Creationist Cat calls into the Atheist Experience!

Creationist Cat calls into the Atheist Experience!

Dear sodomites, obviously Matt Dillahunty and dee Atheist Experience are hiding something because they have wiped all traces of my recent appearance on the show off dee internet. Could it be…



BarbaraJD says:

You took Steve Shives’ ending churchy organ music, didn’t you, CC! I know
you totally pwned him an’ all, but didn’t revealing that his sweet,
innocent kitty had a past and a “reputation”, already leave him a
devastated and broken man? Did your zappage leave you with no mercy? No….
“mewmanity”? Now you blew Tracy’s head off??? Matt probably deserved it for
somethin’ or other, but TRACY? Her, I’ll miss. *sob*
Somethin’ god has never done is grow a limb back. Now show us some REAL
miraculousness & grow back their brain-filled limbs! Well, Tracy’s anyways.

uncleanunicorn says:

Well, I’m convinced!

Creationist Cat says:

Dear sodomites, obviously Matt Dillahunty and dee Atheist Experience are
hiding something because they have wiped all traces of my recent appearance
on the show off dee internet. Could it be because I totally freaking PWNed
them to oblivion??? YOU DECIDE!!! 

yourfullofsheite says:

Christian side hugs give me a side boner. 

jebus6kryst says:

Creationist Cat has a three color coat, thus she cannot be a he. 

reasonablyskeptical says:

who fucking dislikes this?

niqueth says:

Fuck I hate their stupid theme song. 

zabukazar says:

Matt is just lucky that you decided to edit out the footage of him jumping
on the table and throwing his own feces at the camera all while he was
screaming, “SEE! I’M A MONKEY! A MONKEY I TELLS YA!” Keep it classy CC.

Number0neSon says:

Typical creationist lies! Your deceptive editing is so obvious, Cat. Fore
shame. :)

John Smith says:

I keep spamming the like button. It only let’s me give you one. Sad face.

dangerouslytalented says:

Typical creationist, always resorting to argumentum ad explodum.

Dave Stewart says:

I just watched that episode and you weren’t actually in it, you lying
bastard! Now, I realize “thou shalt not bear false witness” is a
commandment which (as a cat) doesn’t apply to you, but how can I trust you
from now on?

Gary B says:

Perfect voice to impersonate Matthew4nineteen.

Cass Carter says:

Atheist Experience was so pwned. They’ll be feeling that sick burn… in

The Cake is not a Vlog says:


Reddust86 says:

Im a big fan of Matt and Tracy.. but holy shit is this funny.. Good Vids..
keep’m coming! 

StandAloneForever says:

I’m so glad I’ve seen this, I never knew they edited their show!

BorgMuffinMan says:

For a second there i thought that he actually called in

Playfulpanthress says:

Even though he is a godsquad sheep, he’s a cute cat!!

stiimuli says:

lawl Matt and Tracey finally met their match.

Gezere9 says:

CC put up better argument in 5 mins than Sye Ten did in 2 hrs. ALL HAIL CC!

demonorse says:

Why isn’t there cats having sex here?

stripymccatpuss says:

CC 1 Matt 0

johnsaysthings says:

Awesome fucking channel. Glad I subbed.

Tangaroa MC says:

Tracy just wasn’t that into you.

vadimcream says:

How will Tracie ever get over you, CC?

BraidedLily says:

I see what you did there.

Clavis Janes says:

Wow, that was together well!

mikeyvester says:

You are the absolute best, Creationist Cat. Starting to pwn the serious big
time atheists. Hopefully, you can work up to pwning the biggest, cat
hating, atheist of all time, P.Z. Myers.

Jeff Bird says:

Very well done video.

Leigh Bacon says:

You missed to edit the caller name from the side view! “Chris from …”

Goliatron says:

What is it that people like about this? Brainless and humorless.

Jeanne Rejaunier says:

Matt and Tracie, I find it shameful that after such a powerful and
persuasive argument from CC you haven’t actively campaigned to introduce
creationism into our public school classrooms. How many more times does CC
have to blow up you’re skull before you’ll heed his words??? HOW MANY

JFB1111 says:

Wow, that was superb…..great vid

Dreadsteel WoT says:

I am an atheist and a big fan of Atheist Experience and I like this, not
because it would have any valid points, but because it’s funny. Have fun,
think with your brains, bye :)

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