happen to America? Have the Communist/Secular Jewish Establishment destroyed our country?



bob lylan says:

Matthew 23:1-2T ‘hen Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: “The
teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.’
This guy disclaims the pharisees of the Talmud, he therefore disclaims

Toiras Chesed says:

so let see if I get the story…some KKK guy inspire you to hate jews? LOL

kanenas PAOKARA says:

the whole kommunist ideologie have jewish roots as all new stuff they bring
on because of media controll
Kalr marx was jewish,trotski,lenin all jewish roots
dont you see it? WAKE UP

wilecatrexy says:

Is this Jew a deceiver? Seems like a bad actor. 

vadim samous says:

God take care of you in mental institution

Josef Wassermann says:

HE IS NOT A MONK. Do your research!

Brent Anderson says:

amen great video bro.. I thought bro N. K. was crazy at first too and
always remember bro.. you are not racist or antisemetic! anti Semite is a
nonsense word.

Mark Lassman says:

“Brother Daniel” is dangerous.

sha1017906 says:

catholic church sent 12 crusades to kill muslims and jews….thomas
jefferson ‘paul was the first corruptor of the doctrines of jesus’….jesus
prayed by touching his head to ground….fasted circumcised….and
abstained from pork and drunkeness…today only muslims do all these
things….ps there are 100 million muslim chinese in china

sha1017906 says:

bibgle numbers..’moses killed all the medianites leaving only the virgin
girls for himself as a war booty’

vadim samous says:

fairy tale liar liar liar liar liar

CloverPickingHarp says:

CONT.. 3) Russia, Trotsky, Lenin, and others they are all Jewish.
Subverting the Czar and country funded by Jewish bankers bc the czar kicked
the bankers out of Russia and wouldn’t concede a central bank to them. They
don’t have the might to war, so subversion is the tactic. That is exactly
what the socialization of America is.Our school system indoctrinates
socialism, our media is mainly left leaning, pop culture is the same and
why is that? Who controls shaping public opinion? its propaganda

Godrules says:

You sound like the guy I am refering to this this video.. my friend I
mention.. I look at it this way.. They really are not your enemy, even if
many are in these various positions and doing bad things. For we do not
wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities, powers, dark rulers of
this age. in high places. The Devil pulls the strings of whomever is
willing to control them. Even if they think they are the ones in control

Jackson Heathen says:

Well, that’s nice you fucking troll. You’ve really broke done my self

María Mary Miriam says:

I will like to know if Brother Nathanael knows “Iesus Nazarenus Rex
Iudeorum” means “Jesus of Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans” and not “of the
Jews” as many of the modern translators changed it. Historians claim Jesus
in His flesh time on earth was well known as a Judean and NOT a Jew. The
English for the Latin “Iudaea” is “Judea”. The ancient native population of
the subdivision in the Middle East known in modern history as Palestine was
then called “Iudaeus” in Latin and “Judean” in English.

whyfate says:

take a look at some vids about orthodox christianity.

visionfirst1970 says:

Hello awewoodco1. Good video however and with all due respect) you are
wrong about some things stated. It is not obummer that gave all these
zionist jews there positions, it is quite the other way around. Our media
and voting system is controlled lock stock and “anti-family” “anti
traditional Americana” smoking barrel by the same types. The only way
people will wake up (maybe) is if they can finally see this fact. I spread
Bro-Nathan around to everyone I know. Peace

CloverPickingHarp says:

But a small group of people with a lot of power and money affects a lot of
influence… The same is to be said of the Gentiles running our country and
the European Union, from a political perspective it is mainly gentiles who
are screwing us. But like I said that has been obvious for quite some time
to me, presidents, senators, judges, royals, generals, intelligence
officers are all the ones that I have blamed for years for what is going
on. There are many tentacles to it and it is Gods way

Godrules says:

Well, I think he is only half right.. Personally, I think that its higher
up than some secular Jewish people pulling the strings. I think its the
Devil, using people of communism, militant islam to basically control much
of the world.

AngelOfSephiroth says:

I am also Orthodox, and know that there are many jurisdictions in the US
(to the point that it is questionable by the Canons) The point is that he
claims that it was ROCOR that made him a monk, yet ROCOR deny that they
have. If he had just said he was an Orthodox Monk that would be no issue.

CloverPickingHarp says:

Once you go down this rabbit hole, you don’t come back arwoodco1…. trust
me… hahaha

CloverPickingHarp says:

6) as always thanks for the videos, really appreciate them and sorry for
going on such a lengthy comment run, I prally should have inboxed you all
this instead. Didn’t think it was going to be this long. However if you’re
interested I can point you to some authors/researchers that have been
seriously maligned for going this avenue and trying to expose this. I, for
years, refused to read or hear any of this bc of the term “antisemitism”,
which just shows how strong a deterrent the propaganda is.

CloverPickingHarp says:

5) What’s hilarious is that our country is divided amongst every issue in
this country aside from zionism and the state of Israel. On the left and
right they are both fully behind Israel. Orthodox Jews, according to their
own scriptures, are baffling to me bc if they are religious, their own
scriptures deny them the holy land until their messiah (antichrist)
returns. Doesn’t it?However I see more and more people, younger
people,aware of zionism and its evils, on the LEFT! thx to Norm Finklestein

CloverPickingHarp says:

CONT… passionate arguments that get us nowhere ie 2nd amendment,
abortion, war on terror, war on drugs, more terror. The same is true for
secular jews vs orthodox, behind closed doors like Bro Nathaniel says they
are still a team and believe in preserving their culture all the while
doing things to undermine the cultures of others. The proof is in the
pudding as they say, who promotes homosexuality, who promotes free speech
and condemns hate speech? Who were the leaders of the Bolshevik

Charles Pace says:


Godrules says:

Are you sure he does not have any? He does dance around on the street
corner in the middle of a snow storm almost daily..

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