“Coming Out” as Atheist

“Coming Out” as Atheist

My advice for telling your family you’re an atheist, even when it’s difficult!

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Rachel Oates says:

Planning on live streaming tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30pm GMT if you want to ask any questions / suggest anything you want me to talk about.

g69se212 says:

My advise is: Do not come out to your religious parents, if you are dependend on them. Do not say that you don't belivieve or that you are unsure. They will likely try to 'win you back'.

Robert M. Laurence says:

It didn't turn out well with my family. Basically was told to leave. Luckily the atheist community really helped me out. One person in particular I'd like to highlight was the atheist that while not knowing anything about me drove 3 hours one way and let me stay at his place for over a month till I could find a place. He's my best friend now.

Faith Raizor says:

I can't help but wonder if any of the " money changers " or tax collectors laughed, as their tables within the temple were overturned, like some members of at least one family did during a Thanksgiving feast when another member overturned their tables. Perhaps it was a joke in this instance but would not be in others.

77Night77Shade77 says:

Sure is convenient when you've never been religious and your parents don't even care what you believe, lmao.

77Night77Shade77 says:

Holy shit, I know my family better than you do?! FOR REAL?! Wait, hold on, I gotta verify that…

julieakn says:

Hey you got a brother doing robot wars?

Celestial Nothing says:

Hey Rachel, I found this guy called the tattooed theist and he represents the perfect case for confusion in Christianity. I love a quote from him in his video about prayer where he actually says "I know that contradicts some scriptures" and then proceeds to believe what he wants anyway. Just a heads up if you want to use his material. He is pretty down to earth but definitely believes his own thing.


Mark Hackett says:

Remember too that you only argue angrily with someone who you care about. If you REALLY don't care about someone, you don't even argue with them. Just their argument. So being unable NOT to argue shows how much you care. And vice versa.

Mark Hackett says:

When you argue with someone (and these are set up, not genuine) if you love them you argue with them, but you don't hate them. Same with them and you. Remember that angry exposes the most basic person. Which can be them "without the lies" but also without their human instincts countering their lizard territoriality. It's a "lie" only in that their lizard instincts want you off "their territory" and THEY ARE NOT A LIZARD. Remember that when you argue with someone you think you love.

Mark Hackett says:

Being an atheist doesn't require you say you are an atheist. Just stop being a theist. If you have to "explain" say that you don't see how god exists in the one place in church and you want to understand what god is without hearing what others insist he has to be.

Mark Hackett says:

Being an adult means that your parents should have handled it well. What they saw was teh death of the person they thought you were. They didn't want you to be YOU, they wanted you to be the person they thought you were. The same "problem" arises when you first leave home. When you first marry. When you first stop being "their child" and start being "you".

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