Christian VS Atheist Men – Dating Preferences

Christian VS Atheist Men – Dating Preferences

Christian VS Atheist Men – Dating Preferences. This is a response to a video titled “How Christian Guys Describe a Godly Girl”. Not representative of all christian men, but hilarious nonetheless. Are these men sexist… or the sexiest?!?!
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Phloid82 says:

3:30. The "real people" in her life over social media? How about the "real people" over the fake guy in the sky? GROSS.

Jess Secrest says:

The Christian men I've fucked are the The kinkiest mother fuckers I swear. lol. The really like when I stick my fist up their ass. I aim to please.

EmberLeeCreates says:

Im going to make art of this

Raistlin Brown says:

hey I support trump but I'm an atheist too

Andrew Ward says:

While I had to struggle to avoid vomiting while listening to these Christian men, I wouldn't label their beliefs "misogynist". There's nothing to indicate that they actually hate women; their's is just a blind adherence to antiquated social norms.

Deez Nutzzz says:

took a bong rip

matthew Talbot-Paine says:

I do hate that we've got to put the not all blank condition on the end of our statements these days.

Coty Lee says:

I think I might be gay. I found that dude around the 7 minute mark kind of attractive

pippin1962 says:

Another fun and interesting vid, Jaclyn. Thanks : )

loyalsausages says:

Say, aren't you Onision's girlfriend?

Allison Castle says:

This wasn't the worst case, but there are so many Christians who basically say that women have the duty of having children and that's really it. Maybe you haven't heard that but there really are people like that. And do the people who defend that, imagine how horrible and worthless the women is made to feel if she can't have kids because of health problems?? Or if idk maybe she doesn't even want to have kids? I've seen it over and over how women in a Christian marriage have been basically forced to have as many children as possible when some don't want to. It's messed up yet it's such a common belief that that's what's right.

Zasz says:

The general vibe I get from these dudes is "do what I tell you what I think what god wants you to do". Basically they are demanding submission, obedience and barely free will. Maybe they are happier marrying a sim (the sims).

mustlovesharks1 says:

I live in the South and you would not  believe the number of women on dating sites who doom themselves with their church litmus test before they ever even have a chance to meet a guy. But it's okay, Jaclyn, because they probably didn't have your feet anyway.

Daniel Sternenkraehe says:

Well, I think this is a kind of easy target for Jaclyn.
Maybe a little bit to easy but I understand that she can´t resist. ;D

Yes, those guys have some conservative conditions to their future wife, which are similar to another Religion (of peace…).
The assumption that they like calm, submissive female slaves for their family lies near, in sarcastic speak.
But, to be fair, their don´t go very specific on characteristics like intelligence and indepen… okay there it go´s.

That there are many women out there who like to be in a classical family is not the problem with this "man".
If its the voluntarily choice of the future wife, its not a bad thing, of course.
Traditional family is the new unusual trendy family. 😀

But the expectations on the women´s behavior to parents, dressing, self expression, maybe sexuality and other things are simply unrealistic and they construct future problems with women to them self.
I guess, there will be very conservative traditional girls who are totally agree with this young man and many of the guys will find a girl, saddle down, I´ve no doubt.
Most of those people are grow up in a conservative environment anyway.
But some of them will possible fall in love to a girl/women that not fit with this points of value – and is not a bitch too.
Like a culture shock light, greetings from "Guess who is coming to dinner". 😀
I mean, not directly a women like Jaclyn but not their ideal picture of a women that they explain about.

And for sure this sweet boys are playing prudish a little.
But to be honest, if they go to bed, they grab the smartphone/notebook/touchpad and google at "this ain´t desperate housewives" and "innocent high" and well… have next day a lot to confess to the preacher. 😉

Typical Dru says:

Aren't the Christians just subjective stating qualities that those guys want? Not qualities I want but surely they can like whatever they want.

I agree that these guys are bellends but I'm sure there will be similar thinking bellend women that will want to be passive for them.

Horses for courses…

Lizz says:

This is the first video I ever watch of you, fucking subscribed XD

Tree says:

I uhhhh…. I uhhh have something embarrassing to say….

I used to be a conservative Christian and last year found out about Jaclyn glen from hunter Avalone's transgender video. I thought trans people had mental diseases and I feel sickened by that thought now. I'm a liberal atheist now!

Ahmad Alkaabi says:

"i'm looking for a girl who has a passionate love for being a wife and a mother" he says at the camera while looking devoid of any semblance human emotion

Haydn Herman says:

your "dream guy" looks like the nerd that gets their lunch money stolen

lala lola says:

girl, can you please share your views on slut-shaming??

justakeris says:

so having preference in women that have qualities described by these guys is somehow sexist. ok. is preference in dating only your own race is racist too?

andony5589 says:

This cum gargling slut is actually judging those men becouse they would not settle for a promiscuous whore like her ? Go lick the shit off your gay boyfriend´s cock you filthy whore !

Krimson Grant says:

Servant Of… God? Is that what the hip kids call it these days?

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