Christian Salvation Cartoon – Animated Christian Video – Jesus Christ – God – Evangelism

Christian Salvation Cartoon – Animated Christian Video – Jesus Christ – God – Evangelism

This Salvation Christian cartoon, presented by simply presents in a conversational style The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invites people to…



josedemecio58 says:

only fool says there is no god.

Belen Del Rosario says:

Howie Casperson- so how did you exist? And why do you think you’re on earth?

howie casperson says:

There is no God, it is a man made story.

Joseph Clay says:

Your dislike of the actions of people making war on others in the name of their god does nothing to answer whether the claims of Christianity, and it’s path to eternal salvation, is true or not. That question is what matters in the end. Is it true or not? If not then you shouldn’t have anything to do with it. But if it’s true then your like/dislike is irrelevant. And God’s word would be all that mattered.

Treeweavers says:

Jesus said:


Be baptized (immersed in water) in The Name.

Become His disciple.

(Matthew 28: 19-20 )


Repent.  Believe.  ( Mark 1: 15 )


Believe.  Be baptized.  ( Mark 16: 16 )


Believe.  Receive the Spirit.

( John 7: 37-39 )


I will give you [ Peter ] the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

( Matthew 16: 18-19 )


Peter then said (to believers who were asking what they should do):


Be baptized in The Name.

You will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

 ( Acts 2:38 )

9albertz says:

Jesus was sent from heaven by his father to die for our sins?….What kind of a father sends his son to death?……I don’t want anything to with this anymore.

9albertz says:

This was funny!..I was laughing!…until I remembered the countless billions of people and kids and animals and everything that has lost its once chance at life, by being slaughtered in cold blood by religious hatred and genocide over and over and over and over and over forever and ever and ever and ever and ever………………..:(

lacontrabasse says:

I don’t have to earn my way into Heaven by works, it doesn’t matter if I lead a good life, if I don’t believe and trust in Jesus I will perish. The rapist and murderer who repents before his execution, accepting the wonderful Grace God freely gives, he gets to go to the everlasting party with God and his Son Jesus Christ.
It’s a sin to peddle this moral corruption.
The Creator of the Universe has posted an accurate account of the meaning and purpose of your life.
See ‘ God says sorry ‘.

kckimberdog says:

The Bible never condones rape. It doesn’t say small children were killed for disobedience; it said rebellious older youth were stoned for their wickedness. Col. 4:1 says: ‘Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven’. CONTEXT is everything. Don’t believe what people tell you; read it for yourself. Then you will see the context.

Andy Johnson says:

the bible also tells you to kill disobedient children, that rape and slavery are all good under the right circumstances. I and most people on this planet are more moral than the god of the bible, I would never conform to such a sadistic fairy tale!

youneekk says:

Satan is God of Jesus. Click on my channel to see…



75sheka says:

Love this

TheFamilyguy421 says:


rolla sami says:

what program is that you are using to do your animation please help !!!

hazamacloud says:

That guy on the left was as cool as cucumber

themrchappi1 says:

of course women has to make a confession to a man:)

Biblican B says:

Read the whole of John chapter 3 not just verse 16

KidsKrazed says:

We like cartoons and we love God ;o)

venus camdas says:

the truth will set you free…^^,just believe Jesus Christ that He can save u from the punishment of your sins.

aminrock708 says:


صدام العرب says:

do you bleave in god

kainegineer says:


dexterfan10165 says:

Great video.

Lucailey says:

Yay Jesus! Thumbs up if you love the Lord and wish to follow God’s ways all of your life!

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

Swim Chutieu says:

amazing from the start till the end

airlymoney says:

Hello, How are you?

vagex41 says:

I just watched all your videos and love them!

bebonzy08 says:

all my friends like your videos too

Paul Davis says:

Awesome video man, subbed

uliasodfuti says:

I like it

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