Chat with MorgrandTV (from the Atheist Gamer’s video)

Chat with MorgrandTV (from the Atheist Gamer’s video)

I catch up with Morgan – otherwise known as MorgrandTV – the young girl who was the subject of the Atheist Gamer’s poorly thought out video back in August. Regards, Bearing.

MorgrandTV’s channel

Warcorpse’s video re the Atheist Gamer

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Outro song “Recession Session (Gimme Better Days)” by No Credit.



Arne Gottfriedsen says:

die haben auch schon wieder eine Woche lang unsere Kindheit, die sich nicht nur die Frage nach dem Urlaub wieder und wieder zurück nach Deutschland stellen. die und den Rest von der Uni und und und und und und und und und und und und und und und

Trimondius says:

This videos drinking game.Take a sip of your drink everytime she says "like",take a sip of your drink everytime you hear annoying rustling in the background.
Bonus:x2 sips everytime bearing says "yea"

Garrett McBrier says:

glad to see you back bearing!

SyKo McAwesomeness says:

There's nothing wrong with Bearing or us, his fans. Y'all just bitches. He didn't steal shit, you stupid hoes are just mad his channel is back in full.. goin' strong. Suck a fat bag of dicks you feminazi thundertwats from twitter that harrassed him during the shit. You were wrong. Everything's fine and now you're mad. Like most your encounters with us. Die in a hole. Even the feminist girl on this show was thankful and admited your stats were false.

Marty Taylor says:

Whooo! First time I've been referred to as a Nazi I feel like a new man

MrGlickClick says:

That sound of marker on paper is distracting as hell. Are you drawing?

The Magic Shed says:

What happened to facts before feelings…… and can we have a LIKE count from her audio please.

RealButcher says:

Heee… wow Bearing… this was that very nice girl, with some good arguments. Treated very un-nice by this very nasty guy… Thanks for doing this Bearing.
Does he still has to pay her??????
What a nice people that payed her anyways… and 100$ wow…

UB40Music says:

She is complaining about the atheist gamer insulting her.. And this is all she is doing to him… What a hypocrite…

Barney TheDinosaur says:

"Can I use that as a sound bite" LMAO

Scat Nipple says:

she said like 99 times in this video i counted it

Zunaco Lund says:

cool, i wold have never guessed.

Christoffer13 says:

Seriously, what a sweet heart. :)

Maximalus says:

I got no clue who she is but she sounds like a real feminist.
She seems really nice and I wish her all the best in life.

Darin Conard says:

I've been subbed to TAG a while and was trying to support him with encouragement and feedback. But last year or so it has gotten obvious he is thirsty … oh so thirsty. He is jealous of others who've gained subscribers more quickly, completely disregards feedback, and obsesses over negative comments.

I was giving him one last chance to straighten this shit out and even confronted him over Twitter about being a hypocrite and disabling comments/ratings on his last few videos. Little shit told me to "go to hell" and if I didn't like it I could just "leave [his] channel".

So I did. Unsubbed the stupid little twit, life's too short and I got better things to do.

Christopher Hickish says:

She seems like a really nice girl actually

Trouvo Souvok says:

Shit happens

Ryan Onymous says:

Am I missing something here from Bearing's links in the description? Warcorpse666's video is about The AMAZING Atheist's video about the US electoral college- not about The Atheist GAMER? I am confuse

Stricker Z says:

Did anybody count how many times "like" was said? I am genuinely curious.

AyyImHannah says:

She sounds like a smart and respectable girl. Good for her.

Comrade Doge says:

I am a soviet dog.

Major Tightpants says:

Hey mate, the link in your description re the Atheist Gamer is actually to a video by Warcorpse about the Amazing Atheist. Is this meant to be the case?

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